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Part nine


Akira inhaled deeply as he stood in front of his apartment door. He had a tiring day. Finals and the impending college entrance tests were slowly taking its toll on him. And the basketball team was busy with practice as well. Shinichi had told him once that the last year in high school would be the toughest especially the killer finals. He had thought that Shinichi had exaggerated but now he had to admit that the guy was right.

Akira sighed again as he reached out a hand to the doorknob. Shinichi would be early today. So that means that he'll be seeing him more tonight than what he would have wanted.

Suddenly a giggle penetrated the thick wood. Akira blinked repeatedly.


Akira hastily opened the door only to hear, "Oh, Shinichi! He's adorable! Can I keep him?"

"No! You can't!" Akira shouted. He glared murderously at the girl who was holding a nursing Shinji. He turned his glare at Shinichi who was sitting close to the girl in the sofa.

"Akira," Shinichi started as Akira walked briskly towards the sofa and pulled Shinji away from the girl. He glanced apologetically at the girl for Akira's rudeness.

Akira ignored the older guy and stormed into his room. But Shinichi caught his elbow which jerked him to a stop.

"Let go!" Akira snarled angrily. He tried to shake off Shinichi's grip but Shinichi only tightened his hold.

"What's your problem?!" Shinichi shouted back.

Poor Shinji looked at his parents with wide eyes. He had dropped his bottle when his mother took him away. And now his parents were yelling at each other. The small face crumpled before he screamed tearfully.

Akira glanced at Shinji for a second before glaring harder at Shinichi. "Now look what you did? You've upset him!" he shouted at Shinichi who still hadn't let his arm go. Shinji screamed even harder.

"I upset him?" Shinichi growled. "You're the one barging in here like fret train!"

"This is my apartment! I can come here in any fashion I see fit!" Akira retorted.

The girl in the sofa stood up hurriedly. "I think I better go," she announced hesitantly. Both guys looked at her, but each had different expressions. Shinichi looked at her apologetically again while Akira glared at her.

"Wait for a moment, Nika, okay?" Shinichi begged.

"Let go of me, Maki, and go to your girlfriend!" Akira tried pulling his arm free again.

"Girlfriend?" Shinichi and the girl called Nika gawked at Akira.

Akira frowned with confusion, anger forgotten for a moment. "What?"

Nika giggled. "Oh I see! You're jealous!" she teased.

Akira's cheek turned bright pink. 'What is going on here?' he thought.

Shinichi gazed at Akira with a soft smile. He let go of Akira and nodded at Nika's direction. "That's Nika, my stepsister," he introduced.

Akira flushed red from head to toe when Nika giggled again. "Oh shit!" he murmured.

Nika bowed, "Nice meeting you, Akira-kun." She grinned broadly at the embarrassed hottie.

Akira didn't feel the same. He prayed that the floor would open up and swallow him whole. He felt even worse when he saw Shinichi puffed up with pride. 'Damn! This is not my day!' he thought.

Shinichi bit his lip to stop grinning at Akira. He took the crying Shinji away from his dazed mother and gave him to Nika. "Take care of him, okay?" he ordered.

Nika took the baby and nodded at Shinichi. She also took a duffel bag from the floor and walked out of the apartment, but not before winking at Akira.

"Wait!" Akira finally gained his bearings back and tried to follow the girl and Shinji. He was stopped for the second time by Shinichi who gently pushed him to the sofa. "What do you think your doing giving Shinji away like that?"

"I planned this already," Shinichi answered calmly. "My parents are expecting Shinji and he'll be staying with them for the whole weekend."

Akira gasped indignantly. "And you didn't bother telling me this? I'm his mother." He sat on the sofa and glared angrily at the older guy.

"I know." Shinichi kneeled on the floor and wedged himself between Akira's legs. He stared up at Akira with a smile.


"Were you really jealous?" Shinichi asked hopefully. He leaned closer and would have kissed Akira's collar. But Akira moved back and punched his head.

"Ouch!" Shinichi grimaced as he nursed his bruised ear.

"I was not jealous!" Akira insisted. He pushed Shinichi away and tried to stand up.

But Shinichi wouldn't let him. Akira huffed as his back hit the back rest of the sofa. He glared at Shinichi who was pushing him down on the sofa. He wanted to hit him again but his hands were suddenly pushed to his back, trapped with his weight and Shinichi's. Shinichi was much stronger than Akira and he was not shy in showing it.

