by: Wednesday R. Adams

Summary: This the sequel of 'A Lady for Seven Days'. The plot began a year after the ending of the first story.

Warnings: The usual boring stuff that I write. And mpregs and more transformation.

Part one

Hanamichi sighed in exasperation as he felt a pair of naughty hands make their way into his chest and lower.

"I swear on the dead body of the cat across the street, if you move that lower still, you're gonna wish you were a monk," he growled angrily. He heard asexy chuckleand a familiar body curled around his back.

"Good morning, Hanamichi," Akira greeted good-naturedly. He nuzzled a little bit closer and nearly lay over the redhead.

Hanamichi jerked suddenly and gave Akira a good kick. He laughed when he heard a loud thud on the other side of the bed.

"Good morning to you, too."

Akira peeked cautiously from the bottom of the bed at the still prone redhead. He gently tugged the blankets off his boyfriend and launched another attack. But all he found were fluffy pillows; Hanamichi had jumped off the bed.

"Shit, smiley! I already set the rules. Do you need a leash to follow them?" Hanamichi snapped as he walked out of the room and towards his bathroom. Before he closed the door of the bathroom, he saw Akira run towards him and he slammed the door hard on the lecherous guy.

"Come on, Hanamichi! A little massage would make your day a wondrous one," Akira coaxed unsuccessfully. He sighed in defeat when he heard the sound of the shower.

But he grinned happily again as he made his way into the redhead's kitchen. It had been a year since the transformation incident, and Hanamichi had finally agreed to have him as boyfriend. Akira had run around the whole Kanagawa telling everyone he knew that the redhead was his boyfriend. Hanamichi nearly broke off the relationship then and there but was advised by the guntai to give Akira another chance. The Akira-Hanamichi relationship had miraculously lasted for three months now.

Akira frowned slightly as he remembered Hanamichi's number one rule: 'no sex'. He thought that the redhead was joking, especially when Hanamichi gave him a key to his house, but Hanamichi was really serious. Each member of the guntai had his own set of keys from the redhead as a sign of trust; Akira fainted in disappointment when he learned this.

But he was persistent. He never forgot to drop by the redhead's house everyday and tried his best flirtatious persona. He even sneaked in a few gifts from a gay shop.

Hanamichi never noticed them. Or more like, he didn't wish to notice them. Akira would try again though, and the cycle would begin again.

"Akira?" Hanamichi called out softly from the stairs.

Akira smiled at the redhead as he wiped his hands with a rag. "Come on down, Hanamichi. I made breakfast."

Hanamichi grinned at his boyfriend. He walked down the stairs and followed Akira as the guy moved around his home in obvious familiarity. He spaced out a bit as he thought of his conversation with Youhei the night before. He had confided in his best friend about Akira's persistent seduction. And was a bit surprised at what Youhei had replied:

-Then have sex with him- were Youhei's words.

The redhead blushed at the advice and then sighed.

"What's with the sigh?" Akira asked. He watched Hanamichi sit on a chair before sitting across the table from the redhead.

Hanamichi stared hard at Akira for a minute.

Akira bit the inside of his cheek to stop from laughing at the unusual thoughtful look on his boyfriend's face.

"Do I have something on my face?" he asked good-naturedly.

Hanamichi narrowed his eyes thoughtfully and answered honestly, "I'm thinking about having sex with you."

The world around Akira faded, and the words Hanamichi uttered repeated on his head several times. He was shocked. After all the long frustrated nights, his beloved redhead had finally conceded on being physical.

"HANAMICHI!" Akira cried in a singsong voice before leaping over the table to hug Hanamichi.

Hanamichi laughed at the happy face over him. He groaned in disgust as sloppy wet kisses rained on his face. "Yuck! Stop that, Akira."

Akira ceased the wet kisses and settled for a passionate one. He moaned when the redhead gave a hesitant response. He didn't know why the redhead changed his mind, but he didn't really care. All he knew was that Hanamichi will finally be his. His and his alone.

Hanamichi sighed when they parted. He smiled contentedly as Akira gave small gentle kisses on his lips.

"I love you so much, Hanamichi," Akira murmured.

"I love you too," Hanamichi replied.

Akira grinned. "Can I call you baby now?"

Hanamichi pouted but nodded.

The spiky-haired youth laughed. "Don't worry. I don't kiss and tell."


