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Chapter Eleven

Sirius Black was worried. He wasn't worried about the fact he was on the run, that he was the most wanted man in the wizarding world, that he was starving or that the hippogriff he escaped with was greedily pecking away at a rat he had caught. In fact he was worried about a letter.

He had received plenty of letters in his time but while he was in hiding only one person wrote to him. That was his godson, Harry. So when he received this letter, thinking it could only be from one person. He ripped it open and unfolded it, in his haste he had missed the seal on the back.

The letter was from Albus Dumbledore, how Dumbledore had found him, Sirius didn't know but it was Albus Dumbledore he could find anyone he wanted. Re-reading the letter he had to imagine the plan to see if it works.

Dumbledore wanted to meet up with Sirius to discuss something of importance with him. Probably something to do with Harry and his name being pulled out of the Goblet of fire.

Ever since he escaped from Hogwarts with Buckbeak, he had been in hiding around the country, never staying in one place more than a night. Afraid of being caught, sure he could stay in his animagus form but he had Buckbeak to look after.

Right now he was hiding in a cave on the coast of Ireland, on receiving the letter from Dumbledore he was waiting till past midnight so he could fly to Hogsmeade on Buckbeak with as little people as possible spotting him.

"Could he be out the country?" asked James as he and Remus were eating some supper at the Three Broomsticks.

"What do you mean? Somewhere like Ireland?" Remus replied as he bit into some roll.

"Yeah or somewhere like France?"

"It's a possibility but if Sirius was in contact with Harry -" Remus cut off as James looked away, "Am sorry James"

"No, its fine. Just because I can't contact him doesn't mean others can't"

Remus sat looking at James while he stared at the old warlock who had just ordered a bowl of soup and insisted on it being put into a tankard so he could drink it instead of using a spoon.

"Am sure Dumbledore has his reasons" James added taking some off his own soup.

"Right, Ok"

"What were you saying?"

"Oh…If Sirius wanted to keep in touch Har…anyone. I think he would want to be in easy reach"

"Remus, can I ask you a something?" James asked as he finished his soup and pushed his plate away. Remus nodded and followed suit with his bowl.

"What happened the night Lily and I …? How did he find us? Why was Sirius is Azkaban? What happened?"

"You don't know any of it?"

"No, I didn't think to ask until now"

"Am not sure if I should be the one to tell you it all James"

"Please, I need to know"

"Ok, I will tell you all I know"

"Thank you Remus"

"I know, you decided to use Peter as your secret keeper -"

"Moony, am sorry"

"No need James, you and Sirius had your reason. Anyway one week after you went into hiding, Pettigrew told him where you where hiding and he came after you. He was a Death Eater"

Silent tears were running down James' face as Remus finished telling him of the betrayal of one of his closest friends. "It was Wormtail?" He spoke in a strained voice "But how did Harry survive?"

"No-one knows for sure but as Voldemort tried to kill Harry the curse rebounded and nearly destroyed Voldemort. All that was left of him was a sort of spirit and Harry was left with a scar, the cottage was completely destroyed"

"And Sirius?"

"As soon as he heard what happened he rushed to Godric's Hollow but when he got there Hagrid had rescued Harry and was on his way back to Dumbledore"

"Why did he go to Azkaban?"

"He went after Pettigrew, cornered him in a muggle street. Pettigrew was clever, much clever than we ever gave him credit for. He cut off one of his own fingers, blew the street up and transformed into the rat he is. The ministry arrived instantly and took Sirius to Azkaban without trail on the basis he murdered Pettigrew"

"Where did Harry grow up? With Hagrid at Hogwarts?" James asked, the tears on his face had long dried. After hearing the news about Pettigrew framing Sirius

"No, Dumbledore insisted he went to stay with relatives"

"The Dursley's?" James asked angrily. When Remus nodded, James pushed back his chair and headed towards the door.

"James!" Remus shouted, grabbing his cloak. He threw some money on the table and ran after James into a windy Hogsmeade. "James! Stop! Where are you going?"

