Harry Potter and the School for Pureblood Wizards

Summary: Before Harry Potter ever had a chance to go to school, Voldemort had taken over. Tauntingly, a cruel joke had been played as Harry received his first letter from Hogwarts. To make things worse, he catches the eye of the 'Prince' amongst pureblood wizards.

Chapter rating: PG-13, I think there's a tiny bit of malexmale attraction if you squint, so rated for slightly controversial themes

Pairing: DMxHP with minor SBxRL

Warning: slash, fluff, lemon, power differentials (this story will contain gay relationships, so if you don't understand the implications, please refrain from reading).

Type: AU, romance, drama

Disclaimer: Harry Potter is property of J.K. Rowling, Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, Raincoast Books and others.

Dedication: To Emi, beta and friend. May this fic be fluffy enough for you.

Chapter 1: Onto Platform 9¾

"Alright," one wizard called over the crowds. "Purebloods to the front. Mudbloods into the last three cars. There won't be enough seats for all, so move!"

Harry pulled his tattered trunk behind him slightly miserably. At first, when he had received the letter from Hogwarts, he had been thrilled. A chance to leave the Dursleys! Learn magic!

But as soon as he'd arrived at Diagon Alley, he saw a sign that magically scrolled for him. It had told him that halfbloods and mudbloods were only allowed to walk on the side of the streets. Purebloods in the middle.

He had finally arrived at the bank after asking for directions from four people, three of which had yelled him for daring to talk to a pureblood. The last woman was kindly, and had even taken him to Gringotts. Harry discovered that the money his parents had left him were to be taken away yearly to pay for pureblood things.

The woman had also showed him to a cobweb filled store and told him that the store manager there would be nice enough to give him books at the same price that purebloods would buy them. Then she had bought a wand for him, for it would've cost him a fortune to buy one himself without being a pureblood. Harry had been so touched by her kindness, he had almost cried after he went home.

Molly Weasley… Harry wished the woman was here right now… perhaps she would've told him what he was to do if he didn't get on the train. Uncomfortably, he made his way to the end of the train.

Eyes trained to the ground, it shouldn't have been surprising when he felt himself crash into a warm chest. His wand, pocketed carefully in his robes, spilled out. He shook his head, slightly dazed as someone picked up his precious wand and then extended a hand to him.

Harry took the offered hand gratefully. "Thank you."

"This is a half decent wand," the other commented, jerking Harry upright. "How did a halfblood like you get it?" Harry swallowed and looked up at the other boy. He'd thought of himself as average height before, but there must be some claim to the whole pureblood thing. Aside from Mrs. Weasley, the purebloods were tall.

The other boy stood about half a head above Harry, with striking blond hair and gray eyes that seemed to see right through him. Unconsciously, Harry straightened, hand reaching behind him to make sure his things were still there. The blond inspected Harry's wand with an almost bored expression.

"A bit small," the boy said. "But good enough for a pureblood. Seven inches with… what is it, unicorn hair?" He pulled out his own wand, which was significantly larger. "Interesting. You must've stolen it from some poor pureblood student. It's too good for a halfblood."

"Give-" Harry's voice caught. He swallowed and tried again. "Please give it back."

Eyes narrowing, the taller boy tightened his hand around Harry's wand. Whether Harry was being overprotective or not, he didn't know, but the wand, his wand, looked close to breaking.

"No!" Harry grabbed the boy's hand and tried to pry his fingers loose. "It was a gift! Just take something else of mine! I'm not letting you take my wand!" After all, it was the first true gift he'd ever gotten; from a stranger, no less. It meant more to him than the eighty Galleons the wand must be worth.

Curiously enough, the fingers relaxed and Harry snatched back his wand. Backing away, he clutched the gift tightly against him, still wary of the amused smirk on the other boy's face.

The other boy studied him for a moment. His eyes lingered around the lightning scar, quiet beneath Harry's thick bangs. When he spoke, his voice held a slight taunt. "So you are the infamous Harry Potter, what an honor."

"You're rather interesting for a halfblood," the boy whistled and a jet black owl fluttered onto his arm from somewhere above. Harry hadn't noticed the creature at all. "If there's no room in the halfblood compartments, come to the front. Tell them Draco Malfoy gave you permission to be there."

Harry swallowed as the boy leaned in close. "I'll see you at Hogwarts, halfblood."

