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Summary: A/U, After one year of marriage, Chi Chi leaves Goku, never telling him she's pregnant. Now, ten years later, she returns with a son that looks like Goku, but Chi Chi swears he's not Goku's. What happens when her son finds out the truth after being lied to for so many years?

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Goku Son never wanted it to come true. He always thought, from the first time he ever laid eyes on Chi Chi Mau, that the woman would be his forever. But ten years ago, she did the unthinkable. Without a letter of where she was going or why, Chi Chi left him alone to be by himself. Goku never saw it coming; didn't wish to see it either. That day, his beautiful wife was loving towards him. Cooking breakfast when she woke, making sure he didn't forget anything for his job, always having dinner done when he came home.

But he didn't pay attention to how she was acting that day. Never once did she say "I love you, too" when he told her that he loved her. Never once did she kiss him on the cheek like the other times.

He never saw it coming. When he arrived home that night, no letter was there, no dinner was cooked. He thought that maybe she had wanted a night off and went out with her best friend since playschool, Bulma. But when he went into the master bedroom they shared, he didn't see her clothes in the closet. There wasn't any perfume, make-up, brushes, and any other stuff she used in the morning and night. Nothing.

Nothing could have prepared him for that moment; his wife of only one year gone. Not even leaving a letter or small note telling him where she would be at.

He had called her parents, asking them if they knew anything but they told him no. Then he called Bulma. Surely if Chi Chi had planned to leave then she would have told her friend. But she didn't. It appeared his wife had wanted out of the marriage without telling him so.

A few months later after she left, Goku Son received divorce papers in the mail from her attorney. He signed them after not getting any information on why she wanted to leave their marriage.

Goku still hadn't heard from the love of his life. Even now, after ten years. He thought that maybe she wanted the divorce to spend some time alone. To see if she made the right decision in marrying him and he had been so sure that when she realized the mistake she made of divorcing him, she would come back. But now he knew she wasn't coming back.

She had never planned to.


Bulma Qui turned her gaze towards her son and husband. The two were outside throwing a football back and forth to each other. She smiled brightly. She loved it when Vegeta showed his compassionate side. He may seem like he doesn't love Trunks, Bulma thought, but he does. I know he does.

And so did her son, who acted just like his father. Trunks caught the ball and threw it back, adding a little extra strength into the throw. His father caught it with a huff and threw it back. Trunks had to jump up a little to catch it but he did. "You had to do that, huh?"

His father smirked at him. "Do what, Trunks?"

Trunks just threw the ball again. He didn't care that his father was better then him at throwing a football, because the more Trunks practiced, the better he got. One day, I'll be better then him, Trunks thought, catching the ball once again.

Before the ten-year-old could throw it back, a red mustang pulled into the driveway and a tall, slightly muscled man stepped out. "Uncle Goku!" Trunks called out, running to his catch up with his father who was walking towards the other man. "What's up?"

Goku ruffled Trunks hair when the boy stood beside him with his father. "Nothing much, Trunks. And you guys?"

Vegeta smiled slightly. "All right, Kakkarot." (1) No matter what Goku did, the other man would never call him by his middle name. It was always his first.

"That's good." Goku nodded Bulma when he saw her walking towards him. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled the blue-haired woman close to him. "Good to se you, Bu."

"You too, Ku." The two had always had the nicknames for each other since they met in the fifth grade. They never got tired of calling each other by them. "How are you?"

Goku smiled. "Your son asked me that question just a few minutes ago, Bu. I swear, he acts like you some times."

Trunks glared at the remark. "I'm not a mama's boy. I haven't to like the phrase, 'Like father, like son."


Chi Chi Mau (2) sighed as she waited for her son to come out of the public restroom at the gas station. They were due to arrive in Orange County in at least five hours and still having over six hours to go, Chi Chi knew they wouldn't make it on time. But she didn't mind. All she wanted was to see her father and to show him his young grandson.

She turned her chocolate brown eyes to the ten-year-old figure walking towards her Chevy S-10. He was the almost the exact image of his father, with his black hair standing in thick spikes on his head and of course, his charcoal eyes; black with a bit of grey.

Gohan opened the passenger's side car door and got in, smiling at his mother. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen and he had seen a lot of women with his mother being a manager to many models. "Hey," he said. "How much longer is there?"

His mother grinned back, her black hair shining from the sunlight coming through the window next to her. "Almost six hours, but hey, who's counting?"

"Apparently you are if you know that much."

Chi Chi smacked him on his head. "Stop being such a smart mouth, will you? Besides," she added, turning on the ignition, "don't you want to make a good impression for your grandfather, Gohan?"

He nodded. "Well, yeah. I mean, this is the first time I'll be meeting them. It's just, well, I'm scared. What if they don't like me?"

"Don't like you?" Chi Chi repeated, laughing. She looked behind her before turning on to the road. "Of course, they'll like you. You're their grandson!"

"That doesn't mean they have to like me mother. Maybe they're pretending to like me when we talk on the phone but what they are really thinking is that 'Chi Chi's son sure does have a mouth on him'. What if they don't care about me like they did you? What if they throw us out because of my appearance? What if you don't find a job and we starve? What if…."

"Enough!" Chi Chi looked at him then turned her gaze back to the road. "They will love you! Anyways, what makes you think I won't find a job?"

Gohan snickered. "Well, mom, you have been thinking about that certain someone who happens to have quite the word for gossip."

"That doesn't mean one thing!" She glared, still staring out the windshield. "And I don't like him, Gohan. You must mean Gloria. That woman is in love with the whole male population!"

"Actually, I was right when I said you."

Chi Chi stopped at a red light and turned towards her son. "You, my young son, will learn to keep your mouth shut when you do no have all the facts."

He rolled his eyes. "Whatever you say, my old mother, whatever you say."

"Old?" She stepped on the gas pedal and followed along the road. "I'll have you know I happen to be a young twenty-nine-year-old woman who is still in the prime light of her life, mister."

"Uh-huh, sure."

She glared again. "One of these days, Gohan, just one of these days you'll learn to respect me."

Gohan sighed, leaning his head against the seat cushion. "Can't you just live with me loving you, mom?"

Chi Chi smiled, gazing at his sleeping form, then turned towards the road. She pulled the car on to another road. Only five hours and thirty minutes left, she thought, until I see the home I haven't seen in so many years. She was scared of Gohan learning the truth. She was scared that he would hate her instead of saying those loving words. She didn't want that, but after ten years, she couldn't tell him about his father.

Better watch out, Chi Chi thought, smirking, here I come Orange County.


(1) Is that the right spelling of Goku's Saiyan name? I can't seem to remember if it has two 'k' or one in the middle.

(2) I don't know Chi Chi's last name so I'm going with Mau. I keep reading that last name for her in many fan fictions. So, if that isn't it, then I give who ever it belongs to FULL CREDIT!

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