Sapphire Vixen


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Chapter 1 : A Dangerous Encounter

Kai Hiwatari woke up that morning with a headache.

He crawled out of bed, and stepped into the shower, and let the water pound against his back. After a quick shower, he dressed in his usual clothes. He yawned as he walked into the empty kitchen. Kai yanked an apple from the table, and munched on it until he met the core.

'I have a weird feeling about today...' he thought as he threw the apple core into the trash bin.


Everybody was up but Tyson.

"Tyson!" Hilary yelled at the sleeping (and snoring) boy on the floor.

He woke up with a jump, but his legs had gotten tangled with his covers, so he fell, face down, on the wooden floor. He groaned, and Hilary giggled. Kai stared down at Tyson with a pitiful look.

He stepped outside in the cold.

And instead of going inside to get into something warm, he walked on, towards the forest. He stopped when he came near a lake. He took out his blade and launcher.

He began training. He watched as Dranzer spun around the rocks, making small craters when he tackled at them. After a while, Dranzer jumped back to his hand, and walked back to the house that they were currently residing, in the middle of a forest, for a small break.

All he heard were the birds chirping softly in the trees, and every few minutes, a shuffling sound in the bushes. A squirrel peeked out of the bushes, and it hid again as he passed by.

But then, he heard a much more unusual sound...something...abnormally fast. He stopped.

Kai made no sound at all, and strained his ears to try to hear where the strange sound was coming from...

He looked left-

Something...had shot from his left, to his right. The 'thing' had been two inches from his face. It was furry, because he had felt the thing's tail brush against his chest.

5 seconds after the 'shot-thing' had shot back into the bushes, the wind picked up. It was strong- he closed his silver eyes to keep anything from entering them. He opened them once again when the wind stopped.

Was that thing so fast, it left the wind eating it's dust?

He started to walk on the forest's dirt road this time.

As he walked back, he couldn't help but wonder once again, what that thing was. All he saw was something light-blue, blood, and a blur. It was furry, with a scarlet coat.

It seemed as tall as him, and it was very fast.

He stopped and looked back.

All he saw was a pile of leaves that had been carried by the wind, some acorns and rocks, and small puddles of blood on the floor.

Well, it was definitely alive...and wounded. Maybe it had been a bird, but birds do not travel that fast. It couldn't have been a bird; it had fur.

He tried to forget about the situation, and started to run back towards the house.


Two light-blue eyes in the bushes stared after the running human...