Who Lies Beneath

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Summary: LL. "There's only one thing that can stop me." She told her best friend... She's made many mistake before, but which one's the mistake this time? The wedding, or the night before?

Authors Note: Here for you is the first chapter of Who Lies Beneath. :o) This is another story that Annick and I are doing together, it took close to a month to finally post this but we finally have it. The story is completely AU (alternate universe). We know it wouldn't happen on the show and that's sort of what I want to make clear, AU writing's just for fun.

Thanks for all the support from all the other stories and we hope you guys like this just as much as WHAT Lies Beneath. And just to let everybody know, you didn't have to have read What Lies Beneath though it doesn't hurt ;) to understand this story, they're completely different. We just thought the similar titles are funny.

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Chapter One: No Turning Back

Too bad it wasn't cold outside because then at least her coffee cravings would make more sense. Even though she's all for it because of the taste, not the comforting warmth it provides her with, it'd still be a good excuse for Mr. Gruff. But today, it was muggy outside and the warm summer breeze blew Lorelai's hair in every direction as she walked to the diner to get her daily fix.

"It…is so hot out there!" She said as she walked into the diner, taking a seat at the counter while smiling at Luke. "Coffee please!" She asked radiantly.

"It's 100 degrees out there," he handed her a glass of cold water, "take this for now."

She grimaced and took what could hardly be considered a sip, the glass barely touching her mouth while a drop rolled over her lips.

"There, happy? Coffee please!"

Giving up, he poured her a cup of coffee. "Angel." She took a long sip of her coffee and looked up at him. "You know…you should have iced coffee."

Luke rolled his eyes and went into the back leaving Lorelai there to talk to herself about why iced coffee in the summer would make so much sense.

He came back a few moments later with a glass of ice. He walked up to her and poured it into her cup.

"There. Iced coffee."

"Luke!" She screamed. "By asking for iced coffee, I didn't mean ice with coffee!"

"Oh." He acted as if he didn't know what she was talking about. "My bad. Go to Starbucks then. This is a diner."

"You're moody today. Someone wake up on the wrong side of the bed?"

Luke rolled his eyes and fiddled with the order forms scattered near the cash register.

"Oh wait, you can't wake up on the wrong side of the bed—because it's too small!" She laughed at her pathetic joke. "Why aren't you laughing?"

"Sorry, did you say something funny?" He asked looking up at her.

Unsure of whether he was actually mad at her or just something in general, she still poked her head where it didn't belong.

"What's the matter?"

"Nothing's the matter. Just because I don't have a king size bed for myself doesn't mean that I can't wake up on the wrong side of the bed." He barked.

"Okay, okay, gosh calm down. You can wake up on the wrong side of the bed." She gave in.

"Thank you. I mean, I'd rather have a small bed for myself than a large one that I'd have to share with somebody else."

"You know Luke," she took a sip of the water he gave her before, "sharing it with somebody actually means you'd be with somebody."

"I know."

"Well that's wrong with that?" She asked curiously. "Don't you like having somebody around? I know Rachel just left but she's not the only one for you, ya know."

He looked up from his work and stared at her. She arched an eyebrow and continued.

"There will be other people you'll date in this lifetime. Trust me buddy, I know a lot of people have lost faith in you but at heart, I know you won't be a bachelor for life."

"Don't bite your tongue." He mumbled.

"What? Don't you want to date somebody…maybe one day get married?"

He laughed pathetically and shook his head. "Not the slightest bit."

"Why not?"

"Marriage is stupid." He admitted, not caring about her feelings. "You engage in a stupid vow promising you'll spend the rest of your life with someone that chances are, you'll get sick of after a week of living with them! You'll realize living with the cats would be better than having to wake up sprawled on top of somebody and fight over the bathroom that's joined to your room because after a while, a little time together makes you not even want to be near each other at all!"

"What in the" Lorelai began.

"And what's with the whole in sickness and health crap for? Chances are when you get sick your 'partner' will get sick also because he can't keep our hands off of you."

Was he trying to make her feel bad? Because if so…it was working.

"What do you mean?" You're completely contradicting yourself Luke. First you say you won't be able to look at your spouse because the thought alone makes you want to vomit, but now you're saying because they can't stop pawing at you, they'll get sick too? What kind of half-ass crap is this?" She asked suddenly getting mad.

Realizing that he couldn't back up his previous statement, he said the first thing that came to his mind. "It's stupid is what it is. Living with the same person, seeing them every second of the day, never being able to mingle with other people…"

"Luke! Marriage is for people who want to commit! We're not in Sparta. Daddies don't auction off their daughters! It's not like going into marriage you're not ready for these things."

"Nobody's ever ready for anything! Marriage's just"

"You know what?" She got up and grabbed her purse. "I'm going to go. I have things to get ready for my wedding next week."

Luke mumbled something under his breath and looked up at her.

"Clearly not everybody's ready for commitment." She made eye contact with him. "And clearly, some people won't put those hateful feelings aside just to spare their best friend some happiness instead of making her feel like the biggest screw up that's ever walked the face of the Earth."

Finally realizing that he hurt her, he thought about apologizing but didn't because she walked towards the door too quickly.

"Thanks a lot, Luke."

August Twelfth

The town looked absolutely beautiful. It looked the exact same way both Lorelai and Rory pictured it too look. Emily was even pleased with the way it looked. Light colors, soft pinks and whites, strewn across the square illuminating the day even more so.

