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Author's Note: Don't ask me where this idea came from. I honestly don't know. I was just scanning the titles of the CC fan fiction and suddenly this just popped into my head. (sweat drop) So. . . Yea?

Anyway, obviously this will be seven chapters long, and more or less just like a collection of longish ficlets. Their only relation to one another? The fact that each will be centered around a deadly sin. Some, admittedly, more seriously than others. But there ya go.

Note that these won't all be solemn. Two, I can already promise, will be more on the humorous side.

Also, I should note that this in NO WAY relates to the creepy movie by the same title. (It is a good movie, though. Did anyone else laugh when Tom Cruise couldn't decided whether or not to shoot that guy? I mean, come on- he looked kinda stupid when he kept raising the gun and lowering the gun and raising the gun and lowering the gun. . . So much for the dramatic climax.)

Please enjoy!




Sin One: Superbia


It was ironic, she mused, staring out the convent window in her coarse woolen pajamas. Reaching a hand underneath her nightdress, she scrubbed feverishly at her ankle; hoping to rid herself of the itches she felt. No good. But still- very ironic indeed. . .

Rosette frowned, continuing down the tracks of this train of thoughtful contemplation.

She had grown up in an orphanage. She'd been sharing bedrooms and hand-me-down clothes all of her life. She worked day and night for the common good. She was a nun.

But she was still one of the most vain people she knew.

Well, perhaps vain was a bit too strong of a word- but not totally out of the ballpark, much as she disliked to admit it. Sister Kate didn't mind saying it though- screamed it at her whenever she asked for a bit of make up to wear, or cooed appreciatively over the gowns she got to float around in during special missions.

She preferred to think of herself, as Chrono had so well put it, as 'simple'. Even if that, too, was derogatory.

But really, was her "simplicity" so bad? She had so few things in her life that she could be conceited or selfish about. The few things in the past that she'd ever truly cherished (materialistically, anyway) had been continually taken from her.

She'd loved her doll collection- that had been confiscated after her parents died.

She'd loved her little powder mirror- the one her mother had given her to play with. That, too, had been lost in the move to Seventh Bell.

She'd loved her braids- but they got in the way during exorcist training and had been mercilessly chopped off.

Hell- if she were to stretch the truth a bit and call Joshua a "material," she could even argue that she lost him. Her beloved little brother- stolen from her because she was too stubborn to let him go where it was safe. Because she thought that she was strong and smart enough to protect and help him.

Yeah. That had worked.

And now the sister sat, with a small smile of dark amusement on her face, staring out at the moon- scratching herself like there was no tomorrow. Perhaps, someday, she'd manage to save up enough money to buy a new pair of pjs- a pair made of soft silk, like the ones Satella wore. But probably not. . . What with the way she continually destroyed things, and the luck she had with anything that made her look or feel a little too bigheaded.

'Hmm. . .' she thought, tugging on a stray lock of her blonde tresses with an irritated sort of air. 'Maybe I should just sleep naked.'

At least then she could move without wanting to peal her skin off.


Sin One: Pride