We need not destroy the past. It is gone.
-John Cage

He stood there as calm as ever, his silver hair twinkling in the drab light that filtered through the clouds.

"Why do you keep taking me back!" She turned on him her voice breaking.

"You would rather be with the demon slayer and the monk?" He looked down at her as she walked over to him, her hands shaking. "They are happy together. Are you certain you have a place there?"

"Your evil and cruel to say that", she bit at her lowering lip, trying to doubt his words. They would have tried to find her by now unless what he was saying was true.

"Choose what you will." He turned with grace and walked away from the tree, toward the darkness of the forest, toward his own lands and she felt fear flicker in her. Her hair was dripping wet she realized, it was a cold rain and her kimono was plastered to her thighs and back. She stepped forward after him, made a frightened noise at the back of her throat and he stopped without turning, waiting for her.

Stupid. She knew that word well, Inuyasha had called her it often but this time she was using it, not him. She didn't need to tell him, he knew of course, but she said it low and broken below the sound of the rain, "He chose Kikyou."

She met his burning golden eyes as his head turned slightly. He moved his lips and the words seemed to come out slower, "Come."