Hey, it's my second 21 Jump Street fic! Everything that you recognize belongs to Fox Network and Stephen J. Cannell. Takes place in between seasons 2 and 3 right before whatever episode started season 3. I kinda got this idea from an old "Baywatch" episode. Frankly, I only watched the first two seasons because of the EddieShaunie pairing, plus this episode where Mitch had to take down this guy that nearly killed Hobie. This is not related to "Secrets We Keep". So, here I go!


Officer Tom Hanson sighed in boredom. He drummed his fingers on the table. A wild yell made him look up.

"What's up, Hanson?" Officer Doug Penhall wondered.

"I'm bored! I wanna go to work!" Tom complained.

"Yeah Hanson's right. We've been out of work for three months," Officer Judy Hoffs agreed.

"Let's see what's on the radio," Harry Officer Truman Ioki suggested.

"Yeah. Why not? There's nothing better to do," Tom agreed. Ioki turned on the radio.

"And it's a lovely summer day," the announcer stated. "Sun is shining, no breeze, and it's ninety degrees, coming up your local news," the d.j. stated.

"Boring," Doug said.

"You got anything better, Penhall?" Judy asked.

"No," Doug answered.

"Then shut your trap," Tom told him. Doug gave up. They listened to a string of commercials. Then, the news came in.

"Two bank robbers were caught after one got stuck coming out of a window," the newsman said. The Jump Street Officers laughed.

"Yeah, that's real good," Judy said.

"And in further news, an old-time convict recently escaped from the federal penitentiary," the newsman continued.

"Oh, terrific," said Doug.

"This man was in for armed robbery, assault with a deadly, and an assault on a police officer," the man continued.

"Why would anyone take their eyes off this guy?" Judy wondered.

"We have just received word that the suspect's name is Brock Harding," the man revealed. Tom froze.