With the words still in Harry's ears, the boy strode away, black cloak billowing. He had to have been trained to walk like that, with subtle hand manipulations beneath the material or something, because there was no wind inside the train station.

Jerking himself out of his stunned silence, Harry pocketed his wand again. Casting a despairing glance over the last cars, where various young faces were crowded against each other. Most were standing.

Hurriedly, he joined the line. After a couple more students squeezed on, the train door closed, leaving Harry and about fifty others outside. Harry bit his lips, letting himself fall back as the other disappointed youths walked away muttering.

"I wonder what we're supposed to do," a voice asked from beside him. Harry turned, and saw that the speaker was a girl about his age, with bushy brown hair and an open, honest face. The girl noticed his gaze. "Do you know?" She asked. Harry shook his head.

"They can't just leave us here," the girl said reasonably. "For all we know, there's another train in an hour and we won't have to be crowded into five compartments."

Harry secretly doubted it, but outwardly, he shrugged and looked to where some of the other halfblood or mudblood students were beginning to sit down. The station clock chimed, informing them that the present train would depart within half an hour. He sighed.

Draco Malfoy, the boy he'd bumped into earlier said to come to the front… but something wasn't right about the invitation. Who was he anyway?

"Maybe," Harry said.

"Of course," the girl said briskly. "You're a first year too, right? Name's Hermione Granger."

"Harry Potter." For a moment, she only stared at him with a shell-shocked expression. Harry shifted his feet slightly, disturbed by her reaction. Was his name so strange? The boy earlier had also called him the 'infamous' Harry Potter. Since when was he well known in any way?

"Harry," the girl said disbelievingly. "Harry Potter. Why were you even enrolled in the school? One would think-"

"The two of you are first years?" An older youth asked, scratching a hand absently at his arm. Under that arm, he cradled a strange white box.

"Yeah," Harry said. "And we're not sure when the next train would come in."

"Not until next week," the older youth said cheerfully. "Some people enjoy having an extra week of holidays. The teachers don't really penalize you for it, and you'll just have to try to catch up to the rest of the class somehow."

"We'll be missing classes?" Hermione looked horrified. "That's really not a good way to start off the year. Isn't there some way we could get there faster? Any way at all?"

"Nope," the youth said, the same annoyingly cheerful voice in place. "Sorry kid, but you'll see the merits of another week of holiday soon. The course load is horrid."

"Oh," Hermione said quietly, but Harry could see that she was upset.

"Um… let's go the front, Hermione," he said, surprising himself. His two companions looked at him in surprise. Harry nearly bit his tongue as he realized what he had just suggested. "I mean… we can sneak on, can't we? It's not like there're neon signs on us that say we're not pureblood."

"Impossible," the other boy scoffed. "The purebloods all know each other. You'd stick out like oranges among watermelons. But-" his eyes flashed excitedly. "If you're gonna sneak on, take this for me." He handed Harry the white box.

"What's in it?" Harry asked suspiciously.

"When you sneak on, try to find the Weasleys." Harry felt his face light up. Mrs. Weasley's relatives went to Hogwarts too? "Give this to the twins. Tell them that Lee Jordan sends his love and to use her wisely. Preferably set her on Ron when I'm there."

"Her?" Hermione echoed. Grinning the older youth, Lee Jordan, reached over and pulled the box's lid slightly ajar.

Hermione stifled a scream and Harry nearly dropped the box as a long, furred leg poked out. The orange and black leg waved frantically before shrinking inside the box, and another set of legs poked out again. "She's my treasure," Lee Jordan said proudly. "Had her since she was a baby barely half an inch large. Grown magnificently, she has."

"It's a taranchula," Hermione said faintly, stepping away. Harry gulped and hastily shut the box.

"So take it to them for me," Lee Jordan laughed. "And tell them I'm enjoying my week off." Hermione made a noise of disgust and glanced nervously at the front of the train, where all of the purebloods were already aboard.

"Do you really mean it Harry?" She asked.

Too late to take anything back now. Harry nodded, feeling slightly sick. But then- if he missed this train, he'd have nowhere to go for a week. The Dursleys certainly wouldn't take him back. Even worse, they'd laugh and tell him he'd been fool by 'those' people and force him into some school for delinquent children before he could blink.

