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Some Kind of Fairytale-ch6

(The Next Morning)

Osamu woke up with sweat on his forehead. He'd the strangest dream…regarding his daughter, her son…and her husband who turned out to be a woman. Yet he couldn't help but to hold onto that dream, like a man who was trying to stay afloat by grabbing onto a weak branch, he wanted to keep his hopes up to believe that his daughter did come back. Immediately, Osamu pulled the blanket off of him and headed toward the door when the shoji doors slid open.

A head poked into the room.

The person was Tenten.

Her eyes widened for a moment as she gave an awkward smile. "I…I brought these…"

She raised her hands, showing him the tray she was holding. It consisted of a toothbrush, toothpaste, a large cup of cold water, a towel, and a wooden bucket. She set the tray down as she popped the cap of the toothpaste and squeezed some of the content onto the toothbrush. She handed it to him along with the cup of clean water. She stepped back, giving her father some room to do his daily activities.

Osamu gave her a look and started brushing his teeth.

As her father was cleaning his teeth, Tenten twisting the sleeves of her robe as she pressed her lips together. She would've walked back and forth across her father's room too if it weren't for the fact that it would cause her father's attention to focus on her.

Okay, he accepted her truce gesture…What should she do next? What should she say? Should she just say she's sorry and hope her father will forget her? What was she suppose to do? Her friends had given her a thumbs-up, urging her to explain her circumstances to her father in hopes that he would put himself into her shoes before kicking her out of the house…After all, she did step out of the house after he'd given her the ultimatum…

Shit…She would rather talk Ebenezer Scrooge into a business agreement than to be here…



Snapping back into reality, she realized that her father was done and she'd blanked out. Giving her father a reassuring smile, she slowly placed the items back onto the tray. If one was to look at her closely, one could see that her hands were slightly shaking and she was biting her lower lips.

If she is to start apologizing, this would be the time…Tenten swallowed, feeling her father's glaze on her. A part of her wanted to grab everything and just bolt, another part of her wanted to remain silent and hope that her father would initiate the conversation.

Unknown to Tenten, Osamu couldn't help but to chuckle as he observed his daughter before her.

She'd really grown; maturity was evident on her face. Her hair had clearly reached below her waist since she'd yet to tie it up. Her skin tone was darker than he'd remembered, probably from exposure to the sun. However, yet, there were traces of the same old seventeen year old Tenten within her.

Like now.

Tenten still wore her heart on her face, showing him all the information he needed to know what she was thinking. Smiling even wider, Osamu sat on the bed while patting the empty space beside him, motioning Tenten to come over and sit down.

The routine of Tenten bring his cleaning supplies to his room was something they'd done ever since she was a girl. It was their way of calling a truce.

Osamu could still remember well when Tenten was merely a child. She'd broken one of his favourite vases. She cried as she asked him to forgive her. He told her that the only condition he would forgive her was that she would bring him his cleaning supplies on the very next morning so that he doesn't have to walk all the way to the other side of the house to brush his teeth. Ever since then, she would automatically do it after she'd done something wrong.

Looking at Tenten for a minute longer, Osamu started. "You'd grown into a beautiful young woman, Tenten…"

Suddenly it saddened him that he wasn't there to watch his child grow up…that he wasn't with her for the past years. Yet, he was glad the way Tenten had turned out.

Tenten looked startled for a moment, like she wasn't expecting her father to say something like this. "Aren't….aren't you angry about the things I did?"

"You are my daughter, my only daughter…I can't stay angry at you…" Osamu sighed softly. After a moment of thought, he added, "well…at least not for long."

"Why…why didn't you go look for me?" Tenten blurted out, sounded like she was about to cry. It was a question that had been at the back of her mind for a long time. She remembered the countless nights she'd cried because of the guilt she'd felt for what she done and the hurt she'd felt when her father didn't come to find her.

