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High School Reunions

The Epilogue

The silver convertible sped down the parking lot in the front of the school, as it drove on past the other cars the sun seemed to emit it's rays especially on it so that the silver paint sparkled and glistened as the other students stared. The car pulled into a space in the front of the school and three girls stepped out of the car, each simultaneously slamming the doors.

"Uh, Marron." The blue haired driver complained, taking off her sun glasses and straightening her skirt, "Careful with the paint -- Daddy would kill me if I chipped it again."

The blonde haired girl that she had been referring to flipped a lock of light hair away from her shoulders and rolled her eyes, "Bra, really, like your dad would really get mad about anything you did, honestly."

The blue haired girl grinned, her two rows of perfectly white teeth gleamed with pride at the mention of her beloved father. Yes, it was true … she had the normally selfishly proud man wrapped around her little fingers.

A dark-haired girl stepped out of the backseat of the air car and sighed, "Your poor brother though, he would probably get an earful."

The blonde haired girls eyes narrowed as the trio began making their way towards the school, "Speaking of Trunks, he never called me back, the prick."

As the three walked towards the large building and another day of school, their heels clicked on the concrete pavement and all eyes seemed glued to them. As they made their way, people literally stepped out of their way so the most popular girls in the entire school could make their grand entrance.

The leader of the clique stood between her two best friends, laughing at something the blonde girl beside her had said. As a boy opened one of the large glass doors to the school open for her she shot him another one of her signature grins. He merely blinked back at the breathtaking blue haired girl.

She was quite a beauty with her shoulder length cerulean hair and deep blue eyes. Under her small arm she hosted her designer bag that her brilliant and beautiful mother and recently purchased for her seventeenth birthday. They were a wealthy family - her mother being a world famous inventor and her father running their family's business. Her parents were always quite embarrassing for her to bring boys home to. Her mother usually catching the eye of her date, still being quite beautiful and flirtatious for her age. Her father, on the other hand, was terribly intimidating with his fierce scowl and budging muscles. Needless to say, boys never stayed around too long.

She had an older brother, Trunks, who was shy and noble and nearly as brilliant as her mother was. He also had their fathers strengths imposed upon him, and was forced to train with his father every night when he was still living at home. He was now currently a college student getting a degree to one day take over their parents company.

Bra smiled at the thought of her parents, but the smile soon disappeared as she let out a small sigh and her blue eyes roamed the hallways. Her parents were a great couple - even though they fought and teased each other every day, they loved each other so much it was sickening. And their forwardness towards everyone about their sex life was way more information than teen Bra ever really needed to know.

The thought of growing old and never having a husband saddened her - for no matter how many boys she dated, they were never right for her. So what is she was high matennce? She was a princess, and she deserved the best.

To her right was Marron - the beautiful blonde girl who had a knack for shopping and was often discarded as being slightly superficial. She was a kind girl and quite pretty. Actually, she had been dating Bras brother for almost six months now and the couple was quite happy.

Marron and Trunks had been friends since they were young - their families being so close that they were raised together.

Her parents were business partners of his parents, and both Juu and Krillin were extremely proud of their beautiful daughter.

They had actually lived in Bulma and Vegeta's guest house for a few months until Krillin proposed to Marron's mother and they moved down the street into a mansion of their own.

The final female member of the clique was Pan, a short-tempered and very tomboyish dark haired girl. She was a member of the wrestling team, though frowned upon by her two friends, and found no pleasure in her two best friends pastimes of shopping.

Though they were constantly buying her things to wear she grudgingly complied. For, they were her very best friends and they made her laugh and she cared about them like no one else. They were practically sisters.

Her parents were the fun loving Goku and ChiChi, her mother being a stay-at-home mom and part time baker at a nearby cake shop. Her father was still the naïve and goofy man her friend's parents and told her that he was in high school - he however ran his own dojo and was funding their family quite sufficiently.

Her older brother, Goten, was roommates in college with Trunks. They went to school nearby and were constantly visited by the three girls. They, of course, visited home often as well so there was really no separation between them.

As they continued their walk down the hall, a boy ran up to them, panting slightly.

The three girls frowned at him and he inhaled deeply and then stood up straight, "Hey guys."

