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"So what is the plan?"

"Well we could go the direct route."

"Yeah, but that just seems too easy."

"We never said it had to be difficult."

"I know that."

"Well what about this if we try to go here?"

"Are you kidding me? That is worse than the other route you wanted to take?"

"How are the repairs going?"

"We should have them complete in just a few more hours."

"Thank you. Please hurry with them."

An image appeared on the screen interrupting the various conversations taking place on the bridge of the Archangel. "Commander, Sir. We just received this transmission and thought you and Captain Ramius should see it before we do anything."

Andrew Waltfeld lifted an eyebrow and turned to Murrue Ramius to see what she thought about all this.

No one but Col. Kisaka of Orb knew where they were or how to reach them. The Archangel had gone back to space after the burning of Orb. With nothing that they could do for their home, and Kisaka pushing them back towards the stars, they returned back the vast vacuums of space. So it was interesting that the Eternal had received a transmission, especially one that had Martin DaCosta, Commander Waltfeld's right hand man, sounding so unsure. "I'm intrigued Commander, we should look at it. Besides it might be something important," Murrue responded.

"Alright DaCosta, let's have it."

"Right away Sir."

Everyone stood quietly as they waited to see what this transmission was all about. Kira and Athrun stood next to one another with Lacus on the other side of Kira. Next to Athrun sat Meyrin Hawke, a traitor to ZAFT that had helped Athrun in his escape. She was currently serving as the Archangel's CIC. Murrue, Andrew Waltfeld, and Neo Lorrnoke, a man who looked like and was genetically the same to Mu La Flaga, were standing around the teens currently trying to figure out their next course of action. And breaking up the current argument between Kira and Athrun that had started brewing as they discussed routes to take.

Going over to her seat, Meyrin sat down and waited for the message to come in from the Eternal. She sat quietly working for a few minutes before gasping out loud. "Transmission received. Oh my, this is odd," Meyrin said reading the code.

"Come on Meyrin what does it say?" Athrun said peering over her shoulder.

"Sorry. It reads,

I heard an Angel will be coming back to it's home in the heavens,

Death has come for the Duelist and is hungering for more conspirators,

A Golden Gunner is searching for shelter along with the Eternal home of Striking Freedom and Infinite Justice,


"Miriallia?" Kira exclaimed shocked. This must be a trick. She is dead. How could someone send this? Who would send this?

Murrue obviously felt the same way Kira did. "But this can't be right. Miriallia is dead. She died in Diocvia. What is going on here?"

"But Ma'am this came through the main lines, and only someone like Miriallia could send this," Dalida Chandra, the other acting CIC, piped up.

"Plus Miss Murrue, look at the wording that was used," Lacus said breaking her silence. She had tightened her hold on Kira's arm when Miriallia's name had been read. He had been so sad when they received word of her death, and this had to seem like a cruel joke to him now. She was worried about how he would be taking this news. First, Miriallia, and then his twin sister Cagalli. Lacus felt angry at whoever would pain her Kira like this. He had become so withdrawn from life since their deaths. Thinking about the wording of the message she realized that it was a carefully worded code that was rather ingenious message. " Striking Freedom, Infinite Justice, those are the names of our new machines, and the Eternal is obvious. Plus an Angel has to be the Archangel, though I have no idea who or what Golden Gunner stands for or what the middle of the message is about."

"I do," Athrun said finally. "It's Dearka. And Miriallia is alive. I'm sorry that I didn't tell you before, Kira. Things were so hectic and then I just forgot to say something. But this is from her. I sent Yzak a message before we left Orb, telling him about the new machines and that we might be going back into space and to contact the Eternal if they need anything. I guess they did. Meyrin copy those coordinates and reply back with ours."

Meyrin looked to Captain Ramius for her approval before doing as Athrun said. "Alright Miss Hawke, do as he says."

"But the second part, what is that all about?" Meyrin asked while doing as she was told.

"Death has come for the Duelist and is hungering for more conspirators," Athrun repeated softly to himself thinking. "That can only mean Yzak. His Gundam was the Duel, but then that would mean he was killed and they are looking for Dearka and Miriallia. It also means that someone found out her disguise," he said more to himself than anyone else on the bridge.

Kira pulled away from Lacus to look his best friend in the eye. "Athrun?"

"Kira, I can explain everything. Let me start with I'm sorry, I should have let you know, but when it all happened, I could not find the Archangel and I had no other options."

Lacus moved to stand in between the two boys and watched them intently. "No other options about what Athrun?" she asked when he seemed lost as to how to go on.

He smiled at her and turned back to his now very agitated friend. "No other option about what to do with Miriallia. She was caught spying on Supreme Chairman Dullindal and he ordered me to kill her, instead I faked her death and sent her to the only other place I knew she would be safe."

