At the End of the Day

Chapter 4

It was Friday night and there Remus sat, trying to work at his desk in the library of Number 12 Grimmauld Place, but thoughts of an enraptured Nymphadora Tonks and Bill Weasley kept sullying his purer thoughts. Jealousy, like a poisonous vine, was squeezing every last logical, rational notion from his mind until a violent passion consumed even his body.

"Damn it!" He cursed and threw his dictionary across the room then recoiled, feeling surprisingly better; however, the violent release was bittersweet as Tonks' sweet face once again peered at him from tender memories.

Remus put his head on the desk, but he wasn't tired. He was anxious. His body was awake and restless due to covetous desires and the waning moon.

"But what should I do?" he asked the empty room. If only Sirius were here.

Putting out his hand, the coarse edge of Black's leather book jacket played against his thumb. Sitting up and feeling utterly a fool, he flipped opened the journal in an attempt at accidental advice.

"…and Emmeline readily agreed. After the meeting, we ascended to my room where we took dessert sans clothing…Then she took the chocolate mousse and well, I must say Ms. Vance has a very creative mind and very tender tongue…That woman is ravenous regarding her sweetmeats!"

Remus closed the journal and moved his reading lamp farther back. If he was looking to Sirius' notebook for spiritual guidance, he'd come up quite short.

On second thought..

He stroked his chin. Maybe sex was what Nymphadora wanted. Conveniently, that was what he wanted, too. Surely, it was too easy a thought to be true….if Tonks was merely going out with Bill for a quick shag…. well, she could have approached him for that!

He sighed aloud. "She probably thinks I'm not capable." Lycanthropy. Women always had misconceptions. Perhaps that's why she's gone out with Bill, why she told me about the date - to indicate she was merely fulfilling a natural urge but she'd be back with me at the kitchen table tomorrow night laughing, talking….


This time Remus threw the thesaurus. He was tired of talking; he wanted more, he wanted…

The study door opened just as he was about to project a very heavy copy of T.S. Eliot's collected works into the fireplace.

"Am I interrupting something?"

Remus casually placed the large volume back on his desk, his pleasant façade rematerializing as he elegantly wiped his heated brow with a handkerchief.

"No, just cleaning up. Please Bill, come in."

Make it rain. Make it rain…MAKE IT RAIN!

"How the hell do I 'make it rain'!" Tonks yelled aloud as she slammed the door of her flat behind her. She was beyond irritated with Remus. She was mentally torn, physically exhausted and sexually frustrated. Didn't this man know when she was dropping him a hint?

"All he had to say was 'don't go'! How much easier could I have made it for him!"

Plopping down on the sofa, Moody's words still plagued her.

"Well, I could take off my clothes and jump in his bed while he's sleeping, or I could take off my clothes while he's having tea at his desk, or I could take off my clothes…" She stopped herself as she realized that every idea she had for 'making it rain' started with taking off her clothes.

She closed her eyes and rubbed her temples. Dear gods, Bill's kiss must have really gotten to me. Except it wasn't Bill that her passions claimed. It was another man; her dear, sweet professor in a worn tweed suit with broken grey eyes and an enduring smile. A man with bony knees, a crooked nose, a warm laugh, a gentle touch…and a very nice ass.

Nymphadora plunked her head in her hands and considered amending her earlier advice to Bill to "You can't help who you love or who you want."

Shaking her head, she laughed at her own unbelievable desires. "Little, uncivilized Nymphadora Tonks in love with polished Professor Lupin." Perhaps it was possible that Remus was having a difficult time believing it, as well.

"Have a seat." Remus motioned to the sofa in front of the desk.

"How are things going, mate?" Bill languidly spread his body out against the ancient leather couch, eyes searching the face of his acquaintance.

Remus pressed his thin lips together and took a seat at the desk. "Busy," he finally replied as he appeared to tidy the papers on his desk.

Bill released a heavy sigh, then sitting forward, elbows propped against his thighs, he said quietly, "I had a date with Tonks tonight."

"Really." Lupin crossed his legs and pushed his back further into his chair.

"I suppose she told you."

"Why would you think that?" he pointedly replied, belying his interest, hands tightening in his lap.

"Because when I asked her out, she was hesitant. She finally told me that you two had this thing going on and she'd have to ask you first." His dark blue eyes held serious intent. "Of course, I wasn't surprised. Everyone in the Order knows you have something going on the way you two look at each other, the way you whisper at meetings when you think no one is watching."

Remus broke eye contact at Bill's allegation, and the other man leaned back, crossing his arms. "I suppose that's why I did it. You're the reason that I asked her out."

"I don't understand." Remus released quietly as the oldest Weasley stood and walked over to the fireplace.

"You see Remus, I always thought ol' Tonks and I would be walking down the aisle, popping out the kiddies and such. Yeah, we dated other people, but there was always something special between the two of us. Until you came along."

