Bill did a final check on his flight systems as his ship dropped into zero-g and floated away from Crowe's flagship. He powered up his engines and blasted away from the ship as he keyed his radio, "This is Husky leader calling any fighters still in the area please respond and converge on my position." Bill's radio remained silent for a moment before a voice crackled over it.

"This is Gamma three and five Husky leader locking on to your position and headed your way."

"Delta seven still flying on my way."

"Red 12 on my way."

"Commander Grey what are you doing out here," a voice chimed over the radio.

"Who is this," Bill quipped as a heavy bomber entered his field of view.

"Ensign Pollock from your ship sir, managed to assigned to a bomber and I just happen to have a few cluster bombs left."

"Great," Bill muttered as the rest of the fighters converged on him, "Listen up everyone we're going to take out a flagship so we need to keep our bomber safe." Bill keyed a private channel as the fighters raced toward the aparoid fleet.

"Damage report," Alex yelled as his ship settled after another plasma barrage.

"Hull integrity down to 32 percent, shield almost no-existent, and well I don't think I need to go into the rest."

Alex hung his head as the ship's com chimed. "What," he shouted at it.

"That any way to greet a friend," Bill's voice asked?

"Admiral," Alex said stunned.

"Listen I need to borrow your ship's plasma cannon ok," Bill muttered.

"Name a target sir," Alex said as the crew began to charge the cannon.

"The enemies flagship we need you to deplete their shields so we can slip a bomber through and deliver the final blow."

"You heard him give me all the power we have to the engines and the main gun," Alex felt the ship lurch forward as the ship accelerated toward the aparoid's flagship. Alex felt the main gun begin to hum as energy poured into the firing chamber for a moment before an explosion ripped through the ship. "What the hell was that," Alex yelled as the crew tried to recover from the blast.

"The main magnetic coils just ruptured, plasma cannon offline and we're losing plasma at a rate of 3 percent every thirty seconds."

"Fine, change of plans order what's left of the crew into the life pods and turn control of the ship's engine and flight controls over to me," Alex said as he settled into his chair. Jacobs raised an eyebrow and started to say something but dropped it.

"Admiral what about the bridge crew," his navigator asked.

"You have permission to abandon the ship with the rest of the crew," Alex said as his chairs console came to life. Alex keyed his com to Bill. "Admiral slight change in plans our cannons offline."

"Great well looks like were going to have to find another way to drop their shields."

"I have that covered Admiral."

"Don't even think about it Alex," Bill said with a raised voice.

"With all due respect Admiral you gave me command of this ship and I plan to use it," Alex shut off the com as his keyed the ships reactor to overload and the ship gave another lurch as it raced toward the aparoid ship.

"Damn, ok everyone fall in behind the ship it's going to ram the aparoid's shields apart then Pollock you hit them hard with whatever ordinance you have left," Bill hollered into his com as his threat sensor sparked to life.

"Thirty aparoid fighters closing fast," someone yelled over the com.

"Alright," Bill said, "Delta fighters stick with the bomber, everyone else on the fighters." Bill flipped his fighter around and accelerated toward the aparoid fighters. Bill gritted his teeth as the aparoids tri-pod fighters opened fire with waves of blue energy as his own fighters returned the fire with lances of red and green energy. Bill jerked his fighter around as the enemy fire filled the space around him and he smiled as several aparoid fighters disintegrated into atoms. After what felt like an eternity of fighting the enemy Bill's ship shook as a sub-sonic explosion ripped through space. Bill flipped around to see what had happened only to see Alex's ship slam into the aparoid ship.

Alex felt the ship come to a sudden halt as the aparoid's ship filled his screen before the bridge fell into chaos as gravity disappeared and fuselage flew everywhere Alex felt something slam into his left arm and a loud crack rang out as pain invaded his mind. A second piece struck him in the head and nearly caused him to black out as blood floated away. Alex managed to clear his vision as the shrapnel settled down he looked toward the vid-screen only to see it filled with static. Well it was fun while it lasted he thought as he managed a quick salute as he felt something else impact the ship.

"Now's our chance fire now," Bill yelled as the bomber raced toward the two ship and a trio of bombs flew out from under it. Bill watched as two of the bombs impacted Alex ship's middle exposing the reactor before the final bomb hit. A blinding light encased both ships as they were blasted into sub-atomic particles. "Thanks," Bill murmured as he wheeled his ship back into the fight.

Zavis and the others walked slowly through the smoking doorway with weapons at the ready. They entered a large open room with a single energy pillar that cast an eerie blue light. As they walked toward the center of the room a figure clad in all white moved slowly out of the light surrounding the pillar. They froze and trained their guns on the figure as it moved toward them.