"Let's go," he released his breath. The two of them made their way casually towards the front of the train. Harry became very self conscious about his shirt (which was several sizes too big for him) and his trunk (the tattered one he'd salvaged after the Dursleys had thrown it out). It rattled and made awfully conspicuous noises as they boarded the train at the sixth ccar.

Harry blinked. Two of the compartments were shut tightly, and the two that were left open were completely empty. Moreover, it seemed as though nobody was even going to use them. Two expensive-looking black trunks were thrown carelessly into the middle of one, and a bottle of what looked like clear orange juice was spilled on the floor of the other.

Nervously, the two first-years sat, uncomfortable in one of the splendid compartments. The seats were leather and a deep royal blue with silver edgings. The windows were lined with filigrees in black and gold.

"Well…" Hermione said after a moment. "They did have more compartments than students, and who would want to stay in one of these alone?"

Harry shook his head, indicating that he didn't know.

A man outside shouted that all students should be aboard the train and it was delayed due to some missing pureblood. The doors shut and locked themselves magically, and taking away the last chance they had to change their minds about sneaking on.

"Harry," Hermione said. "I meant to ask earlier. Why were you enrolled? I would've thought…"

"I don't know," Harry said, feeling a little annoyed. "Why shouldn't I be here? My parents were both wizards, aren't they?"

"You mean you don't know?" The girl asked incredulously. Immediately she dove into the bag hanging off one shoulder and began to fish. Raising her head momentarily, she said, "haven't you read the History of Magic text book they assigned us?"

"No," Harry said, confused. "What does that have to do with anything?"

"Here," Hermione flipped through the textbook she had just pulled out. She seemed to know exactly what she was looking for and soon pushed the open page in Harry's face. "Read that paragraph at the very end. Beside that picture of the witch with glasses."

So Harry read, tuning Hermione's voice out. "That witch is Sibyll Trelawney. She first came up with the Prophesy…"

Harry Potter, at age one, had miraculously defeated the Dark Lord when he raided their house, surviving with only a lightning-shaped scar. Experts theorize that it was his mother, Lily Potter's last spell at work. It wasn't until six years later that the Dark Lord regained his former body and overthrew the Ministry. To this day, Harry Potter, who once held high hopes of being the Savior of the wizarding world, lives with his muggle relatives, unknowing of his heritage.

The Dark Lord implemented…

Harry felt sick as the train slowly rolled out of the station. "I-" he swallowed. "I- I don't- I don't understand… This… it's my name- but… but-"

"It's alright, obviously they never told you," Hermione said, closing the book. Harry began to protest but she had a stern expression. For a moment, she seemed older than eleven. "I'll tell you what happened and then you can look it up yourself. The textbooks are alright, but there are some other history books I saw that said you were just a hateful child and really twisted the truth, blame the Dark Lord."

Harry nodded dumbly, and Hermione began explaining, right from the beginning with He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

Hermione told it to him like a history lesson, but in the end, she said, very gently, "You're a lot of people's hero, Harry, but the sworn enemy of the people that runs the school right now… so I don't know why you were still accepted."

He was lying down now, face buried into the thick blue seat. His parents… not dead in a car crash… He wasn't just another student… but the sworn enemy of every pureblood in the school… Oh lord…

"I think…" Harry said weakly. "I'd rather go to Uncle Vernon's delinquent school… about now."

"Well it's too late," Hermione sighed. "You have to make the best of it. They probably wanted you there as somebody's cruel joke. They figured you'd find out eventually, and it won't be pleasant."

At that moment, the compartment door slid open. A middle-aged witch pushed a cart filled with sweets and smiled kindly at them. Harry heard his friend's intake a breath beside him and knew he was dead.

"Anything you want off the cart-" she stopped, eyeing Harry's shabby trunk suspiciously. Face angry, her voice was deceptively soft. "You aren't purebloods."

"No…" Hermione whispered. "We're not. But it's just- we didn't want to miss school and-"

"Be quiet," the woman snapped. Harry reeled back, slightly shocked at her change of expression. Obviously the kindly mother attitude had just been a mask. "The two of you have absolutely no consideration for rules. What are you? Halfblood or mudblood?"

"Mudblood," Hermione whispered, and Harry could tell she was dangerously close to crying.

"We have permission from Draco Malfoy to be here," he said bravely. Both the cart woman and Hermione looked at him. Then the woman laughed.