Osamu stared at the opened shoji door which was giving him a full view of the side garden, lost in his own thoughts. Flowers of different kinds were seen, decorating the garden with many colours. Birds chirped loudly, declaring their presence.

"I know I am not the best father in the world…You must've thought that I'm a slave for money, always working late into the night neglecting you. But I'd always considered myself as an understanding person. When you were yelling and screaming at me at the idea of a proposed marriage, I thought you were just throwing a tantrum…like the time when I'd forced you to attend a civilian school rather than the Academy for Shinobi. I thought you would get over it once you let the facts sink in.

"That night…was a wake up call for me. The decision you'd made…was one of the worse ideas you could possibly make. Yet, the way how you would rather take things to that extend than to come and talk to me properly…made me realize how far we'd drifted apart ever since your mother's death. Instead of having me trying to drag you home all the time. I wanted you to come back willingly. I suppose I wanted to see how strong our relationship is…"

Suddenly, it was as if Osamu had aged ten years before Tenten's eyes. He sounded tired, and had the looks to prove it. Tenten noticed there were wrinkles on his face that didn't exist before and hair that turned white where it was black previously. She had seen the subtle changes before but hadn't thought too much about it…Now; it was like an acknowledgement that her father was getting old…that she may lose him forever if she doesn't hold onto what she has now.

Of all these times, all she cared about was why nobody came to her…she'd never thought once about the people who she'd left behind.

The time that had lost between them…

Tenten turned away.

"That night…" Osamu continued, "I said some hurtful things to you that I didn't…"

Tenten hugged her father, unable to suppress her tears. "I wanted to come back but I thought you didn't want me anymore. Then I thought if I'd something accomplished, then you'll be proud of me and forgive me…I'm so sorry."

Osamu wanted to say something to comfort her but only to find that he couldn't find the right words. Instead, he just slowly stroked his daughter in the back back,

"Sorry." She said after a moment, sniffing as she wiped away her tears. She rested her head on her father's left shoulder as he gently patted her in the head.

"I was blinded by guilt." Osamu explained to Tenten. "Your mother was originally engaged to Daimaru. It was a decision made by her parents and she agreed to it. However, everything changed when she met me. We fell in love. Although her parents had never truly approved of me, your mother and I got married anyway. From then on, I worked hard, trying to accomplish something so that I can finally look at her parents with confidence. I supposed that was when I started to neglect your mother. I'd always thought that she'll be with me, that once I become rich, I'll have all the time in the world to be with her…I was wrong." Osamu said with regret, shaking his head. "I couldn't help but to wonder would her life be better if she married Daimaru instead."

Tenten snorted, "she'll probably become his third wife."

She then filled him in as to what had happened in the living room during his absence, after she got Haku to 'defrost' Daimaru.

Osamu shook his head when she finished, "Daimaru wasn't married at that time. He loved her very much…I saw the anger in his eyes when he realized that your mother loved me more than him. He must've seen her in you Tenten. Therefore, I couldn't refuse him when he asked me to let him marry you. I denied him of his true love already…I just don't have the heart to do it again.

He probably just doesn't like to lose so he was angry that he didn't get mom…Tenten thought darkly. With the reports she'd gotten about him and his infidel activities, she doubted faithfulness and honesty were words in his dictionary. Besides, she was almost positive that she'd seen dollar signs appearing in Daimaru's eyes once he realized she was one of the owners of Hotaru.

Yea, she admitted that she (maybe) was being prejudice, but she hated him. That bastard…

However, she didn't voice her opinion of him to her father.

Osamu moved away from Tenten. "I know that it's wrong from the very beginning but I don't know what else I could've done to make it up to him and…"

"Father, I really think you'd done more than enough." Tenten sighed softly. She knew how her father had basically supported Daimaru's company, helping him with his debts and stuff.

Daimaru used the guilt-tactic to manipulate her father.

She wondered why a genius like her father wasn't able to see the truth. But then again, even if he had, her father wouldn't have stopped helping Daimaru. That was just the person her father is, no matter what he'd done, he would take full responsibility of the action even when it wasn't technically his entire fault.