Shinichi moved forward to kneel on the sofa. Akira tried to move away but it only served to place him in compromising position. After all, Shinichi had already established a place between his legs.

Akira shivered as his body responded to the physical contact. He had always been a sexual person. Not nympho-like but he liked touching and being touched. He flirted shamelessly which gained him the reputation of being a playboy. But in reality, he only had three serious relationships.

Shinichi looked at Akira with hungry eyes. Akira shivered again and turned away from the intense look. He closed his eyes tightly and bit his lip to stop a moan when Shinichi nipped his neck gently then licking it. He gasped and jolted in surprise when he felt hands under his shirt.

Shinichi took advantage of that moment to rip the thin cotton to reveal a pale chest. He didn't wait for Akira's reaction and just attacked the vulnerable nipples. He sucked hard at the tender flesh of the right nipple and had his fingers twisting its twin into a hard nub.

Akira couldn't stop a strangled moan from escaping. He looked down at the sucking Shinichi and thought of stopping him. But all thoughts froze when Shinichi gave a look of pure adoration at Akira.

"Hell!" Akira murmured. He was now very arose and very embarrassed. Damn Shinichi!

Shinichi stopped sucking for moment. He gave a parting lick to the tender nipple before sitting up. He shifted forward until his knees hit the back rest of the sofa. He gentle adjusted Akira's position until the younger guy's ass sat comfortably on his crotch. He looked very pleased with himself when Akira glared at him.

"You look adorable tonight," Shinichi said in a deep voice. He caressed the pale chest lightly.

Akira stared up at the ceiling. "I'm sex starved," he informed Shinichi quietly.

"So am I," Shinichi replied. He bent his head and began sucking on the left nipple. He bit the nipple none-too-gently earning him a cry from Akira.

"That hurts!" Akira winced. He started to struggle to free his hands beneath him but Shinichi pushed him deeper into the sofa again.

"I want to hurt. Mark you." Shinichi gave the hurt nipple an apologetic lick before looking up at the glaring Akira. "You're mine, Akira."

Akira's lips gave a sardonic smile at Shinichi. "Don't you think that I will have something to say to that?"

Shinichi shrugged. "I don't care what you think anymore. You're mine and that's it." He sounded like a sulking kid.

"Presumptuous bastard," Akira murmured without any heat. He looked up at the ceiling again.

Shinichi observed Akira for a moment. Truthfully, he was expecting more fights from Akira. He was prepared to hog tie and raped the blue-eyed captain if it comes to that. He had planned this confrontation for a week now. He had once thought that he could be patient with Akira and wait out the eventual love from him. But so far a year had passed without any visible change except that the arguments over the living arrangements had passed away. The sudden appearance of Akira's parents had burnt up all his patience though; especially when he heard Akira's mother commenting on the 'immorality' of her own son. If he didn't respect older people, he would have kicked the woman out of Kanagawa in less than a minute. Akira's hesitancy seemed to come from his own mother's opinion. Shinichi made a decision then and there that he'll stop playing nice and gentle; Akira's no girl anyway, he'll understand.

Akira was in deep thought as well. When he talked to Hanamichi last week in the park, he realized that he was playing hard to get. He nearly laughed at that. He was the flirty guy not the flighty one. But Shinichi Maki scared the shit out of him. He didn't know why. He had to admit to himself that he was attracted to Shinichi. Who wouldn't be attracted to a muscular guy who made it a habit to walk around the whole apartment scantily dressed after coming from the shower? Akira used to do that, naked even, but not after he gave birth. And not after Shinichi had began living in his apartment.


The blue eyes peered curiously at Shinichi. "What?"

Shinichi gave a small smile. "You were smiling. What are you thinking?" he leaned closer to nibble at Akira's jaw.

Akira ignored the question and just let his body sensed Shinichi's ministration. "Do you have a condom with you?" he asked without a solid thought.

Shinichi replied with a ravishing kiss for Akira. He expertly deepened the kiss as another tongue dueled with his. He thrust his hips forcibly against Akira's creating delicious friction. Both young men groaned appreciatively.

"We have too much clothes on," Akira murmured on Shinichi's ear when they both come up for air.

