After an hour, Harry gave up on getting help before bedtime. He had jumped into the toys surrounding his bed, and had fun playing with them like a soft, clean ball pit. He made his way back to his bed and called for a house elf.

*pop*, he heard from the sea of toys, quickly followed by a muffled "eep!"

*POP* he heard, as the house elf re-apparated, this time on top of the clothes. "Master Harry Potter sir, what did you do??" The elf asked with a hint of despair in her voice as she looked around at the mess.

"I didn't do it!" Harry said indignantly. "Tom did, I think. Look, I'm going to need to go to the bathroom before bed, and I can't open any of my doors!"

The elf stumbled over the toys and too the door. She opened it, and surprised Sirius, who was on the other side of the door as a small avalanche of toys took him out at the knees and knocked him forward into the room.

"What on earth… never mind, I don't think I want to know." Sirius stood up and brushed himself off. "Remus came over the Malfoy Manor, so I left him to watch the prisoners and came here to ask if you wanted to eat with me."

"Err… I guess I could do that. I can't stand to be around doms right now, but you don't seem to be making the heat worse. When did you want to eat?"

"Harry… I haven't been able to eat without a dog at the table in several days. Do you know how hard it is to keep a dog at the table when he's done eating? Do you know how FAST dogs eat?? I need to eat now. I'm lucky to be standing here talking to you."

Harry tunneled into the stuffed toys to reach the chocolate layer that was below the stuffed toys. He surfaced with a box of truffles that he tossed to Sirius. "Eat those on the way. I've been eating in the kitchenette to avoid Tom and the Malfoys."

Sirius led the way, almost running as they got closer to the kitchen and the smells of dinner began to waft their way. He opened the door with enough force that Harry was able to follow him without touching the door. By the time that Harry had crossed the threshold, Sirius was already at the table, stuffing his face with the bread that was already laid out for them.

As they worked their way through dinner, they caught up on what they'd been up to since the last time that they'd seen each other. Finally, Sirius was done stuffing his face, and decided to go visit the Malfoys to see Severus' new baby.

The two split up at the top of the stairs, Harry continuing forward to deal with the mess in his room and read a bit before bed, and Sirius going right to go to the hospital rooms.

When Sirius reached the rooms, he stopped in the door to take in the beautiful sight before him. Draco was holding his little sister, smiling and slightly bouncing her, while his parents lay on a bed, napping lightly. Sirius sighed, and decided then that he would have this scene for himself and Remus someday.

At his sigh, Severus looked at the doorway.

"Oh, just perfect. The mutt is going to get all mushy on us. Blegh!"