Bra frowned at the boy, their fourth high school companion, "How many times do I have to remind you, we're girls, Uub, stop referring to us as if we were male."

Uub was a boy in their grade who had also been practically raised with them as well. He being the only son of their parents longtime friend's Launch and Tien.

He had moved to Oklahoma with the others when he was two and they had been together practically ever since.

"Pan, you did great at practice last night." Uub began, Marron and Bra both knew that he had always had a crush on the dark haired girl.

She nodded casually at him, "Yeah, you too. Any idea what we're doing today?"

Marron and Bra rolled their eyes as the two began discussing wrestling practice and then Bra gasped excitedly, "Oh! Do you want to go visit the guys this weekend?"

Uub nodded eagerly and Marron smiled excitedly, always up for an opportunity to see her older boyfriend.

Pan shrugged, wanting to see both her brother and Trunks, but not as excited as the others and their animated reactions.

"Alright!" Bra smiled, "I'll call Trunks and tell him to make reservations at that steakhouse on 7th."

As soon as Uub was about to respond, the bell rang and the four teens spilt up, making plans to meet at the Breif's mansion after school.

The plan was for the other three teens to arrive at Bra's house shortly after school, giving themselves time, of course, for going home to dress and redo their hair and makeup and virtually make themselves perfect.

Uub, however, was exempt from this, and arrived at the Brief's household long before the other two girls, and knocked on the door timidly - hoping that it would be Bulma to open the door.

His luck failed him, unfortunately, as a pair of onyx eyes loomed above him - a snarl being thrown in his direction.

"What do you want?" The voice snapped, only to be echoed by an angry female voice.

"Vegeta! That is not how we talk to our company."

He was pushed out of the way and replaced by a beautiful blue haired woman, one who resembled Bra quite well. Or … perhaps it was the other way around?

She smiled graciously at him and opened the door to let him inside.

When Uub made his way into the large house, he averted his eyes to avoid Vegeta's.

"Can I get you anything? A snack? A drink?" The blue haired woman smiled again, and then turned her gaze to her 'beloved husband' to glare at him.

"No mam, thank you though." The manners Launch had imposed on him had sunk in, "Is Bra here?"

"Yes, she's up in her room getting ready." Bulma sighed dreamily as she glanced at the stairs, "She's got to make herself look absolutely perfect, you know."

Uub shrugged lightly as the woman continued, "She has a huge crush on that Goten. I don't blame her - he has grown into quite the looker."

Vegeta growled, "My daughter does not have a pitiful …. crush on that idiot's son. The weakling! Feh."

Bulma blinked at him with a blank face and then rolled her eyes, "Anyway - she'll be down in a minute."

As if on cue, the doorbell rang and Marron let herself in the house.

A pair of blue eyes widened excitedly as she threw her arms around the thin girl, "Oh!! Marron!! It's so great to see you again!"

The blonde smiled, though she saw Bulma nearly ever day, she loved that her best friend and boyfriends mom adored her so much.

Bulma released her and backed away, smiling at the girl with a nod of approval, "Cute skirt!"

Vegeta rolled his eyes at the scene and Bulma laughed, "Oh, my son has great taste!"

The door was opened and Pan entered, wearing a tank top and a pair of knee length shorts.

She tossed her bag over her shoulder and frowned, "What's taking Bra so long?"

"Excuse a girl for making herself look good!"

Each of the eyes were turned to the blue haired girl who was making her way down the stairs, wearing a short denim skirt with a brown tank top and dark green polo over it, "But I'm ready to go now."

They loaded up the car and the four teens climbed in, Bulma handing her daughter a bag of 'goodies' for Trunks before they took off for the weekend.

As they drove off Vegeta let out a small growl, muttering something about letting their daughter dress like a slut.

Bulma glared at him, "Oh, honestly Vegeta, like we were complete saints in high school. Let the kids have some fun."

He smirked as he remembered a random high school memory, "You did dress like a skank, didn't you?"

She feigned a hurt expression then grinned, "You seemed to enjoy it, didn't you?"

"I was a hormone raging teenage boy, forgive me."

She laughed at the smirk playing on his handsome features.

