Author's note: Because I love werewolves, and because I was miffed we got absolutely no backstory with Jake in Cursed, my muse came up with a prequel based around him growing up. I'm not sure how regularly the updates will come, but I'll try to keep this story from dying or going through too long extended periods of time. Reviews are loved.

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You know those Law and Order shows? They're fairly interesting. Rather depressing most of the time, not really my cup of tea. Ellie loves them though. But something I've noticed on them is this - half the criminals on those shows, especially the one about sex crimes, they were raised by criminals and were victims or they suffered the same thing they're doing now from random people or someone close.

It makes me uncomfortable. Every time I see it I have to wonder if that's me. If I'm really no better than my father. If I'll turn into the power freak he was. He was all wolf. He may have been turned, but he eagerly left his humanity in the past. I know how tempting it is though. Born this way, it might even be more tempting.

Scares me sometimes. To know that I have the same nature inside me, running through my veins. To know there's a possibility it'll come out and I might take Ellie like he took Mom. Maybe that's why I'm so skittish about being that close to Ellie.

I've slept with a few others. Allowed myself to get drunk, high, or just so damn high strung I feel like I'm about to implode or explode. They never meant anything. They were just relievers of some kind. Just to forget for a little while, just to find a bit of pleasure. Act all confident and charming and on the inside pray you aren't a ticking time bomb.

But then there's Ellie. And that's where it gets complicated. She's, I don't know. She's damaged, she's desolate, but she won't give up, won't let it weigh her down. She doesn't like her life, isn't happy with her responsibilities, but she refuses to resent them. She's so tiny, sometimes I'm worried even only using as much strength as a human has I'll still break her. But she's so strong, there's a fire in her eyes when she gets angry and there's a resigned determination to get herself and her brother through life.

She reminds me of Mary. That scares me. I'm scared even more by the fact that she's more important than Mary ever was. Maybe it's because Ellie's not older, Ellie's not cold. And she actually returns the caring, the feelings.

It still scares me. I don't like being scared. I have enough to worry about. The wolf doesn't like this attitude I'm having. It keeps telling me to just take her, claim her. To mate. Not to just fuck. To actually mate.

I can tell she wouldn't object - at least to having sex. There have been times she's brought it up, offered, tempting me into just giving into the wolf. But I don't know how I'd act, if I would be able to control the wolf. Control myself.

Dad would be so disappointed if he saw me now. He would be so broken hearted his son wasn't the savage, dominant, tyrant he once was. I just wonder if I'll be able to keep from being that the rest of my life. He was a lion, not a wolf. I would say pig, but I hate pigs. Probably due to a book I read once. Besides. Dad was fiercer than a pig. Tougher too.

But we didn't really have a pack. We had a pride, and he was king, to take any female he wanted. I think I did get some of his attitude. Maybe letting it out in small doses will save me from losing completely to the whole.