A Simple Question
By Henrika

Henrika- Spoilers up to episode 25. This popped into my head a few days ago. Enjoy!

"You are so dead."

"I hardly think Lieutenant Hawkeye is going to execute me because of unfinished paperwork Full Metal."

"Then why do you keep jumping every time you hear something click?" He flexed his auto-mail in example, bending double on the couch with laughter when the colonel nervously checked his office for the aforementioned woman's presence. He didn't notice the man's expression change to a thoughtful one. He didn't see the normally self-controlled man hesitate, didn't see the question burning in his eyes.

But he heard it.

"What's Death like?"

Ed pulled up, unsure. "What?" He stuttered out.

"Death Full Metal. What's it like?"


"After all, you tried to pull you mother back from Death didn't you? I'm sure you had your eyes open."

"Forced open." Ed whispered quietly. "Colonel, I know you're upset about Hughes…" He started, but Roy cut him off.

"Brigadier General Hughes. Give him the proper respect."

"Right. Brigadier General Hughes. But whatever you're thinking…" Roy cut him off again, sharply.

"Answer the question Edward."


"I'll have you court-martialed if you don't. This is an order Full Metal." Ed's protests fell silent, golden eyes darkening and glazing over.

"Just so you know, that wasn't Death. Mom wasn't there. It's a gate, a passageway to whatever's next. We couldn't go far enough because we were…" He paused strangely. "Are still alive. And look what we've lost for going in as far as we did. The metal hand clenched into a fist. "Whatever you're thinking of trying Mustang, forget it. He wouldn't want that."

"I just wondered if he was in a nice place." Roy said, almost pitifully.

"If there's any place like it, I'm sure he's there. Both of them." He thought of his mother. "They'll wait, wherever they are. It's up to you, us, to live now. For their sake."

"You're dismissed Full Metal." Edward stood, turning to leave. "You're right as well." Nothing more was said.

Henrika- Somewhat depressing. The last couple of lines I added as an afterthought because the story didn't seem complete. Review please!