While everyone else looked on perplexed, Lacus understood what Athrun meant. "So you took her to space and to Dearka and Yzak. Because you knew Dearka would keep her safe."

"Exactly, and then I came back to Earth and found the Archangel and you know everything else that has happened. So that message is from Miriallia and the second part is referring to Yzak. It has to mean that he was killed and that the ones who killed him are looking for Dearka and Miriallia to kill them as well. Dullindal must know for sure that she is still alive now and know that she can damage him with her photos so he is trying to make sure that she dies this time."

"Captain, a ZAFT machine is headed this way followed by several other units."

"Athrun and I will go out. If one of the units is the one caring Miriallia and Dearka we will bring it in," Kira said brushing past everyone. He understood why Athrun did it, but it was still a shock to find out that his friend, whom he had dead and buried had come back from the grave.

"Athrun," Lacus called stopping him from following Kira.

Turning to look at her, he raised a dark blue eyebrow and waited to hear what she wanted to say.

She quickly moved to stand in front of him so that their conversation could not be heard. "You did the right thing, no matter what Kira says. He understands why it happened the way it did, even if he doesn't say so."

"Thanks Lacus." He reached out and squeezed her hand communicating with his touch what her words meant to him. Letting his hand drop from hers he quickly left the bridge and rushed to catch up with his best friend.

"Kira wait up," Athrun called as they made their way down the hall to the pilot's room and the hanger.

Kira ignored him and kept moving staying deep inside his thoughts. Almost not even paying attention to the fact that Athrun had called his name. He still was not paying attention, until he felt a hand on his shoulder stopping him. Turning around quickly he clenched his fist and slammed it into Athrun's face, reacting before he could think about what he had done.

"OUCH! I said I was sorry, that was uncalled for," Athrun yelled dropping his hand from Kira's shoulder to rub at his aching jaw.

"Sorry. I didn't mean to. It just happened. We should hurry up and change and get out there."

Athrun glared at Kira's back but did as he said and hurried to change into his pilot's suit. He reframed from saying anything else till they were both in their Gundams and launching from the ship.



"Why Miriallia?"

"Huh, what do you mean?"

"Well, I know that she is a friend and one of the ones that you were fighting to protect in the last war but why the punch, why her?"

Kira let out a sad sigh and thought about how to answer. "I really am sorry about punching you. I was thinking of something else and you startled me. I know that you didn't tell me about her being alive before because there hasn't been a chance to, but it's still a shock to find out. Why Miriallia? Because next to you, she is one of my oldest friends. No that's not really it. It's because when she and Tolle learned that I was a Coordinator they never treated me like I was different. I was still just plain old Kira Yamato, not Kira the Coordinator or anything else like that. She always made me feel normal and happy. I've lost so many friends that I could not help or save and learning that she died hurt. Once again someone I cared for left this world and I could nothing about it. So now to know it was just all a lie is just hard to understand."

"Oh, okay."


Dearka swore as his radar picked up several machines following him. There was no way they could have figured out he had escaped this quickly, unless that Bastard had several others helping him out and waiting to follow them, in case they had gotten away. He wanted badly to turn around and inflict violence on those units but there was the problem of Miriallia. She was still unconscious and bleeding, and in bad need of medical attention. Plus those machines following him were his teammates, or former teammates. Was he to repeat his actions from the first war and fighting against those that he knew and had previously fought alongside? Shaking his head, he adjusted Miriallia in his arms and boosted his thrusters trying to put more distance between himself and the units behind him.

Swearing again, he felt the ZAKU rock as a blast from a beam rifle hit the machine's right arm. Pushing his machine to its limits, Dearka franticly tried to find some way to force more power out it. As another blast took the foot joint off, he realized that a fight was going to be inevitable. All he could do now was hope and pray that Athrun somehow managed to receive Miriallia's message.

Just barely managing to dodge the next blast aimed at him, Dearka felt his heart jump as his screen light up and an incoming message rolled across it. It was the Archangel. They had received the message and currently sending Athrun and Kira out to bring them in. Thank God. All they had to do now was hang on a little bit longer and they would be safe and he would not have to fire against his own side once again. Though it would be only a matter of time till he was forced to do so. There was no way he could go back to ZAFT now. Not with the Supreme Chairman knowing he willingly and knowingly hide a spy, that was suppose to die. Though he would do it all over again if it meant being with Miriallia again, the only thing different would be that he would strangle that murdering whore Shiho. His gut tightened and he accidentally squeezed Miriallia too hard as thoughts of Yzak penetrated his mind. How could he be dead? How could she do it? She supposedly loved him and even if she didn't, how could she stand there and in cold blood shoot Yzak, his commander and best friend?