"To Dumbledore!" James shouted back over the wind. Remus quickly caught up with him and grabbed his arm to stop him.

"Why James? What is it going to solve?"

"It will give me answers as to why I was kept away from my son and he can explain why he sent Harry to live with them. He knew Lily's sister hated her for being a witch, why would they be any different to Harry?"

"James, blaming Dumbledore won't change what has happened"

"Who else am I meant to blame! Dumbledore told us to go into hiding, he sent Harry away, stopped me from going to the only person that might need me. Who else am I meant to blame Remus?"

Remus could tell James was more than angry now, he was upset and hurt. Pulling his arm from Remus, he walked over to the nearest bench and threw himself on to it. He held his head in his hands as Remus came to sit next to him.

"It's too much Remus" he said in a small voice that could hardly be heard over the wind.

"I know, I shouldn't of told you" Remus replied as he watched the clouds float over a semi full moon as they sat in silence.

"What happened to Wormtail?" James asked suddenly.

"What?" Remus replied as he snapped out of the trance he had fallen in.

"What happened to Wormtail?" James repeated.

"Oh, he escaped through the muggle sewers and found a wizarding family to live with.

"What family?"

"I don't think -"

"Moony, what family?"

"The Weasley's"

James nodded before lifting his head to face Remus, "Is he still with them?"

"He was until the end of the school year. Sirius figured it out and escaped to find Pettigrew"

"How did he know it where to find them?"

"The Weasley's won the Prophets Grand Prize, there was a article about them with a picture. Harry was there when I discovered the truth and then he helped Sirius escaped"

A faint smile grew on James' face at the mention of Harry.

"Like father, like son, I would say" Remus added, hoping to cheer James up "He has the map you know?"

"What map?" James asked with a questioning face.

"The Marauder's Map"

James laughed lightly but stopped quickly when he spotted something silvery walking towards them. "What is that?" he asked pointing to it.

Remus squinted and looked towards where James was pointing. Realizing not what it was but who it was. He stood quickly pulling James with him. "It's Dumbledore" he muttered heading into an alley to hide.

Dumbledore swept past them with out a glance and continued on his journey. Remus pulled out his and whispered "Lumos" to look at his watch. Seeing it was just past midnight. "We better get back to the Leaky Cauldron"

Holding James' arm he apparated to Diagon Alley.

Sirius landed Buckbeak as quietly as he could next to the cave, Dumbledore had requested to meet him. He had his doubts that this was a set-up but he had a feeling that this was Dumbledore and the something he wanted to discuss wasn't too bad.

Climbing down from Buckbeak he cautiously looked into the cave to see Dumbledore looking rather comfortable sitting on a large rock.

"Ah Sirius, I was afraid you weren't coming" Dumbledore said cheerfully as he stood and motioned for Sirius to come in. Pulling Buckbeak with him, he gingerly entered the cave.

"You said you had something important to discuss? If it is about Harry, I had to come" Sirius spoke as he moved Buckbeak to the back of the cave.

"Yes, it is important but it isn't about Harry" Dumbledore replied as he sat down on the same rock as before, "Sit down please Sirius"

Sirius sat on a rock opposite Dumbledore and looked at him expectantly, "If it isn't about Harry. What else can it be?"

"A few months ago", Dumbledore began, "I was called to a disturbance at a graveyard. A grave had been disturbed and the ministry official felt the need to consult me before going any further" He stopped to make sure Sirius was fully listening before he continuing, "It was James' grave"

Sirius stared at Dumbledore with wide eyes, "James" he whispered.

"I didn't know what had happened at first but I checked with the muggle who lives on the site and she had a visitor that matching James' description, I was still skeptically about it all until James turned up at Hogwarts looking for you"

"Why would he be looking for me? And not Harry?"

"He didn't know Harry was alive until he got to Hogwarts. I believe it was James who saved you that night from the Dementors, so does Harry"

"Well where is he now?"

"I don't know. I personally think he is with Remus and that are searching for you"

Sirius nodded absentmindedly trying to take in the information that his best friend was back from the dead.

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