The crowd was small. There were probably 40 close friends and family mingling with each other before the ceremony actually started in just about 20 minutes or so. Kirk was running around taking pictures at every available moment and enjoying every single snap. Rory was gathered in a group of people, most of them congratulating her and asking how excited she was for her mother to get married. Her answers were all positives ones, smiling in everybody's direction before running off before she had to walk down the aisle with Sookie, followed by her mom who at this point was having an internal meltdown.

"Mom!" Rory said walking into Miss Patty's, shutting the door behind her.

"Leave that open." Lorelai said walking up to the door and pushing it back open.

"Are you ready? The ceremony starts in about 15 minutes."

"Yeah, yeah, I'm just—can you scootch over real quick?" She moved Rory away from the door and peeked her head out the large doors.

"You can't see Max yet!" Rory said pulling her back inside but Lorelai refused, sticking her head back out the door ever so casually glancing both left and right, avoiding the actual center of the square.

"Come in here." Rory closed the doors and dragged her mom over to the mirror hanging on the wall.

They both stood in front of the mirror, Rory more or less behind Lorelai and her poofy white dress.

"I'm glad you chose the tiara." Rory said smiling.

"Me too. Grandma loves it." Lorelai said nodding her head.

"You look beautiful, mom."

Lorelai turned around and smiled at Rory, taking a hold of one of her arms.

"Aw, thanks babe. You look great yourself."

"Thanks. I like to think I got my dress skills from you."

"Actually I like to think your dad gave them to you." She said laughing.

Rory laughed and shook her head. "Are you nervous?"

Lorelai grinned. "A little."

"You excited?"

"Yes I am," she said smiling childishly, "how 'bout you? Are you excited?"

"I'm very excited."

"Well then good."

"But today's about you and Max, who by the way, will think you stood him up if Grandpa doesn't get here soon."

"He wishes he could get that lucky." Lorelai said winking.

Right then somebody knocked lightly on the door causing both girls to jump.

"Who's there?" Lorelai asked in act.

"It's me." Richard said from outside the doors. Rory walked over and let him inside.

"Wow, Lorelai." Richard walked over to Lorelai and gave her a small hug. "You look beautiful." He said admiring the sight.

Lorelai smiled foolishly, already loving all the compliments. "Thanks daddy."

"Are you ready? The crowd is already growing impatient."

"Well, wow, yeah." Lorelai straightened out her dress. "I guess I'm as ready as I'll ever be."

She held onto her dads arm a little early, afraid that she'd lose her balance because suddenly her legs grew very weak.

"How come I wasn't nervous up until this moment?"

Richard laughed. "It's traditional for the bride to be nervous before walking down the aisle. I can assure you that Max is nervous as we speak. I know I was extremely nervous before I saw Emily." He drifted off, thinking about the time that he was in the position of Max and Lorelai, youthful and happy.

"Wait!" Lorelai said before Rory opened the doors. "Where's Sookie?"

Rory opened the door and stuck her head out to view Sookie talking on her cell phone.

"I said three pounds not two, what do you think we're a bunch of anorexic people out here?" Rory laughed and wagged a finger for Sookie to come inside but she ignored it. "Claude, I told you guys everyday for the past 2 months including yesterday when I lectured you guys over and over again, wrote it on a piece of paper and stuck it on the refrigerator with it's own individual post it above it saying 'READ ME!'" She shouted. "Fine, do whatever you have to do, I'm going." She hung up her cell phone and walked into Miss Patty's.

"Oh, Lorelai!" Sookie said running up to her and practically toppling her over with her warm hug. "You look amazing!" Sookie raved.

"Thanks sweetie! You do too!" Lorelai said taking a step back and looking over Sookie.

"Sorry I'm late, something at the Inn." Sookie said not needing to explain.

"I'm sure everything's fine, Sookie." Lorelai said reassuring her.

"Of course, of course. Well, I think it's about that time."

As if that was said on cue, the music started playing from across the street and sure enough, they could all hear it. The sound almost made Lorelai fall over yet again.

"Ready my lady?" Sookie said taking Rory's hand.

"I'm ready." Rory and Sookie headed out the doors, walking their way across the street. Richard watched from the corner of his eye and when he saw that they had stopped near the top of the gazebo, it was time for him to take his daughter on their own stroll.

"Are you ready?" He asked calmly, smiling as he admired his daughter.

She took a deep breath and returned the smile. "I'm ready."

They walked out and followed their path towards the gazebo. Lorelai couldn't look in a single direction though. Her eyes moved frantically in every direction but didn't find what she was looking for.

She took her first glance at Max all day. He beamed at her as she walked down the path to the head of the gazebo. Before returning the 'beam', she looked around, careful to move only her eyes, not her head. 'Huh.' She thought to herself. She focused on Max. He looked great. She gave him a full body check, grinning in his way as everybody observed their looks to each other. Almost everybody at least.

She looked absolutely beautiful, he thought. Of course he always thought she was beautiful, no matter if she had just gotten up, or had just been crying at the movie they had been watching, she always looked beautiful. But right now—he didn't know she could look this beautiful.

She took her last steps with her father before he let go of her arm and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

He was letting his little girl go and enter a whole new world.


The ceremony went well. There weren't many pairs of dry eyes left in the crowd, including Lorelai.

Good thinking, she mentally complimented herself, for choosing water proof mascara.

It was only about 45 minutes into the reception party and just about everybody had congratulated Lorelai and Max. Everybody that came, at least.

