Hello, due to the over whelming amount of reviews asking for more I have decided to write a SMALL sequel.

Sakura hummed happily as she swept the last of the fallen cherry blossoms off of the back porch. Satisfied with the now petal free area, Sakura raised her hands over her head, stretching her muscles as she yawned cutely.

"Hmm," She sighed contentedly as she raised her arm to shield her eyes from the glaring sunlight. "What a beautiful day."

She didn't have very long to admire the serenity of the day though. It was only minutes before the children got home from school and she wasn't quite finished with dinner yet.

"Better finish dinner, the kids are bound to be hungry." Sakura giggled. "Especially with Sasuke and Naruto out training them."

"Sakura?" Sakura turned to face the door were Hinata stood smiling, baby Naruko peacefully sleeping in her mother's arms. "I came to help with dinner since we're all going to be here today."

Sakura grinned in relief. "Thanks, for a moment I wasn't sure how I was going to have everything done in time."

"It's no problem," Hinata responded as she came inside. "Um, not to be rude but is there anywhere that I can put Naruko?"

Sakura jumped slightly. "Oh! I'm sorry, how silly of me," she berated her self. "Um does she mind sharing? A crib I mean. Because if not then she can share with Kane, he doesn't mind at all."

"Thank-you Sakura," Hinata said with a very slight bow. "You are very kind."

"Go ahead and take your time," Sakura assured. "I'll be in the kitchen when your finished."

"Thank-you again."

Sakura shook her head in amusement as she turned to enter the kitchen. Hinata may be a lot more open then when she was a kid but she will always be completely polite. "Must be because of how she was raised." Sakura mumbled absently as she put her red apron over her navy blue clan dress. "Now, where do I start first?"


"…And then I powered up my raisengen and poof! He was dust!" Naruto exclaimed as he waved his arms around dramatically, trying to recreate the battle for his less than attentive audience. "Oi! Sasuke-teme! Are you listening!"

Sasuke waked him hard on the back of the head. "Dobe!" he hissed. "Don't call me that in front of my kids!"

Naruto rubbed the back of his head smirking. "Why? Afraid it will make you look bad?"

Sasuke scowled. "No, but what I am afraid of is Sakura's and Hinata's reactions when they hear their children running around spouting cuss words."

Naruto paled. "Good point."

The Uchiha twins and Uzumaki Jomei all exchanged a silent smirk at their fathers' exchange while Uchiha Kentaro looked between them in confusion. "Otou-san?" he asked. "What does 'teme' mean?" Sasuke and Naruto paled dramatically at the word they just heard coming from the six year old's mouth.

"Nothing!" Sasuke exclaimed quickly. "And, um…don't ever say that again, Ok?"

Kentaro just pouted, annoyed that his question went unanswered.

Kyoko giggled in amusement at her younger brother's adorable pout. "Ne, otouto," she said. "You'll learn eventually. Everyone involved with the Uzumaki clan finds out soon enough any way."

"Ha ha ha," Jomei responded. "I'll have you know that if I had my way none of the younger kids would ever find out what that word means."

Kouji leaned over to whisper in his best friend's ear. "Trying to impress my imouto, Dobe?" he asked slyly.

Jomei turned bright red. "SHUT UP KOUJI-TEME!"

The twins laughed. "So much for not letting them know what that word means!"

Sasuke and Naruto groaned and dropped their heads into their hands simultaneously. "We are soo dead."


Dinner went by rather uneventfully, well as uneventfully as a dinner with a family of Uzumaki's could go, and it wasn't long before the older kids were outside practicing the jutsu scrolls they had received from Iruka-sensei to practice for tomorrows lesson.

Hinata, who had finally relaxed on her manors, was laughing quietly as she helped Sakura wash the dinner dishes. They were almost finished when Kentaro walked up a contemplating look on his face. Sakura smiled reassuringly at her second youngest son. "Do you have something you'd like to ask me sweety."

Kentaro didn't say anything at first but soon he nodded firmly to himself. "Okaasan?"

"Yes baby?"

"What does 'teme' mean?"

Hinata dropped the bowl she was drying and it shattered on the floor. Both women starred wide eyed at each other before Sakura broke the stunned silence.


The end

Kaliea: He he. Sasuke's fate can be left up to your imagination. Anyway I gotta go. It's time for dinner. Please review!


Teme- bastard

Otouto- little brother

Imouto- little sister

Otousan- father

Okaasan- mother

Dobe- dead last; dunce