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Anyway, this story is slightly AU. Most of the basic things are going to be the same as the Naruto series but there are a few changes.

1) There is tension between the Fire and the Wind country. A war might start soon between them.

2) Tenten lives in Konoha but she'd never gone to the Ninja academy, meaning she'd never met Lee, Neji, Gat-sensai, etc etc. This also means she can't really fight.

Some Kind of Fairytale-Prelude

In one of the small towns of the Fire Country (not Konoha)…

It was almost midnight.

This should be the right room…

Being a careful person, Tenten had already surveyed the hotel area…just in case she has to make a quick getaway. The hotel was like any other hotel. It was a two story building that was made out of wood. Her targeted room was at the second floor, she saw no lights. Therefore, Tenten just assumed that the inhabitant was asleep.

Who wouldn't be?

Except for her…

In the quietest and the fastest way possible, Tenten jumped through the window, entering the room. It was so dark that Tenten couldn't even see anything.

Oh well, the darker it was, the better. It made no difference to her. After all, the rooms in a hotel were pretty much standardized. Therefore, she knew where she was going.

Her destination?

The bed…

Tenten kneeled beside the bed. Feeling uneasily she swallowed before speaking in a quiet voice, "Hey…"

The occupant of the bed gave no reply.

Is this guy a deep sleeper? Tenten wondered since he had his back facing her. This won't work, he has to be awake!

Feeling braver this time, Tenten tapped the man by his shoulder. "I…I needed your help…I'll…even pay you…" She placed a bag which was packed with coins on the bed. "All I ask of you is that you…I…um…we…we 'sleep' together for one night…"

He remained silent.

Tenten narrowed her eyes, rage overwhelmed her embarrassment. Who the hell did he think he is? If it wasn't for the fact that time was running out for her…

Her father, being owner of the largest blacksmith corporation in Konoha, forced her to marry someone whom he wanted to form an alliance with. Producing the supply of weapons for Konoha was not enough; he wanted to expand his business even more. Especially during this time when a war was threatened to break out between the Leaf and the Sand, other countries might want to stock up their supply of weaponry.

Therefore, he wanted to bond with a trading company so that he could obtain more contracts from other countries as well. However, this would be a long term investment which meant it would be risky. As a result, her father wanted a stronger reinforcement on the deal besides just a paper contract…something like a marriage between the two companies.

She could deal with the fact that her marriage a chess piece for his business. She could also take the part where her father will be choosing her husband. After all, at these times, it was a common thing, rarely anyone was allowed to choose who to marry. It wasn't as if she was expecting that her father would give her an exception anyway.

However, she couldn't stand the fact that she'll be marrying a fat, bald man who was fifty years old!

She was only seventeen for god sake!

Therefore, telling her father that she'll be staying over at her friend, Sakura's place for the night, she snuck out of Konoha. Since she couldn't fight, she walked out of Konoha through the main door with proper the passes and stuff. It was stupid she knew…but she doubted that she would ever be able to outrun a group of Chuunin, Jounin, and possibly ANBU.

She'd thought of everything as she left Konoha behind:

1) Running away forever won't help since she didn't know how to fight properly while her father's men would be trained shinobis armed with weapons (probably provided by her father) as they hunt her down. They would find her soon once her father finds out that she'd left.

2) Telling her father that she was desperately in love with another man wouldn't help either. Her father would probably bribe, threaten or beat the hell out of the man if the man refused to leave her alone.

Don't get her wrong, her father was a good man, he wanted what was best for her. He'd probably considered that marrying his daughter into a rich and powerful family would be the best for she wouldn't have to do any labouring work. She loved her father but she didn't want to waste her life away with some old, fat, bald guy.

Which left her with choice number 3.

She had been sitting at the restaurant which was located at the first floor of the hotel which gave her full access to see who was entering or leaving the hotel. She sat there, ordering something to eat here and there so the owner of the place won't kick her out. The reason for her stay was to find someone…who could give her a 'reason' for not marrying.

For shinobis, they might not care much about virginity since they risk their lives for their missions. They had a carpe diem, enjoy your life while it lasted, type of moral. However, for others, especially those noblemen or businessmen, they wanted the woman whom they marry to be 'pure'.

And that was precisely why she chose choice number 3.

She was desperate but she was picky also. Her description of a candidate would be someone who was not bald, old, and fat….basically, anyone beside her future husband. He didn't have to be extremely handsome…but it would be extra bonus if he was. By the end of the day, she'd finally choose her candidate.

And now, she was here, in his room…and she must succeed!

"Hey," Tenten tabbed him once more, "at least give me some sort of a reply. It's rude you know."

When the man continued to ignore her, she changed her tactic. If asking him nicely won't work, well then she'll do it the rough way.

"Are you a man or not?" She demanded as she tried to grab his shoulder once more, determined to shake him until he says something. But before she could touch him, she found herself being grabbed by the shoulders.

Tenten gave a small cry in surprised as she felt that she was being twirled around. She landed on something soft (the mattress) as she felt the presence of someone hovering on top of her.


He covered her mouth with his. Then he went on nibbling her neck as he began to unbutton her shirt. She tilted her head, giving him better assess as she wrapped her arms around his neck. His actions weren't exactly gentle but he wasn't rough either…

He is good…but again…she didn't have anyone to compare him with…

Then she remembered the purpose of her being here…

"Hey, you." Tenten started, trying to ignore what he was doing to her body. "Remember that this is only a deal. Tomorrow we…"

Go our separate ways…

She was never able to finish her sentence for she had inhaled sharply.

Correction. He is very good.

Not soon after…

"Hey what are you doing?"

The man, ignoring Tenten, carried on his 'exploration'.

"It hurts!"


"Ow! You suck! I'm taking half of my money back!"

And a one-sided conversation such as these continued for the rest of the night…

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