"Hey stranger." Lorelai said walking up to Max while he was in the middle of finishing up a conversation with somebody.

Max turned around and gave her a light kiss. "Lorelai, hey."

"You know," Lorelai whispered as she pulled Max closer to her, "I was just thinking and I came up with this idea."

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah," she trailed her finger from his jaw to chin, down from his chest, working its way lower and lower on this body, "how does ditching the party for a few minutes sound?" She asked seductively.

Max kissed her and before things got too carried away, pulled away from her, laughing. "I think they'd realize if we were all of a sudden AWOL."

"Maybe," she said nodding her head, "but who cares?"

Max's eyes averted to the woman rapidly walking towards them. "I wouldn't but I think your mother would."

Lorelai's eyes narrowed. "My mot"

"Lorelai Gilmore!" Emily practically shouted while walking up to them.

"Mom!" She turned around surprised.

"Come here young lady." She said strictly.

"Jeez what did I do wrong mom?"

"Come here." She grabbed her arm and pulled her away from Max. "We'll be just a second, Max."

"No problem." He said letting Lorelai go.

Emily grabbed Lorelai by the arm and started walking in the opposite direction. Lorelai turned around and mouthed 'I'll be right back' to Max.

"Okay, okay, slow down. I think we're isolated enough that if I wanted to punch you right now, nobody would see."

Emily glared at her daughter. "I don't think it's appropriate to practically be undressing your husband with your eyes, Lorelai."

"Oh my." Lorelai sighed deeply.

"There are people watching you Lorelai. Don't you think you can control yourself till you guys are alone?"

"Man that sounds dirty coming from your mouth." Lorelai giggled.

"You're not a comedian, Lorelai. There's no need to joke constantly."

"Oh that wasn't a joke, that was the truth."

"Well just don't let it happen again." She barked. "Now let's go back to the party."

Emily started walking away while Lorelai laughed quietly before calling her mom. "Hey mom?"

Emily turned around and waited for her to speak.

"You look beautiful." Lorelai said honestly.

Emily's lips curved into a small smile as she looked over her daughter.

"You look beautiful too, Lorelai."

Lorelai's eyes raised and voice grew quieter. "Thank you."

Lorelai walked past her mother as she headed back over to Max.

"And Lorelai?"

"Yes mom?"

"Congratulations. I'm very happy for you."

Lorelai slowly smiled, happy that for once in her life her mother was happy with something she did.

"I'm glad."

She worked her way back over towards Max. As she walked in his direction she looked every which way, looking around frantically.


"Hey babe." She said coming up to him.

"Perfect timing." He said as his eyes averted to Patty and Babette who were walking over to the couple.

"There you guys are!" Patty said, throwing her arms in the arm frantically.

"We've been trying to say congratulations all night!" Babette added.

"Oh, well…we're here!"

"Ya look gorgeous, darling."

"Oh thank you Babette. You girls look pretty hot yourself." Lorelai said jokingly.

"And Max, my, my. I never knew you cleaned up this nice."

Max laughed uncomfortably. "You ladies look great."

They both batted their eye lashes and smiled. "We just wanted to say congratulations and that everything's been beautiful tonight! We'll catch ya guys later."

"Bye ladies!" Lorelai called.


"So," Lorelai said turning to Max, "shall we dance?"

"Right this way." He said guiding her to the dance floor.

He led her to the dance floor as the music poured from the speakers surrounding what posed as the dance floor for the night.

She positioned herself in his arms, one hand holding his, the other wrapped around his upper waist as he placed his arm low around her waist. They stayed close to each other, moving very slowly with the music. Cheek to cheek, Max whispered something in her ear causing her to smile.

"You too." She whispered back, tightening her grip around his waist.


"So, you have everything you need right?"

"I have everything I need, mom." Rory said slightly rolling her eyes, laughing because her mom must have asked her that 100 times. Perhaps it was the amount of alcohol she consumed though it didn't seem like that was really it. After all, she only had a few glasses of wine. She wanted to remember this night.

"Alright well, we'll see you tomorrow then." She said leaning in and kissing her on the cheek.

Rory pulled her into a hug and whispered into her ear, "tonight was great. Did you have fun?"

"I had the best time." Lorelai said smiling.


Rory pulled away and smiled at Max. "Congratulations you two."

"Thank you Rory." Max said before pulling her into a hug as well.

Sure it would be awkward. I'm hugging my step-dad. I'm hugging my teacher. I'm hugging Max. The correct form would never accumulate in her mind but one day it probably would.

"So, we'll see you tomorrow before we leave." Max said.

"Yeah, we're going to stop by Grandma's before we leave."

"Good, I'll be there."

They all exchanged their goodbyes and when Rory, Emily and Richard left, Lorelai and Max gazed over the empty gazebo that was packed only a few hours ago.

"It's quiet, isn't it?" She asked.

"Yes. Very." He wrapped his arm around her and turned to her smiling.

"Let's go home." She said returning the smile.


As they pulled into the driveway, Lorelai turned to Max and smiled.

"Hey hubby," she said laughing a bit, "what do you say we leave this stuff in the car and deal with it tomorrow?"

He nodded his head and understood her smile. "I say that's fine with me."

Max got out of the car and quickly walked over to Lorelai's side so that he could open the door for her.

"So is this the part where you carry me up the stairs and deflower me?" She asked laughing.

"Something like that." He held her hand and walked up to the front door and opened it without a key of course because Lorelai never locks the door. Not even if Bono was stuffed inside the house.