Tenten gave a quiet sigh and considered her options. Then Tenten sat up, no longer leaning onto her father's shoulder. With a determined look, which Osamu had never seen before, on her face, she declared, "I'll drop all charges that I had held against him. If he's willing to negotiate with me once more…"

"Thank you Tenten." Osamu held her by the hand. "I'm sorry that…"

"Stop apologizing." Tenten smiled genuinely. "We both did something wrong so now we are even. Come on, let's go to get some breakfast."

"Ah yes." Osamu agreed. "Let's go see that son and that husband of yours. It's time to properly introduce ourselves to each other once more. I hardly think that their impressions of me are good."

Unconsciously, he emphasized on the 'husband'. Deep down, Osamu knew that he wanted his daughter to find a good (male) husband. However, before he starts screaming and yelling, he supposed he should find out the whole situation first. He would take a step at a time.

Right now, he was content that his daughter was by his side. He wouldn't admit it publicly but it just wasn't the same when she was gone…

God how he'd missed her.

"Dad." Tenten called out to him.

He stopped and faced her.

"Haku…hm…actually…"Tenten started.

"She's not your husband?" Osamu said jokingly, secretly hoping that what he'd said was true.

For a moment, she wondered if her father was really joking or there was some half-truth hidden in it.

"Actually…he's not." Tenten stated truthfully, emphasising the gender of her friend just for safe measures. When she saw the questioning look on her father's face she explained. "I…I just thought that it'll be easier for you to accept Kentaru if I'm married to a man…"

Osamu looked at her, not knowing whether he should start laughing or start crying and praying to the heavens above.

He settled with shaking his head.

This daughter of his…

He cleared his throat, "allow me to rephrase. Let's go see my grandson and that fine young man."


"YOU BLEW UP HALF OF THE GARDEN!" Tenten shrieked at Haku, who now ducked behind Kentaro like the kid was some bullet-proof, god-enforced shield.

"You see…I was experimenting this jutsu…" Haku tried to explain to the enraged Tenten as he pulled Kentaru to his right, effectively blocking Tenten from charging at him.

"DO I LOOK LIKE I FUCKING CARE ABOUT YOUR EXPLANATION!" Tenten screamed at him as she tried to make her way toward him once again so she could strangle him.

"Oba-chan, if you continue to shouting at him like this, all your wrinkles will show." Zabuza commented to Tenten as she gave him a foul look. He, in return, gave her a smug look as he stabbed his cigar into a small Japanese tea cup as a makeshift ashtray. He was currently comfortably sitting on the wooden platform that surrounded the house along with Temari and her family where they were all enjoying tea. (A/N: Traditional Japanese houses were built off the ground, where a wooden platform outside of the house served as a hallway.) They had been there since the beginning, watching Haku as he tried to demonstrate his latest jutsu—Ice Avalanche—which was supposedly soundless."

From the name of the technique, one should be able to tell that it wasn't one of those jutsu that should be shown within a constricted parameter, but oh well.

As Shikamaru and Izumi had put it, the training ground was just too damn far away.

In Temari and Zabuza's case, they both had agreed that the garden needed to be remodelled anyway.

It was too perfect for their taste.

Temari laughed and Izumi cheered as Kentaro made a grand escape from Haku (and his mother) and headed toward them, leaving the poor Haku to face Monster Tenten alone.

Normally, he would stay with Uncle Haku, hoping that he could calm his mother down…but when she's like this…Kentaro shuddered. Uncle Haku is on his own.

"Actually, father." Tenten said as they made their way toward the kitchen for breakfast. "Haku is a jutsu-loving freak, always coming up with these crazy techniques. One time, he demolished the whole house by accident, forcing us to…"

Tenten broke off when she felt the ground shook slightly. She took off running toward the Back Garden (which was at the back of the house of course) and the wooden shack was (once) situated.