"Really," Akira insisted. He kissed the redhead again to which the redhead responded with less reluctance.

"Today is Saturday, isn't it?" Akira whispered.

Hanamichi could only moan in response. He made a sound of protest when Akira suddenly parted from him.

Akira chuckled, making the redhead blush. He lovingly traced Hanamichi's face.

"What made you change your mind?" he asked.

Hanamichi frowned. "Why?"

"I just want to know." Akira kissed Hanamichi again softly. "You were so adamant about not having sex."

Hanamichi shrugged. "I've been thinking about it for weeks now. I went to Youhei for advice and he said that if I wanted it enough, I should go ahead. It's not like I'm gonna get pregnant or something. But I hope…"

"You hope what?" Akira asked before kissing Hanamichi's neck.

"I hope you won't cheat on me after this," Hanamichi replied in a whisper.

Akira stopped. He looked at Hanamichi, but the redhead had turned away after saying what's on his mind.

"Look at me, Hanamichi," he demanded.

Hanamichi took a deep breath before complying.

"I love you," Akira said. "I know that my track record doesn't exactly spell good, but I never loved somebody before either." He gently kissed Hanamichi's nose then placed his forehead against the redhead's. He got Hanamichi's left hand and positioned it on top of his heart. "I'll break this if I ever cheat on you." He laughed dryly. "I don't think I'll even be able to face you again if I do so."

Brown eyes softened and glowed with love. "I understand."

Akira's eyes met the chocolate brown eyes. "Thank you for trusting me though. I know you're a virgin."

"'Che!" Hanamichi puffed.

Akira laughed happily. He looked at Hanamichi with so much emotion that the redhead blushed again.

Hanamichi welcomed another kiss from Akira and only moaned when he felt his shirt being opened. His breathing became ragged as the older boy began his exploration. He involuntarily jerked when the other hand found its way into his shorts. He suppressed a cry as Akira became bolder.

Akira smirked triumphantly as he heard Hanamichi's choked cries. A part of him wanted to ravish the redhead then and there but another part wanted Hanamichi to remember and treasure his first time. The latter part won and Akira unenthusiastically separated from the redhead. He groaned in agony when Hanamichi clutched onto him tightly.

"Baby," he uttered. "You gotta let go so we can go to your room."

Hanamichi blinked at Akira before his muddled brain comprehended what his boyfriend told him.

"Oh!" he whispered.

"Yeah, 'oh'!" Akira grinned maddeningly. "So let me go or else I'm taking you here in the kitchen." He caught the thin arms and loosened them from his neck. He frowned as he felt the fragile bones. "You haven't gained back your weight since getting out of the hospital."

Hanamichi shrugged. "Don't worry, I'll get fat soon."

Akira's frown was replaced with a playful expression. "Let's go, baby! I don't think I'll wait another minute for you." He stood up and tugged Hanamichi up as well. Hanamichi laughed at his eagerness and Akira playfully glared at the redhead.

"Akira," Hanamichi groaned. He lay restlessly on his bed as his boyfriend licked and fondled his body into a tight string.

"Yes, baby?" Akira replied absentmindedly. He found a succulent part of the redhead's body and sucked zealously. He growled deep in his throat as the redhead grabbed a handful of his hair and pulled him closer. He thanked the gods that he didn't gel his hair that morning.

"Anouu…" Hanamichi moaned. His thoughts scattered in every direction and his hips rose from the bed when Akira lowered his kisses excruciatingly slow. But his subconscious kept nagging at him that something was amiss. Then his ears heard it again.

"Baby, I think you should forget about everything else and just concentrate on me, okay?" Akira rose from the bed and faced the flushed redhead.

"Someone's at the door," Hanamichi whispered hoarsely. His eyes dilated and he gasped in surprise when Akira ground their hips together.

"Hmmm?" Akira grinned when he saw the redhead's response. He had known that Hanamichi was very receptive to any stimulation but it was exhilarating that he could get this young god into such a high.

Hanamichi frowned in concentration as he heard another bang on his front door. He gasped again though as Akira licked his throat. When he heard another bang, he decided to stop his boyfriend. It could be an emergency.

"Akira, stop!" he demanded half-heartedly.

"Why should I?" Akira retorted. He was still busy finding more pleasure spots on the redhead's delectable body.