"So, tonight." She said raising her eyebrows.

"I'd say it was successful."

"Successful is one way of putting it."

"Amazing is another." He said turning to her and smiling.

As they reached the stairwell, Lorelai averted her eyes towards her room and then back to Max.

"Yes," she leaned in and kissed him lightly, "it was amazing."

Wordlessly, they walked up the stairs and shut the door behind them.

As soon as the door shut, Max's mouth lowered onto Lorelai's, not wasting one minute of their time. She walked backwards till she hit the edge of the bed and fell down laughing with Max on top of her. She moved her lips from his mouth to his jaw line and over his neck as he flipped her over and worked on the zipper on her dress. Her eyes roamed around the room, lost in thought with so many things on her mind.

He unzipped the back of her long, beautiful dress and she shimmied her way out of it, the shoulders falling off with no trouble whatsoever.

She looked back up at him, her husband, and smiled.

"I love you." He said looking into her eyes.

She looked down before looking back up and smiling foolishly. "I love you too."


"I'm certainly a fan of the wedding night." Lorelai said resting her head on his chest while he kissed the top of her forehead and laughed.

She laid on top of him; legs tangled together taking in the silence. Lorelai lifted her head up and glanced at the clock.

"It's getting late. We'll never be able to get up tomorrow morning."

"What time is it?" He asked.

"Almost 3:30."

She rested her head flat on his chest again and stared out the window into the darkness. The sound and feeling of his heart beating right near her ear made her stomach toss. She looked back up and kissed his chin.

"Tonight was amazing, really."

"It most certainly was."

"Good. Are you happy?" It was a very obvious answer but she asked him anyways.

"I've never been happier in my life."

She bit her lip and smiled. "Good, I'm glad."

"How about you? Are you happy?"

She glanced out the window before turning her head towards his. "Yes," she said hesitantly, "I'm very happy."

The Night Before (August 11th)

It was cold outside this particular night and driving wasn't an option. Rory had borrowed Lorelai's car for the night, somewhat preventing her from doing some last minute crazy thing but mostly because Paris was borrowing her car for the weekend.

She left her mother alone the night before her wedding. She wanted to give her time to relax and get everything straightened out by herself. She always was the independent one and this time, things were no different.

But she was bored and lonely. She hadn't talked to Max because he was too busy running around, doing last minute fittings for he and his brothers suits. Besides that, he had family to see and things to do.

It was almost ten thirty when her sudden boredom really hit her. She had everything ready and planned out. Now it was all a matter of waiting and hoping for the best outcome. She went over her lists, mentally reminding herself who would be there and who wouldn't be there.

That's when she got up and walked to the front closet, pulling out a pair of shoes and throwing on her sweater before walking out the door.

She took the same familiar walk, thinking about things that were said and done that perhaps weren't necessary to say. Tomorrow is her wedding. You want to be in the best mood possible for your wedding but before she had full-fledged happiness, there was one thing she needed to do.

The rest of the way, she planned her apology and knew exactly what she was going to say. She couldn't stay long, perhaps not even for a cup of coffee because she decided getting lots of sleep the night before is a must. She walked up the short stairwell and opened the heavy door, flinching when she heard the bells ring over the diner door.

He looked up and saw her standing in the door way.

"We're closed."

"I know." She said rolling her eyes.

"Which means we're not open for business." He mumbled.

"Listen. I've just had a busy day…and I really need to take it easy for a bit. I thought…well, I thought we could talk."

"I'm busy." He said, scattering threw the receipts on the counter.

"Fine," she sat down on a stool at the counter, "pretend I'm not me. I'm Mimi…new customer. I've never been in here before."

Luke rolled his eyes and poured her the remainder of the coffee left in the pot. After all, it would be stupid to go to waste. And she didn't care about drinking it, she knew she's be up all night anyways, anxious for tomorrow to arrive.

"You know, I'm never really good at this," she mumbled taking a sip of her coffee, "The whole talking thing. I mean, of course I'm good at talking. Verbal is completely my thing but…I'm not good at talking when I need to talk about something. And right now…well, I need to talk about something but you see, my best friend, the one I'm trying to talk to doesn't really want to listen."

"You don't say, Mimi."

"Well, no, I do say," She said laughing pathetically, "I just wish he'd let me speak."

"He'd let you talk." He said without looking up.

"I just wanted to tell him that I'm sorry for saying those things to him about marriage and living with somebody and how not everybody is ready for commitment. I didn't mean to offend him in anyway. He just…made me feel so stupid. He almost convinced me for a split second that I was making a mistake by getting married."

"This best friend of yours sounds like a jerk if you ask me."

She smiled into her cup. "He's not a jerk. He's actually one of the sweetest guys I know behind his monosyllabic-gruff side. He just speaks before he thinks sometimes." She brought her eyes up to his, searching for approval in his eyes.

"Well, I'm sure he'd say he's sorry if he could," she nodded her head and took another sip of her coffee, "and you know…you're not stupid. Getting married is really great for some people."

"Yeah, it is." She stood up from her seat pulling out a dollar out of her pocket.

"Don't worry about it." He said, holding his hand signaling her to put her money back. "It's cold. Did you walk here?"


"Hey," he gathered up the receipts and put them in a little folder he kept in the back, "what do you say we go upstairs and talk for a little while?"

She grinned. "I don't know. Are new customers allowed to do that?"

Luke laughed, looking down at his feet before staring into her eyes.

"I think we can make an exception for you Mimi."

She smiled and followed the lead up to his apartment.

