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What now?

Rated: PG-13


Chapter 1, pt 1-Confusion


My name is Takeru Takaishi, the youngest of the original seven Digidestined and the holder of the crest of Hope. My friends, though, call me TK. I have rather short and unkempt blond hair, usually covered by a hat of some sort. I like hats, dunno why really, I just do. My favorite color is green and I am almost always wearing it. My eyes are bright blue and I've been told they are also clear. I guess that sort of relates to me and my relation to hope. Hope for a better world, hope for those in need. Along with this hope, though, I have known despair. Despair, fear, anger…I have known hate. A hate so strong that it threatens to destroy someone. Destroy me. A hate equal to my own, rivaling my will against it's own. A hate, I fear, that may one day over come me.

The hatred of darkness and destruction.


"Honey, have you been able to contact your friends yet?"

I looked up from where I was laying on my bed to see my mother looking at me. She was leaning against my doorframe with her notebook in her arms and her hair framing her face. As I looked at her I was drawn to her azure eyes and the way the light made them sparkle in a fleeting dance. I stared at the dance blankly for a moment until I realized she was waiting for my answer. Disturbed, I quickly turned my focus back to her before she noticed. For some reason it was hard to stay focused on things lately. I figured it had something to do with the headache that continued to bother me, but the headache was also a mystery to me. All in all I figured I was coming down with something.

In answer to my mother I started to shake my head, a movement that made my headache a little worse, so I replied instead as I sat up, hiding my discomfort.

"No," I began, "I was just thinking about it though. Something must be screwing up connections between hear and there and I hope it's nothing serious."

"I'm sure it isn't TK." My mother responded, "Maybe you can talk to your brother about it when you see him today, hm?"
"Yeah!" I couldn't believe I had almost forgotten.

"You best hurry and get dressed TK, our ride will be here soon."

I nodded my head and watched my mom leave. She was right. It probably wasn't anything serious at all. If anything Matt should have a report from Izzy by now. The red headed genius had already spent a good deal of time on the problem trying to find out just what was going on. With help from Ken too.

As I stood up I rubbed at my head, willing my headache to go away. But, of course, common will power was never enough to stop an oncoming cold or flu bug. So, shaking my head ruefully, I walked over to my closet and looked inside.

I groaned outwardly at the sight.

"Man," I murmured, "I'm turning into Matt." Except for a few hangers here and there the closet was bare and, when I looked at the floor, I saw just why. It was littered with laundry I had never gotten around to doing; something my mother would be shocked to see. She had given me the responsibility of doing my own laundry about two years ago, right after the defeat of Malomyotismon. She had said that if I was responsible enough to save the world then I was responsible enough to keep up with my laundry. Now it looked like I was proving her wrong, something I felt a little guilty about.

Shaking my head irritably I walked over to my drawers and opened them, hoping that I at least had something in there. To my luck there was one thing left.

I pulled out a white T-shirt and held it out. It was a little wrinkled but nothing serious. The yellow crest of hope lay before me as I examined the shirt for problems and, seeing none, I put it on.

"Guess this is my only option today." I mused as I pulled the shirt down 'snugly'. Well, as snugly as a T-shirt would get anyway. I lightly fingered the base of the crest where an image of my best friend lay. Patamon, my digimon partner. As I fingered the picture I remembered the day Sora made the shirt. She had actually made one for all of us; designing close was her new hobby. She designed them to match our own personalities, though for some reason she chose not to do my shirt in green. I would have preferred it that way but she was insistent that white brought out my nature better.

Whatever she meant by that.

Looking back at my floor I chewed the inside of my lip, thinking, then quickly bent over and grabbed a pair of green pants nearby. I took off my sweats and slid into the slacks, grinning in satisfaction. As I reached for my hat, though, my headache decided this was as good a time as any to slam a sledgehammer into my brain. I gritted my teeth as my hand clutched at my head. The pain was bearable, but it was also annoying. Very annoying. When it passed I let out the air I had sucked in when the pain started and plopped my hat onto my head. With that I composed myself and headed into the sitting room.

"Ready?" I asked when I entered. Mom looked at me in surprise, though, and grinned.

"Wow that was fast." She replied with a note of teasing in her voice, "By the looks of your room, I thought it would take at least fifteen minutes tops to find something to wear. You're defiantly turning into Matt."

