(Well, it is finally here! My sequel to "Date or Disaster". I hope you like it.)

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Summary: Sequel to Date or Disaster. Will Sam have a second date? Read to find out.

Rating: T

Includes: Nudity, offensive language.

Warning: Somebody cries in one of the chapters.

(Warning: Partial nudity in this chapter.)

3:09 p.m. The Spies' Villa

It was a beautiful sunny day and the girls and I were hanging out in the house watching TV. Sam was wearing her light purple shirt, and long black pants. Clover was wearing her short pink tanktop and purple pants. Alex was wearing her short pink shirt and long blue pants. I was wearing my yellow and black Makita Suzuki T-shirt with Ricky Carmichael's last name on the back and underneath it was a 4. We were watching the Ultimate Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions. Sam was sitting on the far left, I sat next to her, Alex sat next to me on my other side, and Clover was sitting next to Alex.

"Geez I can't wait until the championship! It's the time in which 2 players go up in a 3 day final against Ken Jennings, who had that unbelievable 74 day win streak winning 2.5 million dollars plus," I said while we watched the next episode.

"I heard about him. Boy was it an unbelievable win streak, wasn't it, Mathew?" Sam asked.

"You said it, Sammy," I said back to Sam, giving her a high five.

"What were you thinking of his win streak, Mathew?" Clover asked.

"I was just wondering if somebody could beat him. I didn't even care who," I said to Clover.

"When did he get beat?" Alex asked.

"Oh, sometime during December,"

"Oh. I'm guessing he missed the Final Jeopardy?" Alex said.

"Yep. I was curious to know if he could make it to 100 wins. Nobody has done it. Before, their limit was 5 days, but when they changed the rules just 2 years ago, history repeated itself again," I explained.

"I made a comment that if Ken made it to 3 million, he's my hero, but he didn't. I'm curious to know if he will be beat in the championship finals that premieres on the 4th of April,"

"You never know. Maybe, maybe not," Sam said to me.

"I know. I don't care who makes it, I just think it is gonna be reeeeaaaalllyyy interesting in the finals with the 2 finalists against Ken Jennings. Usually in the regular Tournament of Champions, 15 players get to compete again, but after the quarterfinals, 9 players get to come back with 5 winners, and 4 wild card spots for high scorers among the non-winners as well as their college and teen tournaments, not this time in the ultimate tournament. Only the winner moves onto round 2, and the other 2 players go home with 5,000 dollars with a 15,000 dollar minimum if the winner doesn't get over 10 grand. Do you think that if the players earn more than the 5 grand, they should keep that total?" I said.

"I think it would be nice, but then again, somebody would think that the ultimate tournament of champions is like their regular tournaments," Sam responded.

"Good point, Sam," I said back to her.

We continued to watch "Jeopardy!" until we heard a knock at the door when the show was on commercial before Final Jeopardy.

"I'll get it," Sam said as she stood up on her feet.

She walked to the door to open it up. It was Brittney. She was wearing a blue sleeveless formal and a dark blue skirt. Brittney was holding her plastic bag that contained her clothes, her bathing suit, her toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, mirror, towel, sunscreen, and her own shampoo.

"Hi, Brittney! Glad you could make it! Come in!"

"Hey, Sam. I'm just glad I could spend the weekend with you girls and Mathew," Brittney said.

"The girls, Mathew and I were watching Jeopardy's ultimate tournament of champions. It's just about finishing up. They're on Final Jeopardy right now," Sam said.

"I'll bet Mathew is watching, isn't he?" Brittney assumed.

"You got it. He absolutely loves Jeopardy," Sam responded.

Sam closed the door after Brittney walked in.

"Hey, girls!" Brittney said after she sat down.

"Hi, Brittney! Glad you could come," Clover said.

"What's up, Brittney! Was that you at the door?" I greeted.

"Hey, Brittney! How's life, girlfriend," Alex greeted.

"Hey, Clover, Mathew, Alex, nice to see you guys again," Brittney greeted.

"Hey, Sam. You missed the Final Jeopardy. India Cooper's moving onto round 2. She even made it a runaway. Nobody got the correct response, but India only lost 200 dollars," I said when Sam came back. Jeopardy was already over.

"It's okay," Sam responded.

"Hey, Mathew, Sam told me you really love Jeopardy. Is she right?" Brittney asked me.

"For sure, Brittney. Let me tell ya, I've been watching Jeopardy since the day I was born. In fact, I've been watching it since they had their first set. You know, when they had the blue color for the first Jeopardy round, and red for the Double Jeopardy round. I really enjoy that set the most, and I would love to see it again someday," I responded.

"Wow. What a loyal fan," Brittney said.

"I dream of going on Jeopardy someday later in my life,"

"Really? Where is the Jeopardy studio anyway?" Sam asked.

"Right here in L.A."

"No way!" Clover said.

"Way!" I responded back.

"Hey, Brittney. Did you hear about Ken Jennings? You know, the guy from Utah who won 74 games in a row, but missed the Final Jeopardy on his 75th day?" I asked Brittney.