"So, can I get you a beer or something?" Luke asked as they walked threw the door.

"Uh," she looked around the room and shrugged her shoulders, "yeah that'd be great."

He walked to the fridge and grabbed two bottles of beer before joining Lorelai on the couch. They sat down, pressed against each other and simultaneously opened their beer and took a sip.

"You know, I'm sorry for the things I said to you." Luke said turning to Lorelai. "I didn't mean to make you feel like you were making the wrong decision."

She took another sip of her beer and rested her feet on his coffee table. "I know you didn't, it's okay…don't worry about it."

He nodded his head and smiled. "So, are you ready for tomorrow?"

"What's tomorrow?" She asked smiling.

"You nervous?"

She looked down at her hands, which were busy griping her bottle tight while she played with the label. She was quiet for a few minutes before looking back to him when she realized how close she was to his beautiful blue eyes, which somehow she failed to notice before.

"Yeah," she began, "yeah I am."

"It's normal to be nervous."

"This is true my friend."

"But…you're happy right?" He said gesturing with his hands.

She nodded confidently but was still fixed on his eyes. "I'm happy."

"Well then good." He took another sip of his beer before reaching for the remote and handing it to her. "If there's nothing good on, feel free to look in the third shelf from the bottom." He said pointing to the TV stand.

"Is that where you hide your dirty stuff, Luke?"

"Exactly," he said sarcastically, "no believe it or not, I have had people buy me movies in the past."

"Really?" She asked surprised. "Who?"


"Well, okay then…" she smiled and got up to look threw his movie collection.

She bent over on the floor and looked in the drawer. Luke watched her as she fumbled threw the probably pathetic movies that he had stored away. He watched the way she propped herself down on her hands and knees, the way her zip-up sweater was casually falling off her left shoulder, the way her hair fell in front of her face…he sighed and took another sip of his beer knowing that if he watched her much longer, he wouldn't only be having friendly feelings for this woman who's getting married tomorrow.

When he admitted that to himself, he rolled his eyes and mumbled something under his breath. She turned her head around and smiled.

"Did you say something?"

"Did you find a movie?" He asked casually.

"Actually I did," she got up from the ground and put the movie in the VCR, "I'm surprised. You actually have a nice little collection Mr. Danes." She grinned and plopped back down on the couch, sitting even closer to him than before.

He rested the remote on her thigh, leaving his hand there for a split second causing her stomach to flutter.

"Should I get the lights?" She asked.

"No I got it."

He got up and turned the lights off completely. He looked over at her and glanced at her almost empty beer bottle.

"You want another?" He asked.

She glanced from the screen over to him. "Sure."

He grabbed two more bottles from the fridge and walked back over to the couch making sure he sat just as close to her as she did to him before. It was almost like a game, a game to see who could sit closer to the other person.

While they watched the movie their minds were both racing on different subjects other than the movie. Chances are, they were both thinking the same and probably wrong thoughts. Lorelai subtly wrapped her foot around the back of Luke's ankle, checking from the corner of her eye if he noticed and it seemed as he did by the facial expression he wore.

She was crossing the line, she thought to herself, she was crossing the line and enjoying the hell out of it. The feeling of Luke sitting so close to her made her feel better than she should but tomorrow, when this whole awkward moment would be over, she'd blame the beer that was currently buzzing threw her body.

Yes, blame the beer.

She turned to face him and stared into his eyes while his eyes were still fixed on the TV.

"Luke." She whispered.

He turned to her, trying not to become too fixed on her beauty because he knew that they were both being irresponsible right now. They shouldn't be there, together, sitting practically on top of each other, undressing each other with their eyes the day before her wedding.

"Luke, have you ever wondered"

He knew he'd have to stop himself. He didn't want her to do something she knew she shouldn't do, despite how much he wanted to answer the question he knew she was going to ask.

"This is a good part, Lorelai."

Her stomach dropped and eyes widened as discretely as possible, trying not to act as though the wind had been knocked out of her.

"Uh, yeah, right, sorry." She turned back to the movie and removed her foot from around Luke's.

The second that Luke felt her foot move over he knew he lost his shot, no matter how wrong the shot would be. Despite how wrong it was, he wanted her and she knew it.

Or maybe after all, it was just the beer. Yes, the beer, he kept reminding himself as he came close to finishing his second bottle.

He did the same thing with his foot as she did too his. It was almost childish, playing a fake game of footsie but it made Luke giddy, and not a lot of things can make him giddy.

She reached on the other side of her lap and grabbed the remote, quickly turning the TV off and getting up to go turn the lights on.

"Let's play a game." She said getting two more bottles of beer.

"Uh, a what?"

"Game, Luke. Let's play…" she thought for a second before throwing her head back and clapping with laughter, "let's play truth or dare."

Luke swallowed hard and looked up at her surprised. "Truth or…"

"I pick truth."

"I wasn't asking."

"Yes, but I was telling."

"Lorelai, I don't think we should play…"

"Luke. We need to have a little fun for a change. We never have fun…together at least. And, I want to enjoy my last day of being a single woman."

"What's that supposed to mean?" He asked suddenly getting curious.

"Whatever you want it to mean." She smiled and sat down on the floor across the table.

"So, you want to ask first or should I?"

"Uh well, you see"

"Perfect." She opened her bottle and took a sip. She wasn't drunk, really, tipsy though. She had a high tolerance for beer so there was a good chance she'd remember just about everything in the morning. "Truth or dare?"

