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Summary: The king of thieves Bakura is the leader of the most feared band of tomb robbers in Egypt. Life is good, but his title comes under threat as another gang arrive on the scene thieving and plundering on his turf. As a result they become rivals. What happens when he finds out that the leader of the rival group turns out to be female? One that shares a similar goal to him…

I have an idea for this story that I am pretty sure no one else has tried. If they have, I haven't seen it and I am sorry for that. Keep in mind that my first chapters are always a little hard for me to write. I get better the further into the story I go. I hope you stay long enough to agree with that.

Please give this story a chance. Btw, I have given her mother a name but I can't think of one for her father. I will though, eventually. Oh and the pharaoh mentioned in this fic is Atemu's father. Just in case you didn't know.


The Gangs of Ancient Egypt

Chapter 1: Leave Taking

"Mummy I don't wanna go! I wanna stay here!" whined the small five year old girl as her mother packed the few belongings she possessed.

"You will do as you're told Romi" replied her mother wearily. This issue had been going on for weeks, and over these last few days, it seemed to have become the only topic talked about.

"Why do I have to go to Kemet? I don't wanna study to be a scribe! I wanna stay here and play with all the other kids!"

"Look, I don't want you to leave either, but this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. You will never get this chance again. I want to see you amount to something other then a thief like the rest of this sorry lot!"

Ashera walked out of the room, leaving Romi to sulk in the corner. No matter how hard she tried, she could not convince her parents to let her stay. Her mother and father had traveled to Kemet a month ago 'to work' and had bumped into someone who worked at the palace. Apparently he was scouting for potential students to work as scribes.

A scribe was an incredibly envied job and many people wanted to do it as it paid well, ensured a roof over their heads and meant never having to go hungry. Unfortunately there were specifications if you wanted to be one. They needed young people because they could learn faster and guaranteed a longer service in the libraries. The Pharaoh Akunumkanon had issued an order to look for students, but only on the condition that their parents agreed to let their children become scribes. There was a fierce war going on at this time and he didn't want his people to rebel against him.

Romi was holding her mothers hand, watching her father pick pocketing from unsuspecting travellers, when a man in a white robe came up to them. He looked down at Romi intently while asking Ashera if she would consent to her daughter becoming a scribe. Ashera wasn't sure what to say. This wasn't a decision she could make on her own. Her husband had a right too choose his daughters future as well. Plus she wasn't sure if he would want his daughter to work for the pharaoh.

He had noticed his wife talking to someone between thefts and came back to investigate. Romi looked up at the three adults as the man explained the advantages of the job and what she would get out of it. Her father had a thoughtful look on his face as he glanced down at his only child. Romi knew his decision instantly and became silent as the grave. The moment they had arrived home, he began to talk to his daughter about it, but she didn't want to know. She had closed herself off for a week, barely eating a thing.

Romi walked out of her room and saw her father talking to a friend outside. She sent him the most hateful glare she could muster, but it didn't work. His friend noticed her and whispered something making her father turn to look at her. They chuckled quietly to themselves before resuming their conversation. Romi was furious. They weren't taking this seriously! Everyone in the village knew about her 'education' and they were very proud of her. They kept saying things like 'show those city folk what an educated thief can do' and 'if you see anything nice in the palace send it our way'

She sat in front of the fire place, watching the pot bubble away on top of it. The seasoned contents of the pot filled the room with a delicious aroma. She felt herself beginning to cry as she realised this would be the last time she and her family would be eating together. She let the tears fall from her amber eyes until she felt her father lift her up into his arms. He cuddled her protectively for a few minutes until she stopped crying.

"This is for the best Romi. I know it doesn't seem like it now, but think of the life you'll have. You'll get to live in the palace, wear nice clothes and have regular baths. It's great that you won't have to become a thief. It will be much safer for you. I can't guarantee what will happen if you stay here. We're always getting unexpected visits you know. Hey, remember that guy who had a visit from the father of his 'fling' when he raided that village near Philae?"

"You mean the guy who put a baby in that girl's tummy?" asked Romi innocently.

"That's the one…" chuckled her father in response.

Romi thought back to that rather amusing time. The father of the girl had paid a visit to the man and threatened him to do the right thing and take responsibility for his actions or he'd cut out his tongue. Needless to say, his wife wasn't very happy about this. Now he had to take care of two women! That meant more thieving expeditions and putting his life at risk!

She giggled when her father began to tickle her stomach. That was her weak spot and he always got her there. Her mother walked into the room and headed for the pot. She served up three bowls and they all sat down to dinner. Romi had another bowl after she had finished. Who knows when she would get the chance to eat something as good as this again.

She spent the rest of the evening with her parents and the villagers. They had all gathered together to make sure Romi's last day was the best day of her life. They had competitions, games, and even presented gifts to her, which she accepted happily, squealing with delight. She was sad when she had to say good bye to her friends, but they were so upbeat and exited for her that she soon forgot about it.

When it came to her bedtime, she was so exhausted she couldn't even stand up on her own. She was carried inside and gently placed on her bed. Her parents wrapped her up against the cold of the night and left her to her dreams.

888888888888888888888 next morning

The night had come and gone far too quickly, and Romi now found herself being dragged towards a cart that was headed for Kemet. Her bag was loaded onboard and she was hoisted on with it. Romi fell to her feet, not knowing what to do. She looked around in panic for her mother and father, hoping desperately that one of them would change their mind. They looked sad, but were not about to change their minds about this. Instead, they walked over to her and gave her a few last comforting words before she began her new life.

"Don't worry" said her father in an upbeat tone. "You can always come and visit us, or we can visit you. It'll be fine. You're not the only one who's gonna learn to be a scribe you know. You'll make lots of new friends that you can play with at the palace"

Romi seriously doubted that. She wanted to stay with her family and keep her old friends.

"Yes, but remember to study hard and don't cause trouble" said Ashera, cupping Romi's face with both hands. "You will be in the pharaoh's palace ok? Don't give anyone reason to punish you"

Romi nodded, wiping back her tears.

"Don't cry baby" said her father. He leant in and whispered into his daughter's ear so his wife couldn't listen. "Don't let 'anyone' walk over you. There will always be someone who thinks they're better then you. Be discreet and get them back when they least expect it. But make sure you don't get caught. Think your plans over and over until there is no chance of failure. Remember, revenge is a dish best served cold…"

Romi laughed and bowed her head in promise. Her father had always taught her to stick up for herself and now would be the time to prove herself to him. She could be strong, just like he wanted her to be. Her eyes were much brighter now. She sat down in the cart and waved to her family until they were out of sight. She knew she would see her family again someday.


A bearded figure looked out onto the village below. He was flanked by hundreds of soldiers wielding spears and swords. He was also accompanied by several priests. He carried with him a heavy book with metal edges. He held it close to his chest and sighed shakily as he summoned up the courage to announce his orders. There was no going back after this.

"We have arrived at Kuruelna! Capture everyone in sight. There must be no survivors…"


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