Shinichi nodded. "I want to take you now," he stated as he tugged furiously at Akira's slacks. In his haste, he ripped it the same way as he had with Akira's shirt. Akira gave a cry of protest but it was silence by another deep kiss.

"You shouldn't make that a habit," Akira uttered when he was allowed to come up for air. He clawed at the older guy's silky hair when Shinichi began rubbing the tip of his arousal. "That fell good."

Shinichi grunted his response. He was too busy discovering what could make Akira scream. He had one solid thought before he allow the full pressure of his body for release to take command.

'This isn't exactly as I planned it,' he thought with a hidden smile. He watched as Akira squirmed to get more friction. 'But who the hell am I to complain?'


Morning was always such a blessing. Morning always spoke with new hope for the pathetic humans. Morning was a true celebration of life.

Akira frowned at his thoughts. 'What the hell am I thinking?' he scolded his other cheery self. He had woken up with no hangover or nausea. But he still had a nasty disposition this morning. 'Why? It's because of that guy standing by the door.'

"You okay, Akira?" Shinichi asked with worry. He had woken up couple of hours ago, showered and dressed up with old worn out jeans and comfortable t-shirt that made him look more scrumptious than cheesecake.

Akira groaned again. Cheesecake was his weakness, and he just compared his Shinichi with it. Bruised lips smiled at his claim. Looks like Shinichi wasn't the only possessive one in this weird relationship.

Shinichi walked towards the bed and sat on it. He grinned when he heard Akira groaned. He carefully lay over the covers and snuggled closer with Akira. He kissed one exposed shoulder tenderly.

"Go to hell, Maki," Akira murmured angrily. He turned his head towards Shinichi and glared at him.

Shinichi chuckled at Akira's sour mood. He ignored the angry blue eyes and kissed Akira's shoulder again. "Good morning," he murmured.

Akira rolled his eyes heavenward and turned away from Shinichi again. Shinichi smiled happily. He lay over Akira again.

Comfortable silence reigned the room for a moment until Akira broke it.

"Who was that on the phone?" he asked.

"Aida-kun," Shinichi replied drowsily. He was just about to go back to sleep when Akira spoke up.

Akira groaned again. "Shit! Now coach will be mad at me!" He felt Shinichi relaxing over him. Akira suddenly wanted to hit him. And so he did.

"Why'd you do that for?" Shinichi snapped. He met glaring blue eyes with his own glaring brown ones.

"This is your entire fault!"

"What did I do?" Shinichi reared back defensively. He sat back away from Akira when the younger guy elbowed him painfully on the stomach.

Akira tried to sit up, but pain ripped through his lower back. "Ohhhh!" he cried as he dropped back onto the pillows.

Shinichi forgot his anger and moved towards Akira fearfully. "Akira?"


Shinichi reared back again. He watched Akira as the younger guy rubbed his lower back. The blanket had fallen when Akira tried to sit up. He stopped thinking about Akira's discomfort as he appreciatively run his eyes over the exposed flesh.

"Don't even think about it, Maki!" Akira threatened with a glare.

"I'm not thinking about anything," Shinichi lied. He grinned like a naughty boy when Akira narrowed his eyes.

"Che!" Akira uttered. He turned away from Shinichi again. "I told you to use a condom."

Shinichi figured that it's okay to crawl back to Akira's side. He lay over Akira as replacement of the blanket.

Silence settled over the two again. But after a moment, Shinichi broke it.

"Isn't condom used for protection?"

"Uhuh," Akira replied absentmindedly.

Shinichi looked at Akira's profile. "As far as I know, I don't have anything."

Akira turned to glare at Shinichi again. "So? Your point is?"

"Do you have something?" Shinichi looked like he swallowed a frog.

Akira flushed with fury. "Get off me, Maki," he ordered with false calm.

But Shinichi didn't want to. He didn't want to be in defensive mode again. So he sunk all his weight over Akira to trap him under.

"I said get off!" Akira's voice was raising a pitch higher.

"No," Shinichi replied stubbornly.

"Maki," Akira's voice was dripping venom now.

"Tell me their purpose. What are they for other than protection?"

Akira screwed his eyes shut to control his temper. He never lost his temper even under the most vicious verbal curses from coach taoka. Bring in Maki Shinichi and Akira would fire up faster than Hanamichi.


"They are for lubrication," Akira mumbled, eyes still shut.