"Come on woman, the brats are all out of the house for the weekend, let's have some fun."

She rolled her eyes at him and then sighed in defeat, "Still a hormone raging boy, aren't you?"

He shook his head, lightly nibbling on her neck, "No woman," he whispered in her ear, "I'm a man now."

She laughed with a small blush, "Well let's get out of the driveway at least."

Just as they were about to turn around Goku and ChiChi jogged by, in matching sweat suites giving the couple excited waves.

Vegeta growled angrily as his fist compressed into two tight wads.

"Vegeta," Bulma coed, squeezing his wrist lightly, "After a short chat, Okay?"

He looked his beautiful wife over and let a complying growl escape his throat.

She smiled and turned her attention to the two matching jiggers at the foot of their driveway and returned a wave.

"Oh, it's been so long since we got to go out and eat like this, Trunks!"

The lavender haired boy felt his girlfriend slide next to him in the booth as she spoke.

He turned to smile at her, taking in her gorgeous physique. Some of the guys, mainly his player of a roommate Goten had given him a hard time about dating a high school girl, but she was not only his best friend and a great person, but she was much more beautiful then any of the girls he had spotted around campus.

"Yeah, I've missed you Marron."

She blushed lightly at hi comment and then smiled, "It's been four days, Trunks."

He shrugged and leant over to whisper in her ear.

He had never been Mr. Suave, but he still knew how to make his girlfriend blush, "Tomorrow night what do you say we dump these guys and spend some alone time?"

Her cheeks flushed as her eyes widened and she embarrassedly pretended to look over the menu in front of her.

After she had gotten over her embarrassment she turned her gaze to her gorgeous boyfriend and smiled sweetly, "That sounds great."

He grinned back at her and planted a short kiss on her forehead, then he pulled back and looked into her eyes - placing a lock of blonde hair behind her ears.

"Would you two get a room. Honestly, some of us came here to eat, not watch the two of you and loose our appetites."

The cheeky blue haired woman glared across the table as her brother and best friend ignored her and sighed.

When she looked up, she found herself seated next to Pan's gorgeous older brother Goten, Uub and Pan sitting at chairs on opposite sides of the table.

She tucked a strand of blue hair away from her face and took a deep breath of air - making sure to inhale Goten's cologne.

It was a scent she had always adored but had never been able to replace.

She cast him a small side glance and watched the dreamy male glance boredly over his menu.

Her father had always said that Goten had been a naïve boy much like Goku, but she found it hard that the sleek ladies man beside her that was emitting such allure that the beautiful Bra felt intimidated.

So what if she had always had a crush on the older boy? He was a charming college boy, a friend of the family, her brothers roommate, and drop dead gorgeous.

She sighed in defeat as she sat down her menu, opting for a salad.

"So, what's up Bra?"

She blinked at the boy beside her and smiled sweetly at him, "Not too much, how are you?"

They engaged in small talk, swapping stories and sharing embarrassing past relationships.

"Really? A beautiful girl like you?"

She laughed timidly as her cheeks tinted with a slight rogue, a strange feature for such a confidante girl.

He shook his head, "I always thought Trunk's little sister would be quite the heartbreaker."

She rolled her eyes as she stared at her water with a frown, "Nope. For some reason it seems to be the other way around."

He shrugged, "Well, you'll just be the hottest Freshman on campus next year - won't you?"

She laughed and stood up straight, feigning sarcastic confidence, "Who knows, I might even outdo a certain Senior."

"Well," He smirked, "I don't know about that."

She smiled at him, and the older boy noticed that she was quite attractive, not the superficial eye-catch that he had always seen in her … but real, surreal beauty.

Yes, there were probably a lot of guys that wanted to get in her … he frowned as he noticed … very, very short skirt.

He almost frowned at himself for his thoughts of himself included and shrugged, "Well, maybe next year when you're here I'll have to buy you a drink or something."

She frowned lightly, "I'll be underage."

He nodded, as if just remembering, "Oh yeah."

Then he smirked, "Well that's why I'll be doing the buying."

She laughed at the cute boy and then smiled.

Yes, she was already looking forward to next year …

But for now, she would have to stick to just being high school royalty.