"Yeah, I heard about him. Boy, what a win streak. I don't think anybody can topple that record," Brittney responded.

"Did you wonder if he would ever be beaten?"

"Yeah, I actually did," Brittney responded.

"Hmm, so did I. I even commented that if he made it to 100 wins, he's my Jeopardy hero,"

Meanwhile, Sam was making her way upstairs.

"Hey, Sammy. Where are you going?" Alex asked when she looked over at Sam.

"I'm gonna go up to my room now, guys. I'm gonna take a short nap, then I'm gonna go for a swim in the pool," Sam said.

"Oh, okay. Let's do what Sam's doing after her nap. Let's go swimming when Sam wakes up," Brittney suggested.

"Great idea, Brittney. I could use a little dip in the pool today," Clover complimented.

"Yeah! Swimming is an excellent idea, and sunbathing too," Alex said.

"Yeah, great idea. Maybe when we're finished swimming, we can start sunbathing," Sam improvised.

With that, Sam made her way upstairs to her room. When she reached the top of the stairs, she took one last glance at what Brittney, Clover, Alex, and I were doing. She looked down at her clothes she was wearing, then looked at her door to her room. Sam took out her X-powder, checked herself out, looked at the buttons, and sure enough, she found the button to make her naked.

Okay, the girls and Mathew are not paying attention. I know I have my X-powder, which can change my clothes to anything I want, even if it has a button that leaves me with nothing on, but I'm gonna leave that alone, Sam thought to herself as she put her X-powder back in her pocket. She heard footsteps. It was Alex, as she came upstairs as well.

"Hey, Alex. What are you doing here?" Sam asked.

"I decided to do the same thing as you. I decided to take a short nap before swimming. I told the others," Alex responded.

"Oh, okay. Have a good rest, Alex," Sam said.

"You too, Sammy," Alex said.

(Sam's point of view)

I opened the door to my room, and locked the door when I closed it. I decided to take one more look outside my room to see if Clover, Brittney and Mathew were outside of my room waiting for me to wake up, and they weren't. They were still talking and having some juice and soda. Brittney and Mathew were having a coke, while Clover had orange juice.

"Okay, looks like the coast is clear. Alex is in her room, and Brittney, Clover, and Mathew are having something to drink," I said to myself as I closed the door and locked it. I walked to my mirror, put my hands on my hips, and looked at myself. I began to fix up my hair a little, then looked down at my clothes again. I stepped away from my mirror.

"Okay, here I go," I said to myself.

When I stepped away from my mirror, I began to take my clothes off. I started from my waist where my belt was. I moved my hands up to the top where my light purple shirt was, and took it off. I then worked my way down to my black pants. I put my thumbs inside of my pants and pulled them down. All I had on left was my green bra and my green panties. I undid my bra, pulled down my panties, and threw them where my clothes were. I went back to my mirror, put my hands on my hips and began to eye my naked body.

"Oooh, I look soooo sexy when I'm naked," I said to myself as I eyed my body from my hair to my feet.

A minute later, I grabbed my green bathing suit out from one of my dresser drawers, and hopped into my bed. Before I dozed off to sleep, I saw my clothes scattered on the floor. I got out of bed, grabbed all of my clothes, hopped back into my bed, placed my clothes underneath my bed sheets, and went to sleep for awhile. I remained naked while I slept. My naked body was over my bed sheets.

(end Sam's p.o.v. and start Alex's P.O.V.)

Meanwhile in my room, I was standing in front of the mirror in my room. When I stepped away, I started to take off my clothes. I started with my pants, pulling them down, then put my thumbs to my short yellow shirt, and took it off. All I was wearing was my yellow bra and yellow panties. I undid my bra, pulled down my yellow panties, grabbed my bathing suit and put it on. I grabbed my clothes and put them on the front of my bed. Shortly after that, I dozed off to sleep.

(end Alex's P.O.V.)

An hour later, Brittney, Clover and I came upstairs.

"Let's change to our bathing suits first, then go check on Sam and Alex," Brittney suggested.

"Good idea, Brittney. Let's see if our Sammy and Alex are ready to swim," I said, agreeing with her.

When I went to check on Alex, I knocked on her door, she woke up, and answered it, already wearing her bathing suit. When we came to Sam's door, it was locked.

"Hmm. That's odd," I said.

"What's odd, Mathew?" Brittney asked.

"Sam's door is locked," I answered.

"Perhaps she's still sleeping," Alex assumed.

"I'm gonna check it out," Clover said.

She knocked on Sam's door, but Sam couldn't hear her.

"That's odd. She's not answering. Maybe she still is sleeping. I'm gonna try one more time," Clover said.

(Sam's P.O.V.)

Clover knocked on my door again, which woke me up. I gasped when I was startled by Clover's knocking. I looked down at my body and forgot that I had got naked and went to sleep.

Oh no! I'm naked! Where are my clothes or my bathing suit!, I thought to myself.

I didn't expect my dream to be cut short!

