It's a Teenage life

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Chapter 1: Introductions and a cat fight

The grass is an emerald green; the birds sung their beautiful songs trying to attract mates, Flowers Blossomed in pinks, blues and yellows. The smell of spring wafted in through the fences of Jump City's Junior High School.

A boy with jet black hair who wore a red shirt and a dark green emerald pants slowly watched the untamed beauty and slowly looked to the supposed beauty of the school, he looked at the dull trampled grass a slight yellow, the trees were struggling to grow leaves which would die off anyway, their were a few birds which were dark black ravens with bright yellow eyes looking around for prey.
Robin sighed.

He turned to his few friends he had made on his first day of year eight, their primary school would go Kindy to year seven followed by Junior High which was Eight and Nine then High School would be ten, eleven and twelve.

He looked to his friends, there stood a tall, muscle filled boy, with extremely wide shoulders, fitting him into the football slot perfectly, he was a dark skinned boy, and had repeated making him a year older then most of his friends and in some cases in his year two years older. He had dark somewhat pale teal eyes making them hit a grey dull colour.

He wore a grey shirt and black baggy pants, baggy pants seemed to be the "trend".

Next to him stood an extremely short girl, well in comparison to his friend Victor or Cyborg as they called him, the girl had indigo hair to match her slightly darker indigo eyes, most of her face was hidden under her dark blue cloak, which under she wore bike pants and a black shirt.

She would occasionally take her hood of only when needed, mostly in classes due to teachers.

"…Why'd they have to build this school here?" Robin whined.

He looked down at the fairly visible dirt through the dying grass.

"…It was probably cheaper…" Raven said rolling her eyes.

"Cheap School" Cyborg laughed.

Robin opened his mouth, his voice cut off by the yelling of a girl.

"FREAK! TALK NORMALLY!" A girl with black hair said pushing a girl with auburn hair.

"…Please, Stop!" The girl yelled.

"What's happening there?" Raven asked somewhat angry.

"…Y'all we have to help her" Cyborg yelled.

Robin nodded. "…We can't hit the girl back though…" Robin commented.

Himself and Cyborg slowly looked at the hooded girl, Raven.

She raised an eyebrow.

Robin and Cyborg pushed Raven in the direction of the girls fighting.

"…Why me" She asked annoyed.

She walked over to the girl unenthusiastically and nudged her.

"Stop… Stop…" She said unenthusiastically then followed by a roll of her eyes.

"I don't know who YOU are" The bully yelled emphasise on the YOU.

"…But, I know you are a minor so start learning, I'm Mandy, you shall hail myself with Sacha, Kitten and her sister, Blackfire" Mandy explained.

"…And where is the pink?" Mandy asked.

"…Pink?" Raven asked raising her eyebrow which was unseen by Mandy.

"You know, the colour, you know colours right, you should of learnt that in Kindy!" Mandy mocked.

Mandy flicked her glimmering black hair illuminating the sunlight, she had a purple top with golden sparkling writing on her top saying Angel with a silver chain around her neck holding a small love heart with a small rose quartz in the middle.

She had an extremely small mini skirt that barely reached her knees.

She had high bright pink knee high boots with large heels on the bottom.

She looked at Raven with her harsh dark purple eyes, they showed anger and sadness, she has something deep down inside causing her pain, Raven had a skill, she could nearly feel what others feel, she could just… feel it, she couldn't explain it.
As if it was a power, but powers would make her even "freakier" in others eyes, she just saw it as a skill, which was exactly what it was.

"Listen, Don't make me destroy you…" Raven said angrily.

"Leave her alone" Raven said angrily.

"…Is it because your ugly?" Mandy asked.

Raven's eye twitched. "…I warned you" Raven said harshly.

Raven pushed Mandy her tripping on her extremely high heels plummeting to the ground, Raven slapped her and turned back to the boys.

"…I may not care so much about my looks but if your gonna say anything about it, Make sure it's nice…" Raven said harshly.

A Crowd had already surrounded the two chanting Fight!

Raven tried to make her way through the crowd but was finding it harsh until she was pushed through the crowd falling onto her face.

She turned and looked up and saw Mandy smiling.

Three girls walked in all flicking their hair, the crowd split to let them through to watch close.

One had long blonde hair and wore exactly the same as Mandy except instead of purple angel shirt was pink and and pink boots and skirt.

