TITLE: Hel(l)

AUTHOR: Macx and Lara Bee

DISCLAIMER: not mine. Definitely not! I just play with them and hope I tread on no one's toes.

Author's Voice of Warning (aka Author's Note):
English is not my first language; it's German. This is the best I can do. Any mistakes you find in here, collect them and you might win a prize g> The spell-checker said everything's okay, but you know how trustworthy those thingies are...


WARNINGS: lots of Dark ouchies

TYPE: yaoi

RATING: M, for FFNet specifically. THe no holds barred version will be up on our website after all parts have been posted here

PAIRING: Daisuke/Satoshi, Dark/Krad

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Author's additional note: The book Satoshi recommends, "Allies in Healing" actually exists. It was written by Laura Davis and deals with the topic of how partners, friends and family members can help people who have survived sexual abuse in their childhood. Not a topic in this story, though, but nevertheless I found it fitting. Lara Bee

Christmas had come and gone. It had been two months now since the almost catastrophic kiss. For Dark it had been fun to kiss Satoshi under the mistletoe, but for Krad it had launched a myriad of emotions, of memories, of difficulties, and the innocent little kiss had almost destroyed everything.

Ever since then, Dark and Krad had slowly gotten to know each other again, and while Krad tried not to think of the past, sometimes it came floating back. He had told Dark a lot about the three hundred years of almost never-ending slavery at the hands of the Hikari, though he had refused to go into detail. Even though Dark had asked a few times.

He wanted to spare him the horrors. It was enough that he knew. He didn't want to scare his lover off. Dark was the best thing that had ever happened to himaside from Satoshi. Dark was his lover, Satoshi was his soul. But Dark also held his soul and Satoshi his heart. It was a complex relationship between them all, all four of them, and it was getting more and more complicated with each and every day, every week, and every month.


The name was uttered in a breathless moan, needy and filled with desire that spurned his partner on. Blond hair spilled over the pillow, golden eyes were closed in bliss, and Krad moaned and writhed underneath his dark-haired partner. He buried his fingers into his back almost painfully which made Dark yelp. Straddling the other man's hips he took his wrists and pinned them down above his head.

It wasn't a very strong hold, but tight enough to let Krad know not to fight the move.

"Behave," Dark whispered roughly, keeping his hold on the slender wrists with one hand while he returned to caress a nipple into hardness, nibbling on a very enticing neck.

He didn't see the terror widened golden eyes, nor did he register the brief freeze. Muscles locked up, pupils dilated, breathing hitched and blood left the sharp-angled features as the terror took a firm hold.



The word was rough and pain-filled, terrified and filled with horrendous fear. Magic crackled around him as Dark was slammed forcefully against the wall, momentarily seeing stars. Blinking in both confusion and pain he looked up, seeing a very furious Krad, panting heavily, clenching and unclenching his fists.

"Krad?" he stuttered.

The other man didn't bother to reply, simply slid on his clothes and stormed out of the room, leaving a very bewildered kaitou behind.

"Krad?" he repeated, utterly stunned. "Krad!"

Dark needed only a split second to grab his own clothes and follow his lover into the hallway.

"Krad... what...?"

Krad, who had been stalking along the hallway toward the living room, whirled around, magic crackling again on his outstretched hand. Dark stared at the golden glow, noticed the amount of power in the simple summoning, and he swallowed.

Krad was serious.

Dead serious.

Shit... what...?

What had he done again? What had he done this time!

Pleasepleaseplease... he couldn't think of anything. Nothing at all.

"Krad...? Krad, what happened?" he asked, voice wavering, though not from fear. It was uncertainty and a hurt he couldn't explain.

They had been lovers for so long now... so many months... slowly getting to know each other, exploring by touch and through talking. He had shared more with his former arch-enemy than with anyone else, aside from his host who knew almost all about him, too. He loved the blond demon, had always loved him, and the need to be with him was immense. All that hatred and the fights had dissolved into this pure need. It was wonderful, beautiful, fulfilling... and he had felt the same from Krad. The demon had settled down, had opened up, had unwound..

Now this...

Not for the first time. Just last year, before Christmas, Dark had made an immense mistake back then and he had regretted it ever since. He had worked hard at himself and he knew Krad's love was still there, still strong. Krad radiated his love, his need, and Dark echoed it, be it in bed or just among friends and family.

But Krad had attacked him.


More magic crackled around the tall figure and Dark froze on the spot, confused and worried.


"Don'ttouchme!" Krad whispered, voice icy cold.

Dark could hear the unvoiced threat 'or else' and it made him shiver.

"Krad...?" he tried again.

There was movement and behind the demon Satoshi appeared in the door frame, brows dipped. He was casually dressed, carrying a book from the library and had apparently pulled another all-nighter or he wouldn't be here right now. Actually, he should have been with Daisuke, who was probably asleep in their room, but sometimes Satoshi could get lost in whatever he was researching or reading.

Tonight, of all nights, he had to be here.

"Guys? I could feel the magic flare through the whole house," Hikari started, frowning. "What... ?"