When Tenten finally got her hands around Haku's neck, Haku waved his hands frantically in hopes that anyone would come and save him.

Of course, as everyone had expected…

Nobody did.

Osamu silently mourned as he watched the scene in front of him. Trees were overturned and flowers were uprooted. The once beautiful garden was now nothing more than a muddy marsh area with useless plant lives.

However, Osamu was silently thankful for one thing.

Thank god that he didn't tell these crazy people (not his daughter and his grandson of course) to stay with him instead of living elsewhere.

After hearing that Tenten had gotten other house, he had wanted her to stay with him instead. However, it wouldn't have been proper for him to ask her stay while ignoring her friends…but now…

The house was too small to accommodate more than two people anyway.

By now, Haku's face had almost gone all red.

"Um…Ano…" A small female voice started.

That pretty much stopped the chaos. Tenten (reluctantly she might add) let go of Haku as he went into a coughing fit while everyone else turned to face the woman.

Everyone, beside Tenten and the kids, had been aware that there were two people invading their house from the very moment they stepped in. However, due to the fact that these people didn't try to hide their presence, they let the two people come toward them.

Haku, in his struggle for air and away from Tenten, had shifted his body so that he and Tenten were standing sideways to the hallway where the two people were expected to show up. It allowed him to have a clear view of the hallway. If anything bad happens, he would be able to protect Tenten. (By now, one should've realized that for a shinobi as strong as Haku, what Tenten was doing was not going to kill him. Hell, if he wanted, he could probably be able to hold his breath for two hours! He was just going along with it to diminish Tenten's fury. After all, he did make a mistake. Tenten know this as well, so they are just kind of playing around.)

When everyone saw the two intruders, Temari relaxed her hold on her metallic fan and Shikamaru went back to cloud-watching, totally believing that the two were not dangerous.

"Hey Naruto, Hinata." Temari said a casual hello as Shikamaru gave a lazy wave to the two.

Naruto didn't know what to make of the scene before him. The Back Garden was basically trashed. It looked as if a tornado had blown through the place. The shack, or what was left of it…Naruto prayed that nobody was in it as now wood laid scattered across everywhere. Turning back to the two people that was standing in the 'garden', it seemed that a crime scene was about to be created. Tenten had her hands was wrapped around a man's neck tightly…The long-haired man was making strangulated noises but stopped once Hinata-chan had made her presence known.

"What the hell da ya want?" Zabuza asked roughly as he put a new cigar into his mouth, watching the woman and the man next to her closely. He, on the other hand, had not been in Konoha before. He was going to be as careful as possible before categorizing them as 'harmless'.

"Gemen-nasai for the interruption," Hinata recovered and gave a slight bow before declaring her purpose. "I'm here because Hiashi-sama wanted to see Asakura-san immediately.

Everyone turned to Tenten who nodded in return.

She walked up toward the pair as Kentaro pulled her gently by her pants. She gave him a reassuring smile as she kneeled down. "I'm not going to be gone for long. I'll be back before you know it."

She followed Hinata and Naruto walked behind her as they all made their way toward the Hyuuga mansion. However, after a few steps, she paused. She twirled around.

Tenten took a look at Shikamaru, who was lying on the wooden floor, and Temari, who was smirking at her, before shaking her head. Since she was no Temari, it would be impossible for her to get Shikamaru to do anything he doesn't want. As for Temari…let's just say Tenten didn't want her historical Asakura mansion, which had been past down from generations after generations, to be torn to shreds.

Therefore, Tenten settled for glaring menacingly at Haku and Zabuza, "When I come back, the garden better be restored."

Haku nodded, almost too eagerly while Zabuza 'hmph-ed' as he continued to smoke.

Satisfied, she went up to Hinata, who stopped to wait for her, before continuing their way. Therefore, she didn't realize what was going on behind her back.

All the shinobis in the house was looking at him.