"Fox," the figure rumbled in a deep-set voice, "I knew it would be you who would come to stop me." Fox just stared at the creature, he thought it looked a little like Pepper but taller and made of metal. "Well aren't you curious why Fox? I know you're not really much of a thinker but I'm sure even you are wondering why."

"Yeah I want to know why but right now I'd rather stop you," Fox yelled at Pepper.

"Fox you did always shoot first then shoot some more," Pepper said with a laugh, "Fox I know it seems that I am the bad guy but think about it, why would I do something to harm the system. I did all of this to help save the system."

"How the hell do you figure that tin man," Falco shouted?

"The system is plagued by violence and death, if I can bring the system to the swarm we'll be saved from ourselves and under my leadership I will save the entire universe."

"But your killing innocent furs that not what I call saving the system hon. And I don't think I want to follow someone willing to sacrifice my life for his greater good," Katt muttered.

"Lives must be sacrificed for the greater good, history has taught us that time and time again," said Pepper as he drew nearer to the group, "Once the system is completely absorbed I will make the survivors fur-forms."

"I don't call being controlled within your own body being saved," Zavis said as he took a few steps closer to Pepper and extended the landmaster gun.

"Ah the human, Zavis I know you must feel so alone if you join the swarm than I can guarantee that you will never be alone," Pepper said in a fatherly voice as stopped in front of Zavis.

"Being alone is not that bad besides this system was doing just fine before you started this," Zavis said as he aimed right at Peppers face and fired. Pepper fell back as Zavis fired shot after shot into his face. Fox and the other opened fire as well and the combined fire drove Pepper to his knees as plasma and bullets washed over him. The air around Pepper became super heated and burst the water lines that ran under the floor and created a steam barrier around him. Zavis held up and arm signaling the other to stop firing. Did we win Katt thought as the steam spread across the room a low laugh rose from its depths.

"Did you fools think it would be that easy to defeat me"? A pair of glowing red eyes cut through the steam, "I let that fool dribble on about saving the system to see what your strength was but I see now that it wasn't necessary."

"Fire, fire," Falco yelled as he opened fire on the eyes. The eyes shifted toward Falco and the mist parted as a spike launched out and impaled him on his right shoulder and sent him flying toward the exit. Falco screamed in pain as Katt rushed to his side. "Get him out of here," Zavis yelled as he retracted his guns, extended his arm blades, and launched himself toward the glowing eyes.

Zavis felt like he had hit a brick wall when he rammed into Pepper. As he hesitated a moment Pepper gave a shrug that sent Zavis to the ground. As Pepper brought his arm down Zavis rolled out of the way and tried to hamstring Pepper as he regained his footing and swept a blade around. The blade glanced off of Pepper's armor and Zavis had to dodge another swing of Pepper's arm. "This grows tiresome human," Pepper said evilly as he opened his paw and launched a spike toward Zavis. Zavis rolled to the side and yelled, "LOOK OUT," to the others as the spike disappeared into the mists. As Zavis finished his roll Pepper launched another spike and Zavis had to stop his momentum to dodge the attack. Pepper lashed out with a punch that sent Zavis flying toward the center of the room. Zavis twisted himself to get see where he was going to land and only saw the blue pillar. Before he could do anything the collided with the pillar, as energy flowed from the pillar into him Zavis screamed in agony before the energy build up caused a small explosion that sent him reeling to the floor. As trails of smoke rose off of him Zavis managed to look up to see Pepper standing over him.

Fox watched as Zavis disappeared into the mist before he turned and ran to Falco side. Fox reached him as Katt retched free the spike that had embedded itself in Falco's shoulder. Falco passed out from the pain before Fox could say anything so Fox said to Katt "Katt you get Falco out of her ok," before he turned back to stare into the mist that swirled and danced as Zavis and Pepper moved within it. Katt gave a quick nod as Zavis yelled, "LOOK OUT"! Fox and Katt dropped down as another spike flew over their heads. "Go," Fox said urgently as he gripped his weapon tighter and turned toward the swirling fog.

Katt struggled to lift Falco enough to carry him but after a moment was ready so she sped toward the exit. As she reached the exit Zavis's cry of pain echoed from behind her followed by a thunderous sound wave. Katt nearly dropped Falco but she caught herself and sped toward the ship.

Fox walked through the mist searching for signs of Pepper or Zavis when he heard Zavis scream and he felt his hair stand on end as a sub-sonic explosion blew though the room. Fox headed toward where he had heard the scream and he found Pepper standing over Zavis with a spike directed toward his head. Fox took aim and squeezed off a few shots at Pepper but to no effect so Fox switched to his energy grenade launcher and fired off a single bulb of energy that stuck to Pepper's head and encased it in small green super nova. Before Fox could do anything Pepper wheeled around and fired a spike toward Fox. Fox froze as the spike penetrated his thigh and continued strait on through, he felt the pain race through him and choke his voice off as he dropped to the ground clutching his leg. Fox clutched at his leg as the blood flowed between his fingers as he tried to banish the pain from his mind. With his vision fading he saw Pepper walking slowly toward him.

