Title: Look! Look! by Meleth78

Genre: Romance/Humor

Characters: Genma/Raido, Kakashi/Iruka implied

Rating: PG for swearing

Status: One shot? Is this continuable? Is that even a word?

Comments: Genma and Raido notice something strange about Kakashi…

Disclaimer: They want to be mine, but they are not. No one cares how THEY feel.


'Oi oi, Raido, he's doing it again.' whispered Genma nudging the busy man next to him sharply with his right elbow. Genma's body had twisted around and he was fixatedly staring at something or someone behind them.

'Eh? What?' muttered the other man irritably. He was trying to complete his mission report while waiting in line and at the same time trying to conceal the fact that he was trying to complete his mission report while waiting in line. The last thing he needed was a disapproving glare from the young chuunin sensei who was currently manning the mission desk. Previously Iruka had given him this look, this I'm-a-sweet-guy-ask-anyone-but-I've-spent-all-day-dealing-with-screaming-5-year-olds-so-don't-fuck-with-me look. And Raido, manly man that he was, had all but cowered before the younger shinobi. He was almost finished, if only Genma would stop with his pseudo whispers and prodding.

'Look! Look!' the long haired jounin whispered again, the long sharp pick in his mouth jiggling in an agitated manner as he nudged Raido again.

'Seriously dude,' said the spikey haired man, 'stop that or I'll hurt you. Iruka's manning the desk. You know what happened the last time…'

'Yes yes, I-RU-KAAA is manning the desk.' sniggered the infantile at his side.

'So fucking what!' replied Raido, voice rising a notch. He then froze and hurriedly glanced at Iruka to see if the chuunin had noticed. Thank heavens, the academy sensei was mock smiling in a rather put out manner and using his index finger to stab, literally stab, at the report that Asuma had just submitted. Asuma had the same look Raido had worn on his face the last time he dealt with Iruka. Truth be told, it was a look that combined deep fear, burgeoning respect and a tinge of pure unadulterated lust. Who knew the usually smiling teacher could look so...demanding.

'Looook………' Genma whined, jerking his head repeatedly to the side in what he must have thought was a subtle manner, indicating the back of the mission room.

Sighing deeply, Raido knew that there would be no end to this till he gave in to the other man's desperate bid for attention. There were three other jounin in front of him, all repeatedly flipping through their reports to ensure that nothing was missing and worriedly glancing at the scene taking place at the mission desk. Raido would just take a quick look, shut the other man up and get back to finishing his report. Iruka would never know. Genma was lucky he was such a fantastic lay. There was no way Raido would have put up with him otherwise. Turning to look, he was suddenly jerked back.

'Don't look!' hissed the other man.

'The fuck! You just said…'

'I mean look, but do it discretely. God Raido, do you want everyone to know?'

Genma was flexible, Genma was good with his mouth, Genma would DO things. Raido kept repeating these thoughts to himself as he fought down the urge to stab the other man with his pen. Fine, he would look discretely. He turned discretely, he looked discretely, he turned back discretely and then he discretely hissed out,

'What? What the hell am I supposed to be fucking looking at dude! Look, Iruka's finished with Asuma, there're only three more people in line, I fucking NEED to finish this! The man is fucked-up scary when…' Before Raido could complete his assessment of just how fucked-up scary Iruka could be, Genma interrupted with a whisper,

'It's Kakashi'

'Yeah so? Big fuck. He's just standing there reading his porn. He's always just standing there with his porn. It's not like he's wanking himself or has his mask off or something. Geez dude. I NEED to finish this.' Raido replied, increasingly agitated as he watched yet another jounin leave the mission desk. This one looked deadly relieved that Iruka had found only one fault with his report. One down, two to go.

'He's looking at Iruka'

'So? Everyone's looking at Iruka. He's hot when he's mad'

'Kakashi NEVER looks at anyone like that. At least, not normally. Look carefully'

'At Iruka?' muttered Raido, confusion replacing his worried agitation. He turned, discretely of course, to glance at the academy teacher when Genma all but snorted and said,

'At Kakashi you moron. Look at his eye.'

'His eye?'

'His Sharingan eye.'

'I can't see his Sha…' Then Raido froze again. Wait just a moment. He turned, ever so slightly this time, actually putting some effort into being discrete. And then he saw it, Hatake Kakashi, Sharingan Kakashi, the infamous Copy Nin, for all appearances, his usual lounging self, engrossed in his Icha Icha Paradise, his face bent a little towards his book. But if you looked carefully, just as Raido was doing, you'd notice that his hitai-ate was tilted ever so slightly out of its usual position. Just enough so that it exposed his Sharingan eye which was, at the moment fixated on a certain young, dark haired academy sensei.

'He's using his Sharingan to stare at Iruka.' Whispered Raido, amazed. 'Genma, dude, did you see, Kakashi is using his Sharin…'

'Tis all I'm saying.' Interrupted the smug reply.

'Wait, what did you mean by he's doing it again?' asked Raido referring to what the other man had first said before this whole 'looking' fiasco had begun.

'I mean this isn't the first time I've seen him do it! The first time, I thought maybe he had a sore eye or something, it's, you know, not exactly HIS eye and who knows if Rin had clean hands. Then last week I saw him do it again when Iruka was eating with Naruto, and then today!' whispered Genma in a rush, excited at finally being able to spread his astute observations to someone.

'What do you think it means?' Raido questioned, now deeply intrigued, Kakashi was, to put it nicely, a weird-o. He was completely and utterly inscrutable and now he was staring at Iruka with his Sharingan eye! There had to be more to it.

'It means the Copy nin wants some Umino-type ass.'

'What!' yelped Raido, Kakashi and Iruka? Never! 'That's like so NOT…'

But before he could complete his sentence he heard his name being called,

'Raido-san.' Iruka smiled pleasantly at the older man as he sat at the desk waiting. 'Please step forward. How are you today? I hope everything is in order?'

Raido froze for the third time today. FUCK.

The End?