Author's note: Inspired by a picture at 15minuteficlets and a new picture of Selene, I wrote a shirt drabble for Michael/Selene. Hope you like it, reviews are always loved.

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Michael stared at his handprint on the window. It was cold outside, so the heat from the room caused the window to fog up, moisture gathering and blurring the view. He had placed his palm flat against it, remembering how Samantha would trace patterns when windows fogged up, drawing little hearts or stars or her initials.

His handprint wasn't what it had been then though, those times she would take his wrist and place his hand up there, next to hers. Sometimes she would placed just hers on the car window and joke it was like Titanic. Sometimes they would both do it on each side, making more jokes and laughing.

It wasn't the same handprint it had been at that time though. It was larger, more feral, not quite human anymore. The tips of claws made little dots nearly an inch away from the ends of his fingers. It looked like a mixture of a paw and a hand.

A slender hand lifted, coming up from behind him, soon placed flat on the window next to his. It wasn't like Samantha's. Hers had been small, delicate, her fingers not so long and even more slender. But it was human, female, calloused from years as a warrior, but still feminine.

Michael glanced down at Selene as she came closer, standing beside him. She removed her hand from the window, bringing it to hold the blanket around her tighter. Her shoulders were bared, pale, even paler against the strange bluish silver hue of his rough hide. Green and brown eyes glanced up and met his black pair, and he knew she could tell there was something special about the window in his mind.

Michael broke the stare, glancing at the window again. His more animalistic side was dominant now. Samantha was mate, but she was gone. Selene was new mate, but he had trouble coping sometimes. The wolf he had inherited from Lucian still thought of Sonja as mate sometimes.

Lucian had lost Sonja. Michael had lost Samantha. Michael had Selene. In a way, they were both a mixture of Sonja, of the vampire princess he felt Lucian's love for. The wolf mated for life, but the two first mates were dead.

Selene was his life mate. As much as he wished for Samantha at times, he knew that in the end, it was Selene. Michael understood that. The wolf was starting to see that too.

He stared at their handprints, water dripping down from them, tracing lines of clarity down the glass. He could see the snow falling, hitting the ground. He could smell Selene's scent. His mate's scent. He stared at the handprints, the wolf beginning to understand better now. He was her mate, she was his. It was her handprint next to the wolf's. Not anyone else's.