"Draco Malfoy, as you claim," she sneered, "had been missing since this morning. Most of the purebloods have been driving themselves insane looking for him. We're not even sure if he's on the train at all."

Before Harry could protest, the witch raised her voice. "Prefects please! There're two mudbloods in the pureblood compartments. Remove them immediately."

Immediately, there were several loud cracks and two shapes appeared in the compartment. Hermione's breathing quickened and Harry felt slightly dizzy as the purebloods began to appear. Unlike the regular students, they had different colored cuffs on their black robes and an elegantly carved badge pinned on their cloak.

"What seems to be the problem?" A handsome blond youth several years older than them asked politely. His cuffs were yellow and his badge had his name stitched on it with black thread. It read Cedric Diggory.

"It's obvious," the youth with green snapped. "We have mudbloods in one of our compartments. I say we stop the train and kick them off. Or-" his smile turned dark, "we could just kick them off and not bother about stopping."

"What are the two of you doing here?" The first youth, Cedric, asked, voice still pleasant.

Harry swallowed. "Well… a boy called Draco Malfoy said that if the last compartments are full, we could… come to the front."

"Draco Malfoy said that?" Cedric said thoughtfully. "But hasn't he been missing, Zabini?"


"We'll go to the back right now," Hermione blurted. "Sorry about this-"

"Marcus, how should we handle this?" Cedric asked. As an afterthought, he added, "besides throwing them out the window." The dark haired youth scowled, more than slightly disappointed.

"Dock a hundred points from their House," he scowled. "And detention with Professor Malfoy for using his son's name as an excuse."

"And what House would they be in? They're first years and haven't been sorted." Cedric crossed his arms, looking slightly bored.

"Bah, has to be Hufflepuff, Diggory, look at them."

"You're suggesting I take points away from my own House?" Cedric raised an eyebrow. The corners of his lips twitched slightly in amusement. "Let's just take them to the front. If Draco Malfoy is found, we can ask him to verify their story."

"Fine," Marcus grumbled. "Make sure they don't touch anything, I'm going back." With a crack, he disappeared, leaving the two worried first years quietly shuffling from foot to foot. Cedric bowed slightly to the witch that pushed the food cart, and led Harry and Hermione towards the front.

"Are we… in trouble?" Hermione asked meekly.

"To be honest, a little," Cedric smiled. "At least with Malfoy. I don't know what possessed you to use him as an excuse, it's bound to be found out. If we catch him in a good mood, though, he might let you off."

"Why is this, Draco Malfoy so important?" Harry asked. The blond youth seemed nice enough. Surely there's no harm in asking… Cedric turned, eyes looking him over carefully.

"You are Harry Potter, aren't you?" He asked.

"Yeah," Harry swallowed, remembering how Hermione had stressed that he was the enemy of every pureblood wizard in the school. He felt himself shrinking under Cedric's critical gaze.

Finally, the youth's gaze returned to the path. They had walked by two completely empty cars, and Harry felt himself washed with the injustice of it all. Terribly unfair, Harry thought. That the rest of the students would not be able to get on the train.

"Draco Malfoy's father was the Dark Lord's second in command. According to the press, Malfoy had shown more potential than any wizard since the Dark Lord himself, even as a baby." The frown on Cedric's face showed the two first years that he didn't believe a word of it. "The Dark Lord had hand picked Draco Malfoy to be the next leader after him."

"So… he's like the prince of the Wizarding World?" Hermione gulped.

"Not quite to that extent," Cedric laughed. "Thinking about it… he's like Harry would've been if the Dark Lord hadn't taken over." His words seemed careless enough, but Harry shivered as Cedric shot him another look. He tried to comfort himself… at least they weren't as openly hostile as he'd expected…

Cedric opened the door to the fourth car. There was one compartment with open doors that had people in it… a lot of people. There were four red-headed youths with faces sprayed with freckles. A pretty young woman with watery golden hair and another nervous looking boy sitting at the end. Also, a mountain of food on the chairs.

Two youths that looked like twins were deeply engaged in a heated discussion, and the youngest boy looked bored.

"Percy," Cedric nodded to the oldest red haired youth. Harry realized that the youth also had colored cuffs on his sleeves.

"Hey Cedric, on duty?" The youth named Percy nodded back, face looking forcibly stern.

