What's this? Ash is back? There's an email from fanfiction with an azarathangel notification? Has the world gone bonkers?!

No, friends, it has not. Well, maybe I have, since I am a 22 year-old college graduate who has decided to return to lurk around the Teen Titans fanfiction database for old time's sake. And reread her old stories. And smack her forehead in horror at what her 7th grade self was capable of.

So published this in 2005… wow that was so long ago. VERY CLEARLY the work of a seventh grader. And here I am now, stumbling about my childhood because I'm bored of applying for an endless list of jobs that I don't particularly want. And I see that people still visit my stories, still read them, and honestly, I am touched. And embarrassed because lezzbehonest, not my best work. It was probably some of my best (though that thought still makes me shudder a bit) in 2005, but I majored in creative writing and holy potatoes some of this is horrendous. So I'm returning to this, if only for the benefit of those who still return to these stories like I do, to try and make them a bit better, help them live on, and improve them where I can.

Obviously some things can't be helped. Basic plotline, characterization, etc. Clearly I wrote this before I began to appreciate Starfire (who is an awesome character and I'm sorry I bashed her so much back in the day. Nothing makes me happier than a mature Starfire in RobRae stories) and when we were all sadistic little middle schoolers who dipped way too much into the hurt part of the hurt/comfort genre. Why did we want to put our favorite characters through so much ouch? What strange children we were. Oops.

Anyways, I apologize for my 2005 self, but I hope the editing and slight restructuring of this will make it better and make up for what cannot be fixed without a complete rewrite, which I sadly do not have time for now that I'm in the real world. Note: the real world sucks. Maybe that's why I come back here from time to time.

Much love,