"Lorelai, honestly"

"Just pick Luke." she said pouting. There was absolutely no way that he could resist the Lorelai pout. "For me?"

"Truth." He spat out.

"Who was the girl you lost your virginity with and when?" She asked quickly.

"Shouldn't we start with something simpler? Like…who my first girlfriend was?"

"We could." She said smiling seductively. "But that's not what I want to know."

"Well then in that case…it was with a girl named Kate. We were seniors and we had been dating for a while."

"What was it like?" She asked leaning her head to the side.

"You already got your turn. It's mine now."

"Fine." She mumbled. "I pick truth."

He thought for a few minutes. He didn't want to ask her something about her past because he already knew a few of those answers, obviously having to do something with Christopher and he really had no desire to hear about that. Then there was Max. He could ask her something about Max, but he didn't want to put her on the spot.

"Are you honestly happy?"

But he winded up doing it anyways. At least he tried to make it subtle instead of flat out asking if she was glad she was marrying him.

She looked around the room, searching for the answers hidden on the wall, or underneath the newspaper on the coffee table but she knew she wouldn't find any of the answers there.

"You know, I used to think that Christopher and I would one day get married and live somewhere hidden off, away from my parents and his, but then I turned 17 and ran away…to Stars Hollow."


"I'm glad that I didn't do that with him though. I am honestly happy and I didn't need an abandon place or no parents to make me happy."

He nodded his head and slid down from the couch down to the floor sitting across from her.

"Good enough answer?" She asked.

"Yeah it worked."

"Good. So. Truth or dare?"

"Truth again."

"You're quite the risk taker aren't you?"

"That's one way of putting it."

"So," she started, eager to ask him the question, "what was the real reason that Rachel left?"

As soon as the question stumbled out of her mouth, he looked down afraid to look back into her eyes. Truth…or lie, he asked himself. The game is truth or dare, not answer truthfully only if you want to. But she won't know if I'm lying, would she?

Oh yes she would.

Or maybe that's just because Luke isn't the world's best liar.

At least on the spot.

"Uh, well…truthfully?" What a stupid question to ask he told himself.

"Hence the title of the game."

Yep. She's good.

"She left because she thought that…I have feelings for you." He said taking a sip of his beer.

"Oh." She felt stupid. She could have probably figured that out if she tried, but her mind didn't think like that. Not around Luke. But for the past hour or so, that's the only way her mind was thinking. About Luke in a more than friendly way. The beer, she reminded herself. The beer.

"And…I mean…did you—was it…was it true?"

"You only get to ask one question at a time." He reminded her, mentally saving his ass.

"Right." She nodded her head slowly.

They were both quiet a minute longer, the two of them trying to figure out what to say next. "So, truth or dare?" Luke figured that was the best thing to say. He didn't necessarily want to stop playing; he was actually having fun and still had some questions he wanted to ask.


"Are you in love with Max?"

Of course, she thought to herself right away though she didn't say it out loud. She is only marrying the guy in less than 24 hours. Of course she's in love with him. Of course, she repeats over and over again, I love the guy I'm marrying after I leave this incredibly friendly night with Luke and go to sleep and wake up in the morning. That is when I'm marrying him and I love the man I'm marrying.

Good. As long as she got that squared away.

She nodded her head, accomplished, before realizing she never said her answer out loud.

"Yes. I'm in love."

There's no sense in asking her these questions, he thought to himself. Of course she's in love with him…or else she wouldn't be marrying him in less than 24 hours.

As long as he'd keep repeating that to himself and that they were both a little tipsy everything would be okay.

"Truth or dare?" She asked him.

"I pick dare."

"Really? Dare?"

"Really." He confirmed.

"Alright, let's see." Be responsible, she tells herself. Don't make yourself sound like an idiot. "I dare you to hold your breathe for 45 seconds." What? She asked herself once the words flew out of her mouth.

"Uh, okay?"

She was just as awkward about it as he was. She wasn't sure where that came from. She guessed it was just her lame example of trying not to make herself sound like she's trying-trying.

He held his breath for 45 seconds and when released his breath mumbled, "That was weird."

"Uh, yeah…your turn."

"Truth or dare?"

"Truth." She said forwardly.

"Why do you come to the diner everyday?" He asked her quickly.

"The coffee of course." She said, winking.

He wanted to believe that was all. Hell, he did believe that was all. But a little part of him hoped she'd extend on it more.

"And to see you." She added.


"Of course, Luke. You know, you really underestimate yourself. You'd be surprised of how great of a friend I think you are."

He smiled and nodded, satisfied with her answer.

"Your turn again."

"Truth or dare?" She asked.


"Hmm…let me think." She thought for a second before a wide smile spread across her face. "Are you ready for me?"


"What sound do you, Luke Danes make during…sexual activity with that lucky lady."

"What sounds do I make?" He asked surprised.

"Yes, show them off to me, baby!" She said laughing.

"You have got to be kidding me."

"No kidding at all." She said smiling.

"I don't make noises, Lorelai."

"Oh come on, of course you do."

"No, I really don't."

"Boohoo. You're no fun."

"Sorry. My turn." He said grinning because he knew he pissed her off with his half-ass answer.

"Truth or dare." He asked her.


"Alright…" he thought for a second before he came up with something to ask, "do you know something about me that I don't know?" He asked.

She was confused but thought about his question and when she came up with the answer, was rather satisfied even though she knew he knew. He just didn't know she knew.

"I know something you've known for a while now." She said grinning. "At least I think I do."

