Title: After Sleeper's fall (Po Spáčově pádu)

Rating: T (for violence and language)

Category: Action/Adventure/Romance

Disclaimer: Sadly, I do not own anything from Angel of Darkness or Tomb Raider. If I did, Legend would never exist and if it did, Alistair's head would take place beside the one of T-Rex, Winston would be frozen in the fridge where he belongs and Legend Lara would be mutilated and killed shortly after because of her "mommy, daddy" boohoo behaviour. Oh, damn. Fear the anger of Legend-hater! (I'd better stop now...ahem). However, I do own my OC's, that is: Anne Carter, Gherea, Jonathan Myers and whomever you may find in the fiction...

Summary: Set right from the moment when Angel of Darkness ended. Kurtis is recovering from his fight with Boaz and Lara plans to get back to Surrey. However, when they find out that Karel has survived, they have to cooperate again and unfold the mystery of the Locket of Eternity before the only living Nephilim takes the locket...and uses it.

Hello there. This is the first fan-fiction I´ve ever posted on this webpage and although it's already finished in Czech language, I've decided that before I complete it I will replace and rewrite the old chapters because there were many mistakes in them (yeah, even now there are some mistakes, but not as many, I hope). Please review if you read! I will appreciate every reasonable comment.

Update on April 30th 2008 : The story is finished in Czech language, I'll try to post the rest as fast as I can.


He looked right into her eyes that once had the color of aquamarine. His eyes narrowed as he watched the creature that Kristina Boaz has become, feeling disgust and...pity. Kurtis hasn't pitied almost anyone in his life so the fact surprised him as he finally understood what was the feeling he was experiencing when standing above the poor scientist. Yes, of course, she has been his enemy since the very beginning, when he decided to fight in the War of Shadows. It was, after all, her fault, that he had to deal with Proto Nephilim and go trough the Sanatorium. But...

But what, you idiot? the quiet voice whispered in his head. Shot her! She wouldn't spare your life, she's-

He rolled his eyes at the thought. The last thing he needed now was another bloody conversation with himself. Shut up!

Seeing that she was too weak to move or defend herself (or itself?), he holstered his Boran X and started walking away.


It has happened so quickly that he didn't even have time to turn around and face her. In the azure eyes flashed surprise and pain. So much pain...
He was shocked but there was more anger than agony - especially when the voice whispered again, Don't say I didn't warn you. He abruptly spun around, hardly holding the balance.

Kurtis waved his hand and Chirugai found it's target, cutting the monster's neck. And as it's head fell to the metal floor with a silent thud!, he dropped to his knees. A silent moan escaped his lips, his hand clutching the injureed stomach, blood slowly appearing on his palm. The arena became blurry. He couldn't hear anything but his gasps and heartbeat that was slowly but surely starting to slow down.

"Ya were fuckin' right, you little bastard," he whispered to the voice inside his head.

Good of you to admit it.

"I thought you've always liked the dangerous girls though."

Ahem. To be more precise: sexy and dangerous- yes. Lunatic, mutated and dangerous- not.

He laughed at this, wondering if many people had such a stupid inner voice. After all, he would soon have an eternity to find out. The last sound that he heard when the darkness finally surrounded him was a scream...and an explosion. His lips moved slightly, forming a name.