I was lost in a deep dream of myself joyfully running naked through an endless field of red roses searching for a lake to swim in. When I was tired of running, I would plop myself into one of the fields of roses and take a rest. While I rested, I would pick up a handful of roses and throw them in the air, and they would land right back on my naked body. When I resumed my running, I found the lake about 8 minutes later and it was so big. I walked to the edge, and jumped into the water in the nudity that I was in. When Clover knocked on my door, I had almost splashed into the water. I was in a dream that deep before Clover knocked on my door.

Clover knocked one more time.

"Just a minute," I said.

Oh no, what do I do. I can't answer the door naked, the girls and especially Mathew will get angry!, I thought to myself again.

I went under my bed sheets and found my clothes. I grabbed them, and feasibly dressed myself. I put on my bathing suit, my pants, and my shirt, leaving my bra and panties in my drawer as I ran and unlocked the door. The four of them came into my room. I was breathing in relief.

"H-Hi girls," I said a little nervously.

"What were you doing, Sam?" Alex asked.

"Sleeping. What else? Didn't I tell you I was going to take a nap?" I responded.

"Yeah, but it taking you 2 minutes to answer the door when you said one minute? What's up with that? I had to knock 2 times for you to answer the door," Clover protested.

"It's so not like you, Sam. Did you say you was going to sleep for awhile, and end up doing something else? And look at you! You're not even in your bathing suit!"

I looked at my clothes and noticed that Clover was right.

"Clover, I was just sleeping and when you knocked a second time, it woke me up," I responded.

Alex sat on my bed. It was totally comfy for me to sleep on.

"Are you ready to swim yet, Sam?" Brittney asked. She was wearing her plain one piece blue bathing suit, Clover was wearing her red 2-piece bathing suit, Alex was wearing her red starfish bathing suit, and Mathew was wearing his Mach 1 Yamaha T-shirt with Heath Voss' last name on the back and underneath it was a 13. He also wore black and blue swimshorts.

"Yeah, I am, Brit. Come on, girls. Let's cut this conversation and let's go swimming," I said.

Everyone stepped out of my room but me.

"Sam, are you coming?" Brittney asked.

"In a minute. Go on, girls. I'll catch up," I responded.

"Okay then," Brittney said.

"I have to change to my bathing suit first," I said.

"Don't worry, I'll be quick."

Everyone left my room. I closed my door, and took off my shirt and pants. I went to one of my dresser drawers and took out my bra and panties. I left them on my bed, where my other clothes were. I put them underneath my pants. Then, I went in the bathroom to get my towel and sunscreen.

"Boy, I sure got lucky that time," I said to myself.

"Next time I ever think about napping before a swim, I better put my bathing suit on before I get to sleep; I don't think I'm ever gonna get lucky again."

I caught up with Clover, Brittney, and Mathew.

"Here I am!" I yelled when I came outside.

Right after that, I set my towel down, applied my sunscreen on my body, and jumped in the pool. I continued having lots of fun with the girls and my boyfriend.

(end Sam's P.O.V.)

"Hey, Brittney," Sam said.

Brittney looked over and Sam dunked Brittney into the water.

"Very funny, Sam," Brittney said, laughing and squeezing the water out of her hair.

"Hey, Sam. Look over there," Brittney said, pointing.

"Where?" Sam asked.

"Gotcha," Brittney said, dunking Sam in the drink, like how Sam dunked her.

"Hey, is that payback?" Sam asked Brittney while she laughed.

An hour later, we came out of the pool, and decided to relax in the jacuzzi.

"Ooooh. This is nice," Brittney complimented.

"I'm glad you like our new home. Our parents let us live here ourselves while they're in Europe," Sam responded.

"I wonder if they'll visit Arnhem, Holland," I said.

"Why that place, Mathew?" Alex asked.

"Because that was the sight of the 2nd round of the 2003-2004 World Supercross GP," I responded.

"Really?" Brittney asked.

"For sure," I responded back.

Clover was the first to stand up and get out of the jacuzzi.

"I'm gonna go change. I've had enough of the water for the day," Clover said to us.

"Okay then, Clover," Sam said.

"I think I'll change too," Brittney said after she stood up and went back in the house.

"I guess I will too," Alex said. She too stood up and stepped out of the jacuzzi, and went into the house to change.

Sam and I were the last ones in the jacuzzi. I was just about to step outside, when Sam stopped me.

"Wait, Mathew. Can I ask you something?" Sam asked.

"Well, yeah sure. What?" I said.

"You know last time when we went on a date? Well, w-w-w-will you date me again?" Sam asked.

I was a little speechless.

"Sure. I'll date you again, but I'll have to think about it for a bit," I responded.

"Okay, I'll wait for a response," Sam said.

We both got out of the jacuzzi, holding hands as we went inside to change our clothes.

(That is a wrap. The finishing touches for my "Where are Clover and Brittney" story are coming up, possibly tomorrow for the next chapter, and maybe the weekend for my final chapter, maybe earlier, but I'm not sure yet. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this sequel to "Date or Disaster". It took me so much thought in this, but I do hope you don't flame me about Sam and Alex getting naked in their rooms. I'm sorry if you don't like it, and if you do like it, hmm, I'm good. Anyway, please please please please please please don't flame me. Just give me some suggestions.)