"What is it?" He asked.

"Remember Luke," she smiled, "you only get to as one question at a time. My turn."

"Truth." He answered her before she could ask the options.

"What has been the hardest thing in life for you?" She asked. He could say watching her get married was going to be tough, but that probably wasn't the hardest thing. He could take the normal route and that's what he chose to do so.

"Losing my parents. It was really hard on all of us when my mom died. My dad really loved her. So did Liz and I but…he had been with her for years. And when my dad died…I felt like I had nobody. Liz left and I was left alone to figure out things on my own. It was a pretty tough time in my life." He ended quietly.

Lorelai frowned to herself, feeling grateful for her parents no matter how many times she wished they would just disappear.

"I'm sorry Luke." She said.

"Hey, it was a while ago." They were both quiet for a second. "So, truth or dare?"

She grinned suspiciously. "Dare."

"Dare, huh?"

"Yep." She nodded confidently.

Let's not make this a 45-second holding of the breath process, he thought to himself. "You have two options…either…call Miss Patty or pretend to be Taylor…"

"Yeah right! It's past 11!"

"Or…" What the hell was he supposed to ask her?

"Or…drink a cup of apple juice with a spoon." What? He asked himself.

Stupid, stupid mind. Clearly this game was way too much for them.

"Drink apple juice with a spoon?" Her mind went straight to the gutter and assumed it was suppose to turn him on in someway. "My pleasure." She said getting up.

She went into his kitchen, surprised that he even had apple juice. She poured herself a cup and went into his drawer to get a spoon. She walked back to the floor and sat in the same position before bring a spoonful of…apple juice to her mouth and drinking it slow and seductively, running her tongue across the spoon. Her eyes were fixed on his the whole time while he was intensely watching her lips.

She took the spoon out of her mouth and took a real sip of the drink.

"Truth or dare?" She asked him.

"Dare." He says boldly.

"Okay. You get two options." She took a very long sip of beer before setting it on the table and crawling over to Luke. She rested her arm on his thigh and looked him into his eyes.

"Either you have to go run around the square…naked..."

"Lorelai there's NO way that I'm going to do that." He said shaking his head.

"Or…I want—I dare you to kiss me." She said quietly, looking down at her hand on his thigh, mentally bashing her head into a wall. What was she trying to get herself into? Bad, bad Lorelai. Bad. Very, very bad.

His eyes widened. "You want…dare me…to…what?" He was one-hundred percent convinced that he heard her wrong.

"Kiss me." She repeated, just as quiet and just as shy.

"Lorelai, I'm not running threw the square naked."

"Then you have your other option." She said quickly.

"Lorelai…you don't want me to kiss you." He said quickly. He knew that if he'd kiss her, he couldn't guarantee he'd be able to stop.

"It's just a game Luke." She said looking up at him.

"I know but you're getting"

"It's just a game." She cut him off because she knew if she heard the rest of his sentence, she'd know how correct he was and how wrong and horrible she was being.


"Don't worry." She said slowly, leaning her body into his even slower.

"I don't think" He whispered.

"Don't think." She lifted her hand up and placed it around the back of his neck, very, very slowly pulling his mouth towards hers. She knew it was his dare. And it was wrong. But he wasn't moving quickly enough with her and she wanted him. Badly.

And now.

Ring, ring.

"Fuck." She mumbled under her breath. Luke felt her breath over his lips and both cursed and thanked whoever the hell was calling.

She closed her eyes and sighed before reaching into her purse next to her. She pulled out her cell phone and saw that Sookie was calling.


"Hey Lorelai!"

"Hey Sook, uh…listen," she looked into Luke's eyes who were fiercely gazing into hers, "can I call you back in a little bit? I'm in the middle of something."

"Sure, no problem sweetie."

"Thanks Sookie, I'll call you later."

She pressed end and before she could put her cell phone down, Luke's lips crashed on top of hers. She freely opened her mouth, quickly allowing him to deepen the kiss. He pushed her back against the table and leaned into her body, wrapping his arm around her back, supporting her against the probably uncomfortable table.

She lifted her hands up and knocked Luke's hat off his head as he lowered his hands towards the hem of her sweatshirts, his fingers slowly moving across her bare back, casually moving up higher and higher.

She pulled away from him quickly, breathing heavily and unzipped her swear, relieving her in just her tank top.

She pressed her lips hard against his, this time pushing him against the couch and leaning into his body. She sat on her knees both between his legs which were spread open slightly. He moved his fingers to the bottom of her shirt again, as she moved her mouth to his ear, sucking lightly before moving her mouth to his neck where she placed many kisses. The smell of Luke as she kissed his neck made her head dizzy. He smells so good, she thought to herself.

He lifted one of his hands to her neck and adjusted her face to look at him. They stared at each other for a few seconds before Lorelai grabbed his hands and pulled him up from the floor, kissing him fiercely yet again. She walked backwards until he was eventually lying on the couch completely. She came down with him, lying on top of him, legs intertwined as he caressed her back.

Everything was moving quickly. She knew as much as she was enjoying this (where did Luke learn how to kiss?) it was probably the most wrong thing to be doing. She wouldn't regret it though. If there was one thing she had learned in her life thus far, it was to never regret things cause after all, everything happens for a reason.

She didn't want to think about Max, or getting married, or tomorrow. She wanted to think about the way Luke's hands felt on her body and the way Luke's mouth felt on hers. As long as she was in the act, she was going to enjoy it no matter how horrible it sounded. Because right now, if there was one thing she wanted most, it would be to be with Luke.