Zavis struggled to stand as Pepper moved toward Fox and pain racked his world.

We can't stop him human. We need more power.

"The aparoid is right we need more power."

Yeah and I think I know just where to get it.

"What are you talking abo…you must be crazy."

That will never work it nearly killed us the last time we tried to take in too much at once.

Yeah I know but this time we'll focus it.

You'll kill us all.

Pepper's going to kill us if we don't.

"Lets just do it before he comes back."


You bother are crazy.

Zavis extended the landmaster gun and took a step closer to the pillar of energy. "Well here goes nothing," he muttered as he slammed his fist into the beam and began to absorb. Pain. That was all the Zavis could think of as a torrent of energy flowed through him to the landmaster gun. He felt the energy ripping him apart as tried to find a release from the prison of his body. Zavis's vision turned blue as the energy filled him to the brim as he tried to keep it contained. As he prepared to fire the fog rolled out of the room.

Pepper walked forward slowly, he knew nothing could harm him so he was determined to enjoy finishing his enemies. The voice in his head laughed and screamed at him to finish Fox off when a small whine of energy reached his ears and the fog seemed to vanish. As Pepper spun around he saw Zavis trembling as he tried to absorb the bases main power source and lightning bolts danced around his body and his cannon glowed an angry blue as it struggled to escape from its' prison. Pepper couldn't move as the energy finally broke free and raced toward him. He vaguely remembered a comment Hyman had said about humans magnifying energy when they absorbed too much and releasing it before he was atomized by the blast.

Zavis wretched his hand free and let the energy drain from him. He collapsed to his knees and felt a warm sticky liquid bubble up his throat as he vomited blood on the ground in front of him. As he coughed his lungs free he looked around the room for any sign of Pepper he only saw Fox on the ground trying to stop his bleeding. Zavis began to crawl to Fox as he took a glance at his arm. A black charred piece of flesh met his gaze. He absorbed part of the floor and banished his pain from him as he neared Fox. When he reached Fox he laid his hand on his leg and surrounded it with a white light and patched the wound. Zavis helped Fox to his feet and the two helped each other toward the exit.

Katt set Falco down outside the ship as the squirrel chattered about being unsafe but Katt ignored him and tried to give Falco some fast med work. After she felt she had done all she could she turned to watch the tunnel she had exited debating weather or not to go back. Finally she decided to head back in when fog exploded from the tunnel followed by a brilliant light. Katt just watched the tunnel and after a half hour Zavis and Fox emerged. Fox and Zavis gave Katt a grin before Fox passed out and slumped against Zavis.

Katt rushed over to them and helped Zavis lay Fox next to Falco "Is he going to be ok," she asked?

"Yeah he's just tired, that's all," Zavis muttered exhaustedly.

"So we won," Katt said pleadingly.

"Yeah Katt we won," Zavis said as he walked toward the ship. "Hey squirrel boy you got a distress beacon"? The squirrel nodded. "Then activate it." The squirrel did as Zavis walked into the ship. A moment later he emerged carrying Krystal.

"Hey," Katt said suddenly, "she should be awake right"?

"Don't think she'll wake up for a few days, besides she's recovering from an infestation did you think she would be up and at em right after we won."

"Well I.. no, but know what," Katt asked.

"Well Corneria will have to be rebuilt, you and the rest of Star Fox will be going back to your normal live," Zavis said as he walked toward the ship again.

"And what about you," Katt asked.

"I've got a promise to keep," he said as he entered the ship and turned around to look at Katt.

"Fine when will you be back Zavis"?

"Katt… this system doesn't need me, I'm the one who caused this mess. I've caused nothing but pain for those who get close to me, so I don't think I'll be coming back."

Katt looked as Zavis for a moment before she nodded and said, "In that case I guess I'll see you again." Zavis looked at her surprised until she continued, "This system could use you weather or not you think so."

"Yeah I'm sure I could use another destroying like I've already given it," he said sarcastically as he shut the hatch.

"Zavis," Katt said sadly as the ship began to take off, "Thanks."

Fox said in a hospital next to Krystal as he slowly petted her paw as Katt, Falco, Bill and the rest of the group walked it.

"No change," Peppy asked as he stepped next to Fox.

"No," Fox said sadly.

"Hey she'll wake up Fox," Falco said with a smile as he walked around the room.