His slender hands fingered the dusty mantle. "I was jealous." After a long pause of silence, kicking his boot against the fire grate he laughed and looked up at Remus. "You know I spent the entire evening talking about Fleur?"

Lupin's face held a mixture of sympathy and pain.

"And Tonks, damn her, told me that 'we can't help who we love,' and she was right." He paused and rubbed the palms of his hands against his scratchy eyes. "I've known Tonks a long time, mate, and she's crazy about you."

"I didn't…" Remus began, but didn't know how to finish.

Bill smiled and approached the desk. "She's a brilliant woman with an incredible heart; you'd be a fool to let her walk away."

"I suppose I would," Remus heard himself say.

Then standing, he was eye-to-eye with Bill. "I'm sorry about trying to steal her away from you, Lupin." Bill extended a hand and a crooked smile. "Go and make the woman happy. Her heart's already yours."

Lupin gripped the younger man's hand. "I appreciate your honesty, Bill."

As Weasley walked towards the door, he replied candidly, "And I appreciate you not cursing me tonight." Then with a courteous nod, he left Remus alone with his thoughts.

Purple tanga or hot pink thong? No, Remus is more of classic man. Tonks mused as she continued to dig furiously through the florescent colors and wildly provocative articles of her lingerie drawer. Finally, she located her classic black satin knickers and a devious smile crossed her face as she surveyed the perfect panty. "Yeah baby!"


Tonks flipped around suddenly and hastily dropped the panties to the floor as she raised her wand in one fluid motion. Then clutching her chest, "REMUS!"

"Yes, it's me." He raised his hands slightly as he stood in her bedroom doorway. "I should have knocked, but I had a feeling that you might still be up."

"My gods! You surprised me!" Returning her wand to the back pocket of her jeans, she turned to close her dresser drawer. She had certainly been fantasizing about him being in her bedroom, but she didn't expect him to appear, especially looking so agonizingly handsome in his work suit. "What are you doing here?"

"May I come in?" He motioned to enter her private pink domain.

"Of course." She sat on the edge of her bed and awaited his presence.

With slight hesitation, he sat beside her. Tonks realized it was the first time they had been alone together with nothing but a bed. Hmmm…

"Nymphadora, I wanted to tell you." Remus sighed, then looked her fully in the eyes. "I wanted to tell you not to go out with Bill."

Tonks looked at him incredulously. "Remus. I already went out with Bill tonight."

"Yes, I know. He told me."

Tonks threw him a look of bewilderment. "What? He told you about our date? Already?"

"Actually, Bill stopped by to give me a bit of advice." At this moment, Remus moved his hand from the bedcover and slipped his long fingers around Nymphadora's.

Her eyes widened as Remus made his intentions clear, his thumb stroking the thin, sensitive skin of her wrist. She blushed to find his eyes upon her and felt even more naked than she did in her fantasies.

"He told me that we can't help who we love."

Her lips parted, but she was speechless.

And with confidence and conviction he kissed her, pressing his tongue ever-so-slightly against her parted lips. As he pulled away, she took his other hand in hers and grasped it tightly. Some part of her feared that he might apparate away if she didn't hold onto him with both hands.

"Nymphadora," Remus smiled, "Will you go out with me some-"

"Yes!" She laughed and Lupin's heart warmed. "I don't want to sound like I'm overly eager, Remus, but.." She bit her lip, still smiling. "I'm overly eager."

"Good." Every tired muscle Remus possessed relaxed. The worry, the stress, the fear; they were all gone. Tracing his hand down her heart-shaped cheek…across her lips…to her chin. He studied her like a fine sculpture. "You are so beautiful, Nymphadora." He smiled ever-so-slightly. "I've been wanting to tell you that since the first day we met. Isn't it silly how I never did until now?"

But Tonks didn't smile. Instead, she soothed her hand across the scars that disfigured his cheek. "It's not silly. That first night, I thought you were beautiful, too. I wanted so much to touch you; to touch your face, to touch your wounds." Then leaning forward, she kissed his unshaven jaw, his crooked nose and finally his thin lips that reflected her needful yearnings.

After several minutes of gentle exploration, Tonks pulled away. "Remus, it's the end of the day. The moon will be full tomorrow, and you'll be…away from me."

Remus turned his eyes away from her, his curse shaming him. Then placing a finger to his chin, she brought back his gaze. "Stay with me tonight."

Before he could protest, she began peeling the tweed jacket from his shoulders. "Was that a yes?" she teased.

"It's difficult to say 'no' to a beautiful woman who's undressing me in her bed."

Neither knew how far tonight would go or what the future months and years would hold. But in each other's arms, they knew it wasn't the end of the day but the dawn of a new love and a new beginning.

Author's Note: Thanks so much for the reviews. I'd only meant for this to be a one shot, but I just couldn't stand Remus letting her get away. Thanks Laird for the T.S.Eliot suggestion! Go here if you want to know what poem Remus had been reading in his collected works. http/