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I lived with visions for my company
Instead of men and women, years ago,
And found them gentle mates, nor thought to know
A sweeter music than they played to me.
But soon their trailing purple was not free
Of this world's dust, their lutes did silent grow,
And I myself grew faint and blind below
Their vanishing eyes. Then thou didst come - to be,
Beloved, what they seemed. Their shining fronts,
Their songs, their splendours, (better, yet the same,
As river-water hallowed into fonts)
Met in thee, and from out thee overcame
My soul with satisfaction of all wants:
Because God's gifts put man's best dreams to shame.

Ghosts and demons had been what John Constantine had for company for several years, ever since he came back from the dead at the age of 15. He had his occasional dalliances with desirable female demons and then he'd had Chas Kramer's company for a few years until the boy passed away recently. Chas had had the death of a hero, a martyr and John admired that.

He found the company of supernatural forces in his life tolerable at first, although he had no desire at all to be caught in the game between God and Satan. And then, the constant need to run off to perform exorcisms and hunt down evil spirits became unbearable. He was tired of waking up in the middle of the night, just when he'd drifted off to sleep, to answer the call of a distressed mother or stop a demon from feeding on a helpless mortal. How long could life go on like this? he'd wondered many a time.

He was glad that all this had happened, for the first time. He felt this as he looked upon Angela's sleeping face in the break of dawn, listening to her calm and quiet breathing. How beautiful she looked as she lay on his bed, the soft sunlight drifting in through the open windows to fall on her face and accentuate her lovely features. He himself was used to waking up early – he normally did not need to sleep more than a few hours everyday.

He wanted to go and lie beside her for a moment but then he thought he was fine there. Angela might not be prepared to find him lying beside her all of a sudden.

It was so different from everything else he'd experienced in regard to romance, John thought. If he was attracted to a woman, then he would not hesitate to consummate his relationship with her. However, with Angela, mere attraction was not the case – love was.

An hour later, his beloved stirred in her sleep, moaning briefly, which made him think momentarily of sex. And then she opened her eyes. Dark brown melted into soft gray.

"Good morning," smiled John, feeling an unfamiliar but welcome warmth consuming him as they looked at each other. Was love always like this?

"Good morning yourself," Angela covered her yawning mouth. He noticed for the first time that she had delicate hands. "Did you sleep well?"

"Like a baby," he said and then he frowned. It wasn't like him to use an expression like that. She noticed it, too.

"Like a baby?" she raised a well-shaped brown eyebrow.

John scowled, not meeting her eyes. "You know what I mean."

She chuckled and reached out to lay her hand on his. He wanted to kiss her all of a sudden, feel those soft, full red lips against his own.

For years, he had had only his fantasies and hopes for a different life to comfort him. Those hopes had materialized into Angela. He liked that.


"You can actually cook?"

"I can't live on take-out all the time, you know. I get sick of running into half-breeds all the time."

"You're a keeper, then."

"Not really."

"Gee, that makes me feel secure."

John chuckled and slowly made his way to the kitchen.

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