Chapter 11 – Memories

"Take a guess?" moaned Rick. Mariah shook her head as she stood up.

"Why are you being long Ray, it's not your style. Just tell us who your man is and…"

"Daichi, is it him?" Ray and Daichi looked at Rick with wide eyes.

"Are you sick in your head? Daichi is straight; he's a little kid and who would go out with him?"

"True." Daichi started sulking.

"Hey, that hurt," Daichi moaned as he put his hand on his heart. Ray rolled his eyes and chuckled.

"Is it Kai?" Rays smile went completely and the white tigers were smirking. Kai death glared everyone that knew, especially Mariah.

"You guys now know, I'm going out with Ray," Kai announced as he walked up to Ray to sit next to him.

"Kai! He's so…moody though," murmured Michael.

"You're lucky Ray…" Tala stood up. Everyone looked at him with sad eyes.

"…You're going to have…the best time of your life with him. I did…" Bryan gasped and stood up behind Tala.

"Kai?!" Shouted Bryan. Kai looked towards him and his expression changed completely.

"What is it Bryan?" Bryan developed tears in his eyes and started holding Tala.

"Tala is losing a lot of blood."

Kai got up and as soon as he did, Tala collapsed but lucky Bryan caught him and carried him bridal style.

"Is he gonna be alright?" Whispered Ray. Kai looked Tala over to see the area of the loss blood. He lifted up the back of Tala's hair and gasped.

"That's not good," shouted Max. Kai backed away from the blood. He started feeling light headed.


I didn't like the site. It brought back memories. Bad memories. I look at my hands. Blood. Lots of it. I try to wipe it off. It's not coming off. I must be paranoid. The same thing happened to Tala by Boris…


Tala went flying into a wall. I hid underneath my bed.

"Tala Ivanov, you are going to be nothing in life…"

"…It's not true," Tala but in. Boris grabbed him up then slapped him.

"Do not interrupt when I'm talking. That's an order." Tala nodded as his tears ran down his face.

"You are only ever going to be a beyblader and a good fuck toy." Boris strips Tala off and licked his lips at Tala. I felt so sad for Tala. He turned Tala around to get ready to enter him. Tala struggled with Boris making him angry. Tala turned around and slapped him. Boris then got a metal bar and kept hitting his head until he wasn't moving. I watched Boris rape Tala.


This time it's my fault. I beat him up. I can't forgive myself if he gets brain damage or even dies. I feel so low. My feelings for Tala are so mixed up right now. I look on the floor, more blood. Everything is spinning.


Ray notices Kai's movements.

"Kai?" As Ray said that, Kai fainted. He ran to his said.

"Kai doesn't like blood Ray," murmured Bryan. Lee tore a piece of his clothing off and tied it around Tala's head. Mariah shook her head.

"You guys can't do anything properly. I'm calling 911!"


Tyson looked around Kai's house for Hillary but couldn't find her.

"Where would I go to sulk?" Tyson's face lighted up and ran to Kai's garden. There Hillary was sitting on a bench, crying her eyes out. Tyson walked up to her.

"Hillary?" Hillary stopped crying and looked at Tyson. He sat down next to her.

"I'm sorry you had to find out like that." Hillary looked away to see the setting. The sky was black with yellow stars scattered out. The trees were blown to and fro as the moonlight was reflecting on them. Roses surrounded them giving off a sweet scent. It was beautiful. Tyson turned her head to face his.

"Tell me what's on your mind." Hillary breathed in.

"Tyson how could you do this to me. You know I liked you. I just want you and me to be together." Tyson pulled a face.

"Hillary, yeah I knew you liked me but you don't control me. I love Max. He's been with me though the bad and the good times. I didn't do anything wrong." Hillary got up.

"Wrong. WRONG! You are going out with Max. A boy. You used to find gay people disgusting. Now you are one. You're a hypocrite!" Tyson grabbed Hillary so they were facing each other.

"I ain't a hypocrite. Don't say that. I can never like you like that. You're like a big sister to me. I love Max. Please can you just be happy for me. I beg you!" Hillary sulked more and nodded.

"Ok, but my feelings for you…do you hear an ambulance?" Tyson nodded and was greeted by Max, Kevin and Daichi.

"Tala is losing so much blood and Kai had fainted." They both gasped.

"If you don't like blood, don't come," shouted Kevin as he rolled off. Daichi followed him. Hillary walked up to Max.

"I'm sorry you had to find out like that." Hillary smiled and gave him a hug.

"It's alright, just don't break his heart." Max smiled. Tyson stoop up.

"Come on; let's give Tala and Kai some support. We bladders are here for each other." They all nodded and ran to the others.

Ray, Michael and Max were fanning Kai as the doctors were taking Tala into the ambulance. Someone started groaning.

"KAI!" Kai looked around and saw Tala was going.

"Ray, come with me on the ambulance." Ray hugged Kai and nodded his head. They both left the room. No Ray, no Kai, no Bryan and no Tala.

"This must be the weirdest 17th birthday party I've ever been to," said Rick as he lyed down. Le looked at Michael and sighed.

"Why do I like him so much," he thought to himself. Mariah saw where Lee was looking.

"Michael, Truth, dare, double dare, love, kiss or promise?" Tyson stood up.

"I don't care about this game right now; I'm going to the hospital. Who will join me?" max and Kenny stood up.

"Does the hospital have nice food?" Everyone looked at Gary and chuckled. Tyson shook his head. Gary sulked while Rick stood up.

"I'll come." Five minutes later, they were gone.

"Pick then Michael." Michael gave her a weird look.

"I duno, you pick." Mariah smirked.

"Promise. Promise me that when you go out with Lee, you will treat him right." Michael blushed and looked at Lee. Mistel looked at both of them and laughed.

"How many couples are there now?" moaned Daichi.

"I am not going out with Lee though. I'm not ready for any relationship." Lee's mouth dropped. It went silent. Kevin yawned.

"People, it's nearly 12." Mistel got up and stretched.

"I really should be going home now, I'll visit tomorrow though."

"Now there were six of us," moaned Kevin. They all headed to the same guest room and try to sleep.

"I hope Tala will be ok." That was on everyone's mind. Mariah closed her eyes.

"Hope for the best."