"Someone's at the door!" Hanamichi cried desperately. He heard more banging on his door and it was getting louder.

"Let them," Akira replied.

Hanamichi panted but decided to take matters into his hands. So with his limited strength, he pulled away from Akira and sat up on the bed. He instantly stood up before Akira could tug him back.

"Someone's at the door," he repeated as he picked up his clothes and hurriedly put them on. He stole a glance at the frustrated Akira and smiled apologetically. "It could be an emergency."

Akira stared hard at the redhead before shaking his head. He stood up from the opposite side of the bed and put on his clothes too. He didn't look at Hanamichi as they dressed in a hurry.

Hanamichi stole another glance at Akira as Akira opened the bedroom door. He caught a muscular arm before Akira exited the room.


Akira stopped and sighed. "I'm not angry," he murmured.

"Then why aren't you looking at me?" Hanamichi sounded like a lost child.

Akira chuckled but still didn't turn around. "Because if I do, I'll forget about the person on the door."

Hanamichi smiled. He let the arm go but wrapped his arms around Akira's waist tightly. He tightened his hold when he felt his boyfriend stiffen.

"I love you," he said as he breathed in Akira's scent.

Akira smiled happily. He parted slightly from Hanamichi and faced him. "I love you too." He caught Hanamichi's jaw and lovingly planted a chaste kiss on the bruised lips. "Come on, baby. I think I can wait for another minute."

Hanamichi smiled and nodded happily. He let go of Akira and raced to the door as more pounding could be heard.

"Yes?" he said as he opened the door. He froze in shock when he recognized the one in front of him.

"Well, hello!" Rukawa Naoko greeted with a smile. "I hope I didn't interrupt anything."

Hanamichi closed his mouth. "No. No. Not at all," he denied and laughed weakly.

An artfully carved eyebrow rose at the answer. Foxy blue eyes scrutinized the redhead from head to foot, and a quick glance at the back of Hanamichi confirmed her suspicions.

Hanamichi looked behind him and found a puzzled Akira. He glared at Akira to get to the kitchen. But Akira stood his ground and studied the person at Sakuragi's doorstep.

"From your looks, I could see that you're a Rukawa," Akira said without his usual cheer.

Naoko laughed at the hostile tone. "And you're the boyfriend."

Akira narrowed his eyes dangerously at the woman. "Get out."

Naoko sniffed in disgust. "And who are you to order me around, you lowlife," she said haughtily.

Hanamichi looked at the two in fright. He immediately blocked Akira when his boyfriend made a move towards Naoko. He silently begged for Akira not to make a scene. When Akira nodded grudgingly, he turned around and faced his guest.

"If you're here to throw insults, then please just leave," Hanamichi requested politely.

Naoko studied the boy for a while before smiling. She walked to Hanamichi and pecked at the soft cheek. "Don't worry, Hana-chan. I'm only here to give you this." She placed an earthen jar in the redhead's arms before departing. "Bye! By the way, Kaede's a little sick. It'll make him feel better if you visit him."

Hanamichi stared at his door as the woman closed it behind her. He blinked back into reality when Akira suddenly stood in front of him.

"What was that all about?" Akira asked softly. The tone was low and dangerous.

Hanamichi shook his head. "I don't know," he replied honestly. He looked down at his gift. "That was strange."

"Oh?" Akira asked skeptically.

"Yeah." Hanamichi didn't detect anything peculiar about his boyfriend's tone of voice. "I wonder what this is."

Akira shook his head to disperse any doubt of his boyfriend's fidelity. Hanamichi's too innocent to think about cheating on him. Forcing the foul image of Naoko out of his mind, he instantly grabbed Hanamichi and pecked a kiss on the bruised lips.

"Let's go back to bed," he murmured.

Hanamichi blushed but nodded shyly.

Akira chuckled at the virginal reply. He tightened his arms around Hanamichi but froze as the earthen jar sprayed water all over them both.

"What the fuck was that?" Akira asked in a voice that was strangely unfamiliar. Blue eyes blinked repeatedly when they met brown ones. "Hana?"

"OHMYGOD!" Hanamichi cried in shock.

"What happened to you?"

"I think you should look down before you ask me any questions," Hanamichi replied.

Akira was puzzled but followed Hanamichi's eyes.

Pandemonium struck.