Miriallia's still form groaned and mumbled incoherently, but she refused to open her eyes. The slight noise coming from her reminded Dearka that now was not the time for internal speculation. They were still in a dangerous situation and until the cavalry showed up he was still in a tight spot. Swinging the mech around, he shot off quick rounds, causing the pursuing units to scatter a little bit. It wasn't much but it was enough to buy him some time and it was a plan that did not involve having to directly shot his current comrades. Firing off several more blast, Dearka felt like crying when several blast came from behind him to disarm several of the units that were once again closing in on him. Turning the mech back around, he was greeted with a sight that was about the most wonderful thing he had seen since Miriallia had suddenly reappeared back in his life.

"Dearka, its Athrun," came the transmission from the red machine.

"Athrun thank God its you. Miriallia is injured and needs medical attention badly."

"Kira will handle the ZAFT forces, go ahead of me and I'll protect your rear. The Archangel is ahead waiting for both you and Miriallia. We'll let them know her condition."

The communication line closed, and Dearka said a quick pray, adjusting Miriallia in his arms. He hoped to hell that the Archangel was not far off, her wounds were progressively getting worse as more blood floated up around them in the cockpit. There had not been time for him to look over the extent of her injuries and now that he did not have to worry about the pursuing ZAFT troops he was afraid that by not binding her up, he had cost her, her life. Glancing down at her, he realized how pale she had become and that she had broken out into a sweat. Probably fever.

Dammit he couldn't lose her too. Not after finally getting her back. Not after realizing how much he loved her. Not after Yzak was just killed. He needed her. He needed her strength, her calm yet fiery spirit. Her love. He needed her love most of all. He knew from when he thought her dead before that he could survive without her, but he knew that it would be just that, surviving. He needed her to live. He needed her to have true joy in his life.

Clenching his jaw, Dearka worked hard to push his emotions back. There would be a time to go over all this. That would be when there were safe on the Archangel, till then he had to concentrate on not failing her. Ducking his head down he kissed the top of her still head. When he glanced back up, there in front of him loomed the Archangel. It was a welcomed sight and returned most of his hope.


Kira swore viciously yet softly, when he saw how out numbered the lone ZAKU was. From the battered look of it, there was no question that it had to be the one carrying Miriallia and Dearka inside. It had been a race to get to them, and yet he felt they had not gotten to them quick enough. He shot down three more units as they tried to fire on the ZAKU. He listened silently as Athrun informed Dearka of their plan. It had been him to suggest it, and Athrun had hated it.

He had not wanted Kira to face all the units alone, even though he knew Kira would be more than capable of handling them by himself. What Athrun did not understand was that Kira needed this. He was still so angry about the events leading up to this moment. Miriallia spying, putting herself in danger, then having to be proclaimed dead to escape to a safety that turned out to not be safe at all. What had she been thinking? Then there was Cagalli, his twin, his other half. He failed to save her and then failed to save her country. How could he ever make it up to her? How could he fail her like that? Lacus had tried to tell him that it was not his fault. But it was. He had been the one to steal her from her wedding taking her aboard the Archangel, knowing that she would go into any battle that they might engage in. If he had just left her in Orb, while she would have been married to that fool, she would have at least still been safe and alive and maybe just maybe her country would still be standing.

Closing all communications, Kira let out a frustrated cry and finished off the remaining ZAFT forces. Turning the Freedom around, he quickly caught up to the Justice and the ZAKU just as they were getting ready to land in the Archangel. He knew that he forgave Athrun, he had done it the moment Athrun had said he was sorry and explained everything, it just still bothered him that it had all happened.

Docking inside the hanger, he quickly escaped the cockpit, tossing his helmet off, so that he could get to Miriallia and see her again. The sight that greeted him caused him to suck his breath in and shake a little. She was covered in blood, as was Dearka. At first glance it was hard to tell whose blood it belonged too. That was until you got a closer look and realized that it was all Miriallia's.

"My God, what happened?" Athrun asked, shocked and appalled at the sight of his new friend. He grabbed Kira's shoulder, though he wasn't sure if it was for support or from shock.

"Miriallia." Kira gasped softly before he was pushed away by Lacus and the medical team that had been sent to the hanger. He watched as they quickly took her away towards the medical bay and as Dearka followed them looking as if he had aged considerably.

Looking over at Athrun, Kira nodded at him at the slight communication. He would follow to the medical bay as Athrun went to the bridge to debrief everyone there. He should have been the one to go, but he had to go to see Miriallia first and to here whether or not she was going to be okay.

Reaching the door outside Miriallia's room, Kira wrapped an arm around Lacus's waist pulled her closer to him as they waited to hear news about their friend's condition.


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