Shinichi blinked and then blushed. He cleared his throat as he thought of a response but all he could say was "oh".

Akira snorted. "Idiot."

"Sorry, Akira," Shinichi said humbly. He kissed Akira's nape tenderly. "I didn't know. I have never been with a guy before. I guess I should have hold back a little, huh?"

Akira mellowed and relaxed under Shinichi. "I have never been bottom before," he admitted softly.

Shinichi chuckled. "So I have devirginized you!"

Akira laughed too. "Idiot," he murmured sleepily. Shinichi's comforting weight as well as the vibration on his chest as he talks lulled Akira back to dreamland. He knew though that when he wakes up, they still have a lot to talk about.

"I love you, Akira," Shinichi whispered earning him a smile from the sleepy captain.

A week later...

Akira stared at his parents in amazement. "What you doing here?" he asked as he allowed his mother and father to walk pass him to the apartment.

Sendoh Rona, Akira's mother, looked at her son dispassionately. "I heard you were getting married," she said as she sat elegantly on the sofa. She crossed her long legs just as Sendoh Yuta, Akira's father, sat gingerly beside her.

Akira looked at his father. His eyes widened when his father nodded. "Married?" he murmured breathlessly. He dropped on the side sofa in shock.

"Yes," Yuta nodded. He glanced at his wife before smiling brightly at his son. "The guy you were living with contacted us and said that you'll be marrying soon."


"Is that his name?" Rona asked coldly. She stared at her son like he's a microbe under a microscope making Akira fidget uncomfortable.

"He's full name is Maki Shinichi. He's been living with me since…months ago," Akira answered awkwardly.

"Oh!" Rona replied coldly. She studied Akira closely again. "Is he rich?"

"'Ma!" Akira cried indignantly. He frowned angrily at the blonde.

"What? I was just being practical." Rona sighed. "After all, we won't provide for you once you tie the knot."

Akira blinked at his mother. If he didn't know any better, he would have thought that his mother was worried about him.

Yuta smiled sadly at Akira. "Will you be provided well?"

Akira shrugged. "If you're asking about money, Maki's financially well off."

"Good," Rona said flatly. Yuta held her hand and squeezed it lovingly.

Akira studied her parents closely. Rona was a Japan-born German with golden hair and quite tall with piercing blue eyes. She's forty-five years old yet could easily be mistaken for a thirty for she had maintained her voluptuous body through God-giving genetics, while Yuta was a small man, skinny and quite mousy. He was a handsome man though, the next-door-boy type. Akira got his heights from his mother for his father was only five foot flat. The blue eyes were from Rona too. The only thing he got from his father was his dark head and cheery disposition. Rona rarely smiles.

The Sendoh family looked at the door when it opened. Shinichi smiled broadly at Akira before he allowed his parents to enter. Akira groaned inwardly when he saw the beaming faces of Maki Hinako, Shinichi's stepmother, and Nika. Maki Anami, Shinichi's father, gave Akira a small smile.

Akira felt trapped as his parents were introduced to the Makis; his only anchor was Shinji smiling at him from Nika's arms. Akira had met the family a week ago when he went with Shinichi to get Shinji. Hinako and Nika visited everyday since then to play with Shinji.

"Shinichi," Akira called softly to get Shinichi's attention. He bristled when the guy just flash him a smile and then ignored him to talk to Yuta.

"Akira-darling," Hinako said, catching Akira's attention. She smiled warmly at the young man. "What's wrong?"

Akira wanted to yell that everything was wrong. He didn't want to get married. He didn't want his parents talking to Shinichi's parents regarding his wedding (which he never even knew until a few minutes ago).

But Akira just smiled back at Hinako. "I'm fine," he lied, feeling trapped and helpless.

Hinako touched Akira's arm for comfort. "You must be overwhelmed," she said.

Akira wanted to tell her that he's not overwhelmed, just shocked.

"But Shinichi had been talking about this for months now," Hinako continued, her eyes landing lovingly at her stepson. "He really wanted to marry you."

"We're both guys," Akira said numbly. He felt that he's losing his grip on reality. He badly wanted to yell at Shinichi.

Hinako snorted, "Who cares? It is allowed nowadays anyway."

Akira suddenly felt asthmatic. He couldn't breath and his vision was blurring. He vaguely heard someone shouting his name but his world darkened.