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Authors note: This is somewhat AU sense the events are only taking place up to ep 19 of Destiny and from there I have changed them. As always the prologue is short but I will try to make the chapters longer

Photographs of War


Photography, that is her new life. It had been ever since the last war ended. She had lost her beloved Tolle to the war between coordinators and naturals. She still had friends but since peace had been declared she much rather be by herself with nothing more than her camera and film.

It was easier that way. No communications with people, no worries. With no worries she is free to go where ever she wants, no matter how dangerous and take the pictures she wanted to take. She still talked to her parents but that was through letters and the occasional phone call, but that was it for her contact with the outside world.

Mostly her pictures had been of landscapes and nothing more. The peace between coordinators and naturals had been going strong and a clam had settled over the world. That is till a group hijacked Junis 7 and tried to drop it on Earth. Thanks to the brave efforts of two Zaft warships, the Earth had been saved. Though many fragments had hit the Earth destroying whatever life was in its wake. The Vatican was no more, and many people were left without a spiritual leader.

But none of that mattered. For once again, the world was entering into war. A horrible life destroying war, that did not care who or what it decimated. That is where she stepped into the picture. War was such a horrible thing, taking lives with no regard to who would be left behind, to live without their loved ones. She witnessed the horrors of the first war, and she was damned sure that everyone was going to witness the horrors of this one. Maybe, just maybe,if everyone saw how hideous it truly was, then they would not clamor for war.

She had sources from which she would send her pictures. Sometimes they would give her tips as to where to get her pictures. Most of her reliable sources are anonymous and as of late they were sending her information about more than just places to get good pictures of the land. In fact those sources were going to lead her on a hunt that would cause her to be put in harm's way to find out the truth.

So she to deliver the truth to the world, she had dedicated her life to photography. It is her life and through it, she was going to show the world the true meaning of war. The good, the bad, the beautiful, and the ugly, it did mot matter as long as people understood what those photos meant and the truth behind this new conflict.