On her left was a tall girl with somewhat orange skin snickering at the auburn haired girl on the dull grass, she had a black miniskirt with silver stockings under a silver shirt with a black tank top over the top of the shirt.

She wore boots like the rest of the populars or as they had heard "plastics" with her heels extremely high.

On the blondes right was a brunette who watched the fight with a somewhat angry smirk, she seemed to want to get in their and fight, she wore yellow tank top and short skirt and with their trademark it seemed knee high boots with extremely high heels which were yellow.

She giggled flicked her hair and watched.

Raven got to her feet and forced back a laugh as she saw the red hand print on her face.

Raven just frowned and turned.

"What's the matter, Chicken?" Mandy yelled.

"Come back here you little bitch!" Mandy yelled in spite.

"Wuss! Come on!" She yelled and began to imitate a chicken.

Mandy flicked her hair and rubbed her cheek.

She turned to the auburn haired girl on the floor.

"You caused this!" Mandy yelled.

Raven heard it. "…Woops…" She thought.

"The whole point of that was to get her out of there…." Raven muttered.

She sighed and walked back into the crowd the boys raising an eyebrow as they watched her.

Raven walked with her arms out nudging Mandy, Mandy slowly stepped away confused.

Raven helped the girl on the floor to her feet and led her out of the crowd.

The Crowd chanted Fight and slowly softened as a teacher walked to the crowd.

Raven led the girl to Robin and Cyborg.

"…Great, I have made an enemy already…" Raven said sarcastically.

Raven turned to the auburn haired girl.

She noticed that she had purple knee high boots, purple tank top and purple mini skirt which seemed like the populars trademark clothing.

Raven raised an eyebrow as the boys watched her.

Robin stared at her dreamily why Cyborg began to think.

He remembered seeing the "populars" and saw they wore this clothing.
She shook her auburn hair and looked up from the ground, her eyes were tinted green and her normal eye colour was an emerald green, she brushed of the small amount of dead grass and dirt of her skirt.

Raven looked at the heels and noticed they weren't as high.

"…So you were popular and graded by how high your heels were?" Raven asked sarcastically.

"…Oh, Thank you glorious new friend!" The girl said happily.

"…Popular, No, I was not with my sister nor her mean friends…" The girl continued.

"Your sister is that black haired girl, you look like her…" Raven commented.

Starfire nodded.

"…Why did Mandy got at you?" Cyborg asked.

Robin still staring dreamily.

"Well you see, My sister has always had a grudge against me and my sister, Mandy, Kitten and Sacha always like to pick on me, and that…." The girl continued.

"…Sibling rivalry…" Raven muttered.

"So what's your name?" Cyborg asked.

"Oh! Forgive me, My name is Starfire" She explained.

"That's an unusual name…" Cyborg commented.

"…It's… beautiful…." Robin said dreamily.

Cyborg looked down at his friend staring drool nearly dropping from his jaw. Cyborg nudged him.

Robin shook his head. "Huh?... I was in Heaven" Robin said happily.

"Hello" Starfire said cheerfully.

"…Uhh.. Hi, Uh Starfire" Robin stuttered.

"and your name is?" She asked.

"…Um…. Uhh… Well, Richard… But just call me Robin…" Robin explained.

Starfire nodded. "Okay Friend, Robin" She said cheerfully.

"I'm her friend…" Robin muttered happily.

"You?" She asked Cyborg.

"…Victor Stone but since all my football tackles and stuff they call me Cyborg!" Cyborg said happily.

Starfire nodded. "There no injuries?" She asked worried.

Cyborg laughed. "Well, not for me…" Cyborg said laughing.

Starfire frowned slightly.

She turned to Raven. "And My glorious friend!" She said cheerfully.

"…Uhhh…." Raven said uncomfortable.

"You have saved me from the evilness of My Sister and her friends, You must receive my poem of gratitude!" Starfire said cheerfully.

"…Uhh… Positive poems… Not my thing" Raven explained.

"… I know after hearing it you shall be happy I did so here I go!" Starfire said cheerfully.

She brought in a huge breath.

"DUDES!" A boy yelled.

He had brown hair and tanned skin, he ran out from the crowd to the group.

"…I saw you fight!" He said excited.

"When you slapped her!" He continued.

"You slapped who?" Cyborg and Robin yelled.

"And saved… uh… her!" The boy said pointing to Starfire.

Starfire nodded.

"….Riight…" Raven said slowly walking away from him.

He turned to them.

"Soooooo what do you guys do during Lunch?" He asked.