"Fox it'll be ok man," Bill said encouragingly.

"Guys I know your trying to help but I'd rather be alone right now," Fox said as he brushed a few bangs out of Krystal's face. As the other filed out Fox broke down and sobbed into the bed sheets. It's not fair he thought she should be ok now she should have woke up by now. Fox continued to sob until he felt a paw on his head and a low voice said, "Fox." Fox looked up to see Krystal smiling at him thought half closed eyes. "Krystal," breathed as more tears welled up in his eyes before swooped over and cradled Krystal's head and nuzzled it as she laid a paw on Fox's head and whispered, "Fox I'm fine, everything's going to be fine."

Rosy sat in the apartment Zavis had sent her to as she tried to sort out her feeling. She cried as she began to loss hope of seeing Zavis again and her thoughts toward David when the door bell rang. Rosy walked over and opened the door and came face to face with the white tiger she had been thinking of just a second before.

"Rosy are you sure you're ok," he asked.

"No," she cried, "I'm not. Zavis is probably dead and I can't think things through and then there's you and…"

"Whoa what," David said confused.

"Well," she sniffled, "I've been thinking of you since we left Corneria and you helped me find this place and well, I don't know, I'm so confused."

"Hey, hey," David said softly as he pulled Rosy into a hug, "I'm here ok, I'm here." David held her tightly as she wept into his shoulder.

Zavis guided the ship out of slip space and back into the inky void of normal space. As he scanned the system he located a large chunk of metal floating in the emptiness.

That's it"? Wolf muttered in his mind.

"Yeah humanity greatest achievement and our last great tomb," Zavis said sadly.

"Lets just get this over with," Jr. quipped.

Zavis guided the ship toward the object and the three of them gazed upon a long sleek vessel that resembled an aircraft carrier.

"That ships nearly three time the size of any other ship I've seen," Wolf muttered breathless with Zavis head.

"Wait till you see the inside," Zavis said quietly.

Zavis landed the ship and checked the ship's atmosphere, after finding it breathable Zavis emerged from his ship and walked down the eerily silent corridors of the ship. Plasma burns and shrapnel fragments littered the ship and the air itself seemed a mixture of old battles and death.

"What was the ship's name," Wolf asked.

"The Phoenix," Zavis said with a grimace, "The supposed rebirth of humanity."

"And all it turned into was a giant killing ground," Jr. said softly.

Zavis ignored the comment and continued on. Before long he found the machine he was looking for. As Zavis checked the machine to see if it still worked Wolf asked, "So this is where you were infected isn't it."

"I guess last thing I remember is my friend shoving me into a cryo-escape pod. I guess that I never made it out."

"So does it work human"?

"One second," Zavis muttered as he cranked the machine and it revved to life. "Guess so."

"So how does this give me a new body Zavis," Wolf asked as Zavis placed his hand on a small panel.

"The machine will take a sample of your DNA and grow you a new body Wolf, then I eject your mind into the new body." Zavis said as the machine shook and sputtered as it began to replicate a body. After several hours Wolf's new body was laying on a table near the machine. Zavis laid his hand of the body's head and shot a white light into it and after a moment the body moved.

"So did it work," he asked as the wolf body sat up.

"Yeah," Wolf said as he swung his legs around and stood up. "Well now what"?

"You can take the ship back to Lylat."

"And what about you," Wolf asked as he donned an old flight suit they had found.

"This is my peoples final tomb, seems only fitting that I be it keeper."

"So you plan to stay here Zavis," Wolf asked as he turned to leave.

"No Wolf," Zavis said in a low voice, "I plan to die here." Zavis bowed his head for a moment before he said, "I'm kind a glad I had you stuck in my head Wolf."

"What ever," said as he started to leave the room, "although I can't say I enjoyed it, it was one of the more interesting point of my life. Goodbye Zavis."

"Goodbye Wolf."

On Corneria a Zoness black ops team swept a portion of the city looking for survivors when they came across a dog with a wound on his arm.

"He still breathing," one of them, asked?

"Yeah check his blood." One of them took a quick sample and ran it through a device on his arm after a second it beeped and a green light flicked on. "He's got the markers load him up." The soldiers gathered the dog up and tossed him in a small transport and continued to sweep the city.

Authors note: I am finally done. One moment. YAHOOOOOOOO! Ok now that, that is done I have this to say. Thank you all for sticking with the Unknown for so long. Special thanks to Silver Meta and Fenrir Hellfyre for review the whole thing. I am thinking about a sequel and a few one shots about some parts of the story (namely Tristan and his view of the final battle and a few marines landing on Corneria) but may be a while before I get to that. So once again thank you all for taking this walk through the unknown areas of my crazy writings. Peace.