Hello everyone this is my first fanfiction for the Avatar and its about Prince Zuko I like him and a very special gift his father sends him, it or should I say she is supposed to help him find the Avatar...So enjoy...that means read oh you already are reading hahaha...ha...ha...ha..I'll shut up now.

"Prince Zuko your control has indeed improved I'm pleased to see your remembering the basics" the elderly man said pouring himself a cup of tea. "Thank you Uncle this training will help me catch the Avatar and regain my honor!" Zuko said punching a fist out in front causing flames to come forth."Yes yes now come enjoy a cup of Jasime tea with me, my young prince" Uncle said beckoning his young nephew to sit and join him. Zuko nodded and sat across from his Uncle holding the tea cup in his hand. He drank a small sip and cast his eyes downward and began turning the cup in his hands. His uncle noticing the distress of his young nephew asked him "What troubles you young prince?"

Suprised by the question Zuko began "Uncle why did you chose to accompany me in my search for the Avatar even though I was banished?" His Uncle did not answer right away instead he took a long drink and then answered " It ws my choice and you are my nephew are you not." Zuko smiled and was going to say more when a young soldier entered "Prince Zuko, My Lord a Fire Nation warship bearing the royal flag request premission to board," Zuko shot up at this statement "Is it a messanger from my father or maybe my father himself?" Startled the young soldier mearly bowed "I do not know my Prince, Sire do I allow them to board" Zuko waved his hand "Yes and be quick about it". Once again the soldier bowed and retreated the way he came.

"Zuko please do not get your hopes up" the old man said standing up. Do not worry Uncle" Zuko said fixing his hair "I know better than to set myself up for disapointment" he slipped on a jacket and walked out the door his Uncle right behind him.

The entered onto the deck and Zuko saw some sailors taking a cage covered with a cloth to the carrgo hold below but paid it no mind. A man with a large beard walked up to Zuko and bowed "hello my Prince My name is Captian Nema" he wore the tradtional Fire nation attire."I bring you a gift and a message for the Fire Lord 'I wish you luck my Son', now you must excuse me I have bussiness else where" he bowed again and returned to his ship. Zuko waited until the ship was out of sight before he shouted "UNCLE! Can you believe it my father wished me luck. ME!"

Zuko leaned against the rail and gazed out to sea. "Congradulations, Prince Zuko we shall have a great feast in you honor, Excuse me while I go make the preperations and why don't you go and see what your father sent you" smiled his uncle. Like a child on Christmas morning Zuko ran to the stairs that lead to the hold but seeing how his men where looking at him he blushed and colected the little dignty he had left and began his desent down the stairs.

Once arriving at the bottom he spoted some fire bender soldiers standing around the cage he had seen earlier. He stopped and hid to observe thier actions slowly he crepyt closer. "Well aren't you just a pretty little thing, I get you first" said the fatest one of them all sticking his had into the cage. "Come here darling" Zuko heard a scream "NO! LET GO!" Then the fat man withdrew his hand with a yelp it was bleeding from a small cut. "LITTLE ANIMAL SHE BIT ME" He screeched taking up the butt end of his spear and began hitting whatever was in the cage the other two men joined in laughing.

Zuko was inraged how dare they treat something sent to him by his let alone a living thing in such a way. Stepping from the shadows "You there" he shouted angerily "What do you think you doing?" The fat man droped the cloth back over the cage and bowed "Why nothing my Lord. Angered by this mans insolence he shot flames from his fists "Do not lie to me" The three men cowered in fear of their angery leader "Return to your posts" the men didn't move "NOW!"

The three ran as fast as they could up those stairs Zuko watched them go as soon as they where gone he turned to the cage and lifted the cloth. Starring back at him were a pair of glowing red eyes was a young girl no less than a year younger than him. Her eyes narrowed into a glare and was frowning at hiim slowly she scooted away from him to the other side of the cage. Zuko examined her. She had Raven black hair which hung loosely around her face and the rest was in a messy braid "Proably from when the soldier grabed he awhile ago" he thought. She had bloodcoming out of the corner of her mouthand a small cut above her left eye. Her clothes were torn and tattered. She had a cupple of cuts and bruises here and there but other than that she looked fine.

"My name is Zuko whats yours?" he asked politely. "Zuko? My nami is.." cathching herself she shut up and starred at him. Sighing Zuko returned her stare "Look will you tell me you name if I let you out of the cage but promise you won't run away?"The girl considered it for a moment then nodded wipping some of the blood from her mouth as Zuko undid the lock on the cage and opened the door.

The girl crawled out as fast s she could and sat there on the floor. Zuko offered a hand and she took it and was soon standing next to Zuko. Crossing his arms "So I kept my end of the deal now its your turn whats your name". The girl gave a small smile and looked away "My name is Sky. "Sky?" Zuko said blinking a few times then headed for the stairs.

"So Sky why were you in a cage" "How should I know I've been asleep for a hundred years...opps" she said softly covering her mouth. "What" said Zuko he was already halfway up the stairs looking back at her. She smiled "Nothing" then her stomach rumbled loud, Sky blushed hard. Zuko laughed 'come on there's a feast going on and you arex apperently starving" Sky ran up the stairs and followed Zuko "Yes I'm starved" She laughed grabbing his arm and pulled him along. "Do you even know where your going?" Zuko yelled.

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