A/N: I felt like writing a one shot story about HP that was was really ridiculous…think of it as a late Easter gift…

Crookshanks, the beloved feline of Hermione, trotted down the lonely castle hallway. Infact, the hallway was far from lonely, since everyone in the entire school was hanging from a different rope tied to a different part of the ceiling. Yes, everyone was, well, rather deceased. Upon examination, an investigator might have dubbed the scene a mass – suicide. However, appearances are deceiving.

Crookshanks gave a rather mischievous grin. She turned around and whispered to a dormant shadow hidden in a corner.

"Peter, we have succeeded!" Shrieked the cat, in the purest of ecstasies.

"Yes, my love! Thanks to you, my snuggle muffin!" Replied Peter.

Yes, I do mean, THE Peter Pettigrew.

Could this be? Has Crookshanks, the innocent kitten who, on many occasions, would attempt to devour the treacherous Scabbers?

I fooled you! It's going to be a two shot I guess, hehe. I know it's really really short, but, this was the absolute perfect place to end a chapter ever written! Well, maybe…