She wasn't the only one feeling somewhat guilty. He knew it was wrong, and that he shouldn't have put her in this position. He should have turned her down instead of practically shoving himself in her face but clearly, she didn't mind. At least right now she didn't. Right now she was willingly lifting herself off of his body so he could take her tank off. He tossed it somewhere, they'd find it later.

He knew she must be cold. The air was on in his apartment and the vent was right next to the couch. He caressed her sides up and down for a few minutes while she arranged herself back on his body. She moaned into his mouth, the feeling (the simplest feeling in the world, though being preformed by a man of such wonders) made her body shudder.

"That feels nice." She said before pulling away from his mouth, but keeping her lips close to his, eyes closed as her forehead pressed against his.

"Let's move to the" She mumbled against his mouth.

"Lorelai, are you sure you want to do this?"

"Shh." She kissed him a few times before lifting herself off of his body, standing up and holding her hands out towards Luke who was sprawled on the couch.

She offered her hands and he accepted as he stood up and pressed his mouth against hers as they walked backwards towards the bed. Lorelai began taking off his flannel shirt and the both of them broke apart—just for a second—while Luke slid his tee-shirt over his head and threw it on the floor. He pulled her body against his as he lowered her onto the bed, the feeling of their bare stomachs feeling different and amazing at the same time. He gently pushed her back against his pillows and leaned over her body, kissing her passionately one more time before breaking away and moving his hands down to her waist, removing her jeans quickly.

She didn't want to face the truth that right now, she was going to make love to another man. But it wasn't just another man. This was Luke. And this wasn't a last minute before I get married sort of thing.

It wasn't like a typical bachelorette party where perhaps you have a stripper and may mess around with him for a bit. That was nothing like this. This was breaking their sexual attraction and tension that had been there since day one. This was him finally getting to be with her and this was her finally getting to experience Luke.


And so stands still the expression that friends make the best lovers.

They hadn't spoken much, except for mumbling things to each other, laughing occasionally and kissing each other on certain spots of their body that they had already discovered they had loved.

She turned over and looked at the clock. She should go. It was very late. But there was no way she could leave him right now.

"You tired?" He mumbled into her ear.

"Yeah, I'm getting there. You?"

"I've been up 20 hours."

She turned her body so she was facing away from him, allowing him to wrap his body around hers and kiss her on the back of her neck.

"Go to sleep." She said quietly.

"Are you going to sleep here with me?" He asked, almost in a desperate, hopeful voice.

"I'm not leaving." She strained her neck to turn around and look into his eyes. "Goodnight Luke." She kissed him long and slow before turning her head back into the right position.

"Goodnight Lorelai." He whispered into her ear before closing his eyes to drift off into the most peaceful night of sleep ever.

She only stayed up a few minutes longer. She didn't want to think about it. She didn't want to face the truth and admit to herself just how amazing that was. It was almost too good for words. It was a once in a lifetime feeling that only one guy could give her and she hadn't known about it until just nearly a half an hour ago. And the sad thing was…her fiancé wasn't the one who made her feel that way.

She'd figure everything out tomorrow. Tonight, she was going to get some sleep just like Luke who was already sleeping because she could feel his breath against her shoulder.

She glanced at the clock one last time before closing her eyes and drifting off herself.


It wasn't an alarm, or the comforting feeling of Luke's arm still wrapped around her waist that woke her up. It was the sun light burning her bare skin that did the trick. She opened her eyes, squinting from the sunlight. She turned her head around to see if Luke was awake but he was sound asleep. She looked over at the clock that read 5:55.

This was going to be hard. Very hard. But it was something she had to do and she had to do it quickly, before she didn't do it at all.

She crept out of bed as sly as possible, getting dressed in her clothes from last night. She walked over to the kitchen, grabbing a piece of paper and a pen, scribbling down a note before she opened the door and quietly left.


It wasn't the sunlight that woke him up 2 hours later though. It was the fact that his arm wasn't around Lorelai. He got up quickly and glanced at the bathroom door which was wide open. He looked on the floor and saw her clothes missing. He knew she was gone. And he was pissed.

He cursed and sighed as he laid his head back down.

Over 20 minutes later he got up and walked over to the kitchen when a note on the counter caught his eye. He picked up the piece of paper and read it to himself.

There is one thing that can stop me.

He read the letter over 10 times before placing it back down on the counter and walking over to the table to sit down. After re-reading it those 10 times, he discovered nothing he didn't see before with the exception of the scribbled heart next to her name.

He rested his head on the table and sighed.

"Lorelai, wake up." Max said, kissing her cheek in attempt to wake her up.


"Yeah. Come on, get up. It's almost 12."

"Oh my god, how did we sleep this late?" She shot up in bed and glanced at the clock to make sure he was telling the truth—which…he was.

"We were up late last night." He said laughing before turning to her and kissing her softly.

"Good morning."

She smiled and nodded her head. "Good morning."

"We should get up." He said pulling her back down in bed with him.

"Yes, we should. We've got to hit the road soon. My parents are expecting us at their house around 1:30-2 to say goodbye."

"We'll get ready soon." He said kissing her forehead.

"Yes, we'll get ready soon." She said quietly.

He looked over at her and noticed her eyes gazing at the ceiling.

"Hey are you okay?" He asked concerned.

She took a minute before answering. "Yes." She sighed, resting her hands on her stomach. "Everything is fine."


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