Poor Harry. He had been worked hard all summer, washing and weeding and scrubbing and cooking from sunup to sundown. It had been a hard summer for him, with no messages from his friends or guardians. Dumbledore had said that Harry would be safer that way, but Harry wasn't safe anyway.

He was working in his Aunt's garden on hot July day when Vernon came up behind him. Harry saw his Uncles shadow fall over him and looked up with a gulp.

"Boy!" Roared Vernon. "Did I just see you pull one of Petunia's flowers out!"

Without waiting for an answer, he whipped off his belt and brandished it at Harry. Harry's body was covered with scars from previous beatings, but instinctively he pleaded, "No Uncle Vernon, it was a weed!"

Vernon didn't care; he had just made the excuse in case Petunia was listening. He kicked Harry hard, sending him sprawling out onto his front. Vernon raised the belt and Harry braced himself for-

Crack! Came the first hit and

Crack! Came the second hit, all the while Vernon screaming at Harry that everything was his fault, Vernon losing his job, Dudley being expelled from Smeltings, both knowing that the neighbors were at work and wouldn't hear Harry's screams.

Harder and faster came the blows until-

"Stop." Came a quiet command from the gate at Harry's left. Harry looked up and gasped at the sight of Lucius Malfoy. The blond man was standing tall with one hand on the gate and one hand on his walking stick.

Harry lowered his head and thought, 'at least a wizard will kill me and not Vernon.'

Lucius stepped aside and Vernon gaped at the sight of Death Eaters filling his front yard. "OUT", Vernon shrieked, "Get off of my property at once, you bunch of freaks!"

"Tut tut Mr. Dursley, where are your manners?" Drawled Lucius softly. Vernon turned a great deal paler than before and stuttered at the Death Eaters.

Suddenly the Death Eaters parted, and out swept Voldemort to see Harry. Voldemort looked to be around 30, but anyone could tell it was him by the glowing red eyes. Harry didn't raise his head or do anything, it just hurt too much. "Little One, do you remember our dream?" Voldemort hissed gently. Harry just groaned and gasped "No.", while thinking 'Vernon must have broken a rib or three!'

"Don't worry mine own, you will." Voldemort said. Harry gasped and whimpered as Voldemort gently picked him up and started to walk away. Over his shoulder Voldemort tossed "Oh Lucius, the fat man and his family are yours to do with as you please, I know how you feel about abusing those weaker than yourself.

"Thank you milord." Replied Lucius, turning towards Vernon with a smile that meant that bad things were ahead for Vernon. "I will have fun with this."

All of the Death Eaters laughed at the look on Vernon's face as Lucius advanced on him. Voldemort chuckled and apparated away with a pop!