Krad didn't give any explanation as he whirled around, turned into energy and wordlessly merged with his Tamer, the force of the impact making Satoshi stumble against the door frame. The book slipped from his fingers and slammed loudly onto the floor. Hands reached for support and a gasp escaped the slender man. He blinked furiously for a few seconds.

Satoshi's mind was the only place Dark wouldn't be able to follow Krad, and the kaitou knew that. Fear took an even greater possession of him.

Why was Krad hiding? What had he done?

Satoshi stared at Dark.

"What have you done?"

"Who says I..." the thief stammered.

Satoshi just looked, and Dark felt his shoulders slump. The blue eyes had an eerily piercing quality. Even when Satoshi had been a child, those eyes had been too old for him, too cold, too... intense. Dark had freaked more than once, called the other 'creepy boy' or worse, but Daisuke had apparently been never bothered by that gaze.

Now, older, grown-up, and no less intimidating than his younger version, Satoshi's eyes bore into the violet ones of the magical entity, demanding answers.

Dark raked a hand through his unruly black hair. "I don't know. One moment we were... and the next I crashed into the wall. I have no idea what happened, really."

Satoshi stepped closer, ignoring the book he had dropped before. "Then maybe we should figure out what happened."

Dark looked at him shocked. "I already told you..."

His arm was grabbed and he was pulled into the bedroom unceremoniously. He tried to voice a protest, but it went unheard.

Satoshi took in the disaster left by the magical outburst, ignoring other disastrous areas, and picked up a broken picture frame, noticing some cracks in the wall.

"At least the house still stands," he murmured.

The magic flare hadn't been light. He had sensed it three rooms away. There was a fine connection between host and demon, between Tamer and Symbiote, and lately it had gotten clearer. Maybe it was because Satoshi and Krad had reached a wonderful balance in their relationship. Maybe it was because Krad was finally free to be what he had been born to be. Maybe it was just everything that had happened to them, bringing Dark and Krad back, resolving so many matters, banishing horrors and fears, leaving all four with a hopefully brighter future. Satoshi had no idea, right now he didn't care, but it had been helpful on occasions. Then again, sometimes it could be almost painful.

From the looks of it, Krad had used everything he had. Against Dark...? It made no sense. Dark and Krad had resolved their animosities and what they shared now was another form of passion. Sure, there had been the Christmas incident, but that had been resolved, too. The last two months had been completely okay.

Satoshi turned, looking at the kaitou, who was sitting on the bed cross legged, an image of utter misery. He looked decidedly young, helpless... like a beaten puppy. Long strands fell into his eyes, the skin pale against the black hair. The slender fingers were interlaced but twisting.

"Okay, now step by step. What happened before he hit you?" Hikari wanted to know.

"I already told you." That sounded almost despondent.

"Tell me again."

Violet eyes looked at him, narrowing a little. "Don't you think this is a little personal?"

Satoshi sighed and sat down at Dark's side. "You're sometimes with Daisuke and me, too, aren't you?"


"Don't tell me you're embarrassed, Dark Mousy," Satoshi teased gently.

"Well, err... it's not like I'm peeking, okay?"


"I can't help it if Dai's shields drop and he floods me!" Dark exclaimed, the color deepening.

Satoshi smiled more. "See? What makes you think we're not with you?"

This time Dark looked shocked. Eyes wide, mouth opening to say something, he stared at the young man. Satoshi suppressed a grin.

"Dark, there's nothing you could possibly tell me I haven't either seen or done myself before. Besides, you care for Krad, you want to know what happened, what caused his behavior, so you can watch out for him in the future, don't you?"

Dark nodded again. Yes, he cared a great deal for his blond counterpart.

"So... spill."

Dark bit his lower lip, inhaled deeply and began to outline the evening. Starting with the cozy couch moments, the fooling around, the slowly heating up situation, to the moment they entered the bedroom and got serious on the bed.

Satoshi listened, not surprised or shocked by any of it, keeping half an eye on the demon currently curled up inside of him. Krad was walled off, wrapped up tighter than a steel ball, and there was no sensing any of his emotions. That more than anything told Satoshi just how bad whatever it was had hit him.

Suddenly he perked up as Dark continued his recollection. "Wait a minute... you took his wrists?"

"Yeah? So?" Dark asked, puzzled.

"And you put them above his head, held them there?"

"I think, yeah."

Oh no, please, Satoshi thought, dread starting to curl.

"Did you say something?"

"I might have said something... yeah, I think I said he should behave. It was just game, heat of the moment. No big deal," the thief defended himself.
Satoshi shook his head.

'Shit! Three centuries old and no brainpower!' part of him raged while another just reminded him of the sad fact that it could have been anyone making that mistake. Dark hadn't thought.

Satoshi himself wouldn't have been thinking clearly in such a heated-up situation. He had lashed out at Krad in an emotional moment, too.

"Dark, you really don't have the slightest idea what you've done, have you?" he asked quietly.


"Dark, you know his past, his history. And yet..."

"What? What have I done?" Dark asked almost frantically, eyes wide and pleading.