The Characters in Chapter One:

Name: Tyson Granger

Age: 16

Name: Max Tate

Age: 16

Name: Ray Kon

Age: 16

Name: Kai Hiwatari

Age: 17

Name: Daichi Sumeragi

Age: 14

Chapter 1: The Truth

It was Saturday afternoon and the Blade breakers were staying at Tyson's house. Tyson's Grandpa and Mr Dickinson went on vacation in Spain leaving Tyson, Max, Ray, Kai and Daichi to look after the house on there own. It was pouring outside so Kai (the oldest one) let the Blade breakers stay inside, playing board games in the living room. (No training for once!)

"Can we please play something else?" moaned Max.

"Yeah, we played 4 in a row, snake and Ladders, bingo, twister, Monopoly, scrabble and KAI has won every game," Daichi said, looking like he wanted to slaughter someone. He was about to say more but he yawned instead.

"I'm tired; I think I'll go to sleep now. Catch ya later," Daichi said as he walked into the dojo, sleeping straight away as his whole body made contact with his futon.

"That Kid uses his energy up quick, and it's only 5 in the afternoon," Tyson thought.

Kai smirked at what Daichi said before he went to sleep. They all looked bored to death and their expressions dropped. The room went silent for 5 minutes, and then all of a sudden, Tyson's face lit up.

"I know what we could play, Truth or Dare!"

"That's shit, let's make it more interesting. Truth, dare, double dare, love, kiss or promise."

They were all shocked when Ray swore. He never swears. He thought it was a rude thing to do. They all looked at Ray.

"What the fuck are you guys looking at and why isn't my hat coming off my head!"

Everyone looked at each other and burst out laughing expect from Tyson. Tyson got angry because that's what happened to him on Wednesday. Max and Ray put super glue, chewing gum and honey in his hat because on Tuesday, Tyson swapped the shower gel + shampoo with honey, so Max, Ray and Kai were sticky and it got stuck in their hair. Kai didn't join in coz he thought it was a childish thing to do. It took him 2 days to get the super glue, chewing gum and honey out off his hair. Since that happened, they all started teasing him about that. Kai spoke up.

"Let's play that game Ray mentioned," Kai said in his normal cold tone. Everyone nodded their heads agreeing to what Kai just said.

"At least no one can win at this game, especially you Mr Sourpuss!" Everyone started laughing at Tyson's comment.

"Ok, let's play. I, the one and only Ray will start the game off coz I thought off it. Kai, Truth, dare double dare, love, kiss, or promise. Which one do you choose?"

Kai sat there staring at Ray, showing no emotion what so ever. Ray blushed. Kai saw this so he smirked.


"Ok. I dare you to pick truth when it's your go again."


Tyson and Max were puzzled. They all thought it was a lame dare, but Ray had to give him that dare coz he wanted to know if he had feelings for him. He wanted to know the truth.

One minute later, the door bell rang. Tyson and max wondered who it was. Kai smirked as he got up to answer the door. Ray felt uncomfortable because he knew who it was.

End of Chapter 1

Wanna find out who the person is? Read my next Chapter to find out!

Chapter 2: Confused