"Unfortunately, yes," Cedric shrugged. "I need to take these two to the front, they aren't purebloods and they were using our compartments. I need to run things by Malfoy."

"Oh," Percy shrugged. "You know they found him, right? Draco Malfoy, I mean? He's in the first compartment right now, with his army of loyal fans. I think you'll have some trouble going through the second car. It's as crowded as the halfblood compartments."

"Really?" Cedric said idly. "Well, I'll take them straight there then. Thank you."

"Wait-" Harry swallowed. "If it is possible, I'd like to know. This Draco Malfoy, does he have blond hair and gray eyes? He's about half a head taller than I am, right? Um… does he have a black owl?"

The compartment blinked at him. Even the twins looked up from their conversation.

"Blimey-" the twins said in unison. Too late, Harry clapped a hand to his forehead, trying to smooth down his bangs so that they covered his scar. He didn't like the strange expressions he was receiving, and Hermione bravely stepped in front of him.

"You are-" One twin said. "Aren't you?" The other continued.

"We have no idea what you are talking about," Hermione said, with an attempt at a brisk voice.

"Harry Potter!" The youngest boy, who was about Harry's age, leaped from his chair. "I'm Ron Weasley! Can I shake your hand?"

Taken aback at the unexpected reaction, Harry felt his hand seized and pumped enthusiastically. "I- It's a pleasure," he stammered. Then it struck him. "You're a Weasley!" he exclaimed. "I met a Mrs. Weasley in Diagon Alley! Is she related to you? Molly Weasley?"

"Our collective mother," Percy said with a fair amount of dignity. "She mentioned meeting you. She was quite taken with you, says you're the most polite child she's ever met." Harry's face broke into a grin. There were nice people amongst the purebloods as well. He was beginning to be very nervous.

"Don't hog him, Ron," the twins pushed their brother, or at least Harry assumed they were brothers, aside. Hermione, a little bewildered, managed to move in time before Harry was practically assaulted.

"So tell us about it. How you defeated You-Know-Who that time?"

"It is our goal to come up with a joke that is so hilarious that You-Know-Who dies from laughing after hearing it," the other twin added. "Anything you can tell us, anything at all?"

Harry's shell shocked expression was still in place as Cedric cleared his throat. "Percy, we wouldn't want to keep Draco Malfoy waiting, so I'll just take them there now, alright?"

The Weasleys looked highly disappointed as Harry and Hermione were led away.

"Harry," Hermione hissed. "What about the box?"

"The box?" Harry echoed, then realized the white box with the taranchula inside was still pinned under his arm. "Oh no. I forgot completely. Um… excuse me, could I just go back for a mom-"

The door to the second car slipped open and exactly as Percy had implied, it was by far the most crowded part of the pureblood compartments. There were about twenty girls in each compartment, with the random bloke thrown in. This time Harry had the foresight to pile his bangs thickly to the front, covering his scar. Still, the three were stared at as they moved towards the first cart.

"Hold on, where do you think you're going?" A girl about the size of a boulder stood up and growled. "You're not allowed to go in there. Draco Malfoy is in there and told us to guard that door."

Cedric paused, then turned and gave the rock-like girl a disarming smile. "I apologize, I didn't catch your name."

"Bulstrode," the girl said, slightly thrown off by the taller, handsome youth. "Millicent Bulstrode."

"Well, Millicent," Cedric said politely. "I am the Prefect on duty right now, and I just need to clear things up with Mr. Malfoy. Would it be acceptable if I knocked?"

There was a pause. "Alright," Millicent Bulstrode finally muttered along with the rest of the car. So Cedric knocked, as Harry and Hermione awaited their doom.

"Come on in," a boy's voice ran from beyond the door, but it wasn't Draco Malfoy's voice. At least, Harry thought, not if the boy he met was Draco Malfoy. The door to the first car slowly slid open, and both first years held their breaths. Harry noticed that every student in the second car was craning his or her neck, trying to see into the first car.

The first car was not separated into four compartments, rather made into a single large space with sofas, drapes and a sizeable fireplace at one end. Decorations were noticeably different. Rather than solemn, almost antique colorations, the first car was almost entirely silver, with splashes of green.

All in all, very elegant with a subtle sense of style. Harry would have been able to fully appreciate its beauty if his heart hadn't been pounding as if it wanted to rip out of his chest. He swallowed as he let his eyes fall to observe the occupants of car one.