Naruto gulped as he gave the group a nod before following the two ladies out the front door. The atmosphere seemed light but Naruto knew that if he doesn't make it a personal responsibility to keep Asakura Tenten safe, he would be one dead man walking.

Asakura Tenten seemed to be an enigma. He couldn't figure out what caused her to have the ability to order Haku and Zabuza, the once S-class criminals, around; nor how she was able to hook up with Shikamaru and Temari, the once most promising shinobis who had almost became missing-nins as they abandoned their villages for love. Not to mention, how she was able to be impregnated by Hyuuga Neji

Naruto thought back to the conversation he had with the Hyuuga Prodigy…


After the fat man, Daimaru, had been taken by the Konoha police. Neji decided it was the time to leave. After all, 'if those three little birds don't fly off soon' as Zabuza had nicely put it, 'he'll have to wring their cute little necks'. Besides, Neji had to go home soon before there was a Hyuuga marching band formed for the purpose of hunting him down.

"Hey Neji," Naruto called out as he jumped down from a tree that was beside the road. It was obvious that he had been camping there, waiting for him to come out.

Kiba appeared as well, right after Naruto's declaration.

"Yo bro." Kiba said as Lee gave Neji a nice-guy post; his teeth twinkled brightly under the moon.

Neji had the urge to roll his eyes as Kiba and Naruto hung their arms over his shoulders.

"You sly dog, you." Kiba said as he punched Neji playfully in the shoulder. "Who would've thought that you already have a kid this old?"

"Yea, Yea." Naruto agreed enthusiastically. "I mean, you never eyed any girl whenever there was female around. You had us worried that you were...hmph!"

His speech was halted as Kiba quickly let go of Neji to cover Naruto's mouth.

But poor Kiba only had two hands…

"Don't worry Neji." Lee exclaimed as tears poured down his face. "Even if your flame of love burned brightly for the wrong person, you'll still have the support of the Proud Beast of Konoha!"

It seemed even Lee noticed that although Kentaro was his son, Tenten and him weren't married. (Simply because if Neji was indeed married, the whole village would've known about it, not to mention, the three men didn't miss the part where Tenten had declare Haku as her husband. After all, they had been spying…er…camping on the tree outside of the Asakura mansion. Hinata had wisely decided to stay at home since this could result in a Hyuuga uproar. In other words, she totally doesn't know what was going on. She was oblivious.

"What…Neji-ni-san has a son?" Hinata questioned, her hands covering her mouth in complete innocence. "I would've never guessed!"

Understand what role she's playing? She was at home stalling for time so that Neji could do what he needs to do before facing the family.)

Neji started at Lee for a moment, not his usual 'are-you-simply-out-of-your-mind' but a stoic look. As people who knew him well knows, as his face became more and more emotionless, his temper would get worse and worse (they work in positive correlation really).

Kiba sighed as he let go of Naruto. He rolled his sleeves up in preparation.

They were all going to get a beating. No way would Neji let them get away with this hands-clean. The only thing he hoped now was not to get his clothes too dirty; his wife will kill him if they were…literally.

Even Naruto's face turned slightly serious with the tension in the air. He knew that Neji would not kill them, but that didn't mean he wouldn't try inflicting bodily pain on them.

Only Lee seemed oblivious of it still. "But that child of hers, I see a great potential young man! If he is to be trained under Gai-sensai, his flame will be unstoppable!"

Neji tilted his head slightly as if Lee had grown another head before answering.


With that Neji walked away.

Lee face-faulted for exactly one second (as if that was even possible for someone so energetic).

"But Neji…" Lee called after him but soon found his mouth covered by Kiba.

"Neji, why?" Naruto sped up, keeping in sync with the Hyuuga Prodigy's pace. "Even if you never really liked your family, you aren't someone who would disgrace your family name. You never hit me as the one-night-stand type of guy. So, why would you…"

Naruto trailed off as Neji stopped walking beside him.

Neji sighed quietly; looking at Naruto before answering.

"I'd always known her."