Hey, Everyone!

Remember me? I hope so.

It's been a long time! I've missed all of you!

My computer is being a bish. I can't open programs right anymore, internet connection is slower than ever, I like cheese (XD Random, yes. Helpful, no.), and after all this time I haven't finished Sapphire Vixen.

I gave up on it for while, but then I put it on 'Hiatus', thinking that maybe I could go back. But how can I do that? I can't resurrect dead things.

I would love to go on, but with high school, my current grades, and even newer problems, which can even involve the police… I'm not sure if I can keep up.

So, in conclusion, I guess I'll have to delete this. I worked hard, but near the very end, I kind of couldn't keep going. I am positively sure that I will come back, and write more stories for people that I don't even know can enjoy.

I'll come back at the beginning of the summer, where I'll have enough time to do everything that I couldn't do before. I'll come back and finish what I started. Because if I where any of you, I would be so pissed at me, I'd fill my inbox with flame letters.

I wonder if you all even remember me. It's really been a long time. And I blame my computer.

Hopefully you guys actually get to read this message. I'll miss you all.

Have a good life! XD