There were about ten people in the first car. Two behemoth-like boys with faces shaped like blocks lounged on the low couches closer to the door. Three girls, quite pretty, were off in a group, chatting quietly.

And there was the boy Harry had a run-in with earlier. Blond hair impeccably in place and feeding his black eagle owl with an almost bored air. Two others sat on his other side, also quiet.

"Excuse me-" Cedric began, closing the door behind them. Draco Malfoy cut him off, eyes landing on Harry, who nervously held his breath.

"It's you," Draco drawled. He lifted his hand slightly and the black owl lifted off his arm to stand on the back of his couch. The tension hung in the air as he stood up. Harry felt trapped. "I was under the impression that if I told you to come to the front, it means to find me."

Harry gulped, but then ground his teeth together and stepped forward. "You never specified."

"I overestimated your intelligence, then," Draco said with a smirk. "Perhaps that is a good thing." He paused. "What are you waiting for? Make yourself at home." He gestured to Hermione and Cedric. "Diggory, you can take the mudblood away now."

Harry felt a sudden surge of anger. "With your permission, Mr. Malfoy," he said, voice cold. "I think I'll make use of one of the empty compartments, since it is not being used anyway."

Silence crept up the walls of the train car, tingly and nerve-wrecking. Draco's smile didn't fade, but his eyes darkened slightly.

"No, Potter, I think you're staying in this compartment," he began walking over, gesturing to the two giant boys as he did so. Reluctantly, the two bodyguards stood up, flanking the blond on either side.

"Draco Malfoy," Cedric said good-naturedly, although Harry could see a tiny bead of sweat on his brows. "I understand that as the Dark Lord's heir, you are given certain privileges, but I don't think they extend as far as to threaten another student for any reason whatsoever."

Gasps sounded throughout the room. Open defiance was expected, perhaps from someone of lower blood, but from a fellow pureblood?

Draco's eyes flashed. "Anything else, Diggory?"

Cedric bravely continued. "Also, I'd ask you to be slightly more considerate. You delayed the entire train earlier this morning."

"Watch yourself, Diggory," a student said. "It's our Lord's heir that you're talking about."

"It's fine, Blaise," Draco said nonchalantly. "Thank you for telling me, Diggory. I will try to improve my own punctuality. However, I am not threatening anyone, merely inviting this halfblood to stay in my own compartment out of the goodness of my heart. I suggest you not interfere."

Cedric thought for a moment, then seemed to decide he had risked enough of Draco Malfoy's anger for the first day in school. "Very well," he nodded courtly. "Harry, be sure to join the halfbloods when the train reaches its destination. I'll take your friend to the back."

Hermione grabbed Harry's sleeve. "Please, Mr. Diggory," she started. "You know who he is, what will Draco Malfoy do to him, given the chance. Harry doesn't even want to stay here."

Cedric shook his head, mouth tightly set. Hastily, he took her wrist and guided to the door. When Hermione refused to let go, Harry leaned in and whispered in her ear.

"I'll be fine, Hermione, don't worry. I doubt they can kill a student, really."

Finally, the girl and the prefect left, with Harry alone in a compartment with Draco Malfoy and his pureblood friends. The black haired boy jumped nervously as the door clicked shut behind him. No matter what words of comfort he had spoken to his new friend, he knew the truth.

Harry was frightened.

Author's Note:
For those of you who'd read (or seen the title) of my other story, this one was meant to be lighter paced with a more normal romance, which means it's gonna be pretty boring for the first few chapters. I am hoping to keep myself away from extreme fluffism, but my beta loves fluff and said she'll never help me again if there isn't at least some… (sweat). For those of you who'd read (or seen the title) of my other story, this one was meant to be lighter paced with a more normal romance, which means it's gonna be pretty boring for the first few chapters. I am hoping to keep myself away from extreme fluffism, but my beta loves fluff and said she'll never help me again if there isn't at least … (sweat). By the way, she hasn't edited this yet. >

I admit a lot of the characters would be OOC, like Cedric, but that's how I envisioned him if he grew up in a society that believes purebloods are way superior. He's not arrogant, but it had to have taken away a lot of his humbleness.

Please give this a chance. I'll love you for it. (insert something cute, like Draco and Harry cuddling)