All the things one has forgotten scream for help in dreams
-Elias Canetti

Her heart fell, not very far, but it felt as if it had struck the floor and cracked. Yet it made no sound.

Maybe it wasn't anything; after all she could pretend not to notice. She hated him, didn't she?

His golden eyes seemed to glow hauntingly, and the spark at the sight of her! Those orbs were beautiful and they suggested nights of ecstasy beyond imagination.

No it was nothing, this being that haunted her dreams, did not exist. How could these dreams fill her with such succor and in the next moment anger that she could barely keep held back?

All this lovely creature had to do was hold out his dangerous clawed hand and the anger she felt before fell like rain as she ran to him.

It was always this way, nights of passion filled dreams only awakening to the real world and the monotony of days, surrounded by beauty.

She no longer saw the beauty of it, it was nothing to her. Lush green grass, succulent forest, flowers brimming with nectar. All of it. Nothing!

Fragmented voices of the villagers asking her this, saying that.

"Ah, I'm so glad! Thank you Kagome-sama."

"What of this wound?"

"We've no idea what to do with him! Please. Can you help?"

The days rarely punctuated by a demon trying to get the shikon no tama. To her the sun in the sky was no longer her source of life.

For it was the darkness in which he existed.

She had stayed in the feudal era because she was now the only one who could protect the village from demons.


So many of her memories were missing she knew that there had been a young man Inuyasha; knew he had had power...

Though what of him?

What had happened?