I chose to take that as a compliment. "Let's go!"

"Okay." She laughed as she got up. "I'm glad your so excited TK. This knew arrangement is working out better then I'd hoped."

I slipped my shoes on and was half way out the door when she said that. Stopping, I turned to look at her. She was smiling softly and her eyes were glittering, like she was going to cry. I relaxed a little and held my hand out to her. She blinked slowly and a single tear rolled down her cheek as she took my hand. She pulled me in for a hug and I allowed her to embrace me, then we headed for the elevator together.

You see I understand how it is for my mother. I'm her baby, the younger of her two children. When she and my father split up she took me because of that reason. I have been her shining light in a number of occasions and we have always had a special bond with each other. One, I am sad to say, that she'll never have with Matt. She has always been protective of me and it was hard for her to let go when it was obvious I was no longer the same child she new and loved. So, for her sake, I try to stay the same as possible for her. I try not to change too much.

But things are changing now, for the better. For the past two years we have been getting together with Dad and Matt on monthly outings. A time when the four of us can be together, the way it was before the divorce.

When the elevator touched down on the ground floor we stepped out and began to walk out of the apartment. I saw Matt leaning against a car, his arms crossed and his eyes closed. He was listening to his Walkman, probably reviewing one the songs he sings in his band with his friends. He was wearing the shirt Sora had designed for him, a black T-shirt with stars forming the crest of Friendship as well as dotting the shirt in other areas. Each one was strategically placed in the design and it even had a picture of Gabumon, Matt's digimon partner, floating around, upside down, with a bubble over his head. I could only ever assume the bubble was for oxygenated purposes.

As we got closer I noticed him crack an eye open and catch sight of us. He smiled and took the headphones off, getting up from his leaning position.

"TK!" he called with a little wave. "Hi Mom. Dad and I figured you might like door to door service." He winked at my mother and opened the front passenger side door revealing our father who sat in the drivers seat with a grin on his face. "After you Mom."

I chuckled as I saw my mom accept his 'gentlemanly' regards and then outright laughed at what Dad said next.

"Hi, honey, anything new?" and from the window I saw him quickly peck her on the cheek, a gesture that plainly shocked her.
"Steve!" Mom's reprimand, though, wasn't very authoritative as she blushed bright red.

I quickly got in the backseat of the car and buckled up as Matt got into his side.

"We're headed someplace special today!" Dad announced as Matt buckled up. "Hold all questions until we get there."

I looked at Matt quizzically but he had about as much idea as I did judging by the way he shrugged his shoulders. So, without much else to do, I looked out the window and watched as buildings passed by. I didn't pay much attention to the scenery though, I just stared It was hard, really, to focus on anything. My head still hurt. But it was also ore then that.

When the car finally stopped I got out and looked around. We were in a park, one that I hadn't even thought about in, well…years I suppose. I guess I subconsciously avoided the place since mom and I had moved back, closer to Dad and Matt, because I don't even remember coming by it for any reason. I had been so young the last time we were here. I wondered, then, if Matt knew where we were and quickly glanced at him. By the confusion in his eyes, the way he closed his face off, I could see he knew as well as I did.

"The last time we were here-."

"...was the last time we were together as a family." Matt finished my sentence for me, almost as if knowing I wouldn't have finished it myself.

"We know." My mother said as she placed her hand on my shoulder. "Think of it as symbolization. Now help me get the picnic set up, okay?"

My eyes opened wide at her words, my heart leaping to my throat.

"What do you mean?" Matt asked

"I'll explain later." Dad replied as he pulled the barbecue out of the trunk.

"But Dad!" I cried. The pain in my head suddenly slammed against my skull and I staggered for a moment, my hands flying upward instinctively.

"TK!" I barley beard Matt's cry but I felt as he grabbed my shoulders to help support me. I leaned into him as my legs gave out, the pain intensifying with almost every second. The world around me was spinning out of control and a roaring in my ears blocked out every sound around me. I looked up painfully, my vision slowly going black, to see both Mom and Dad rushing forward, panic taking hold over the mischievous behavior of before. Their mouths moved, but I head nothing as the edges of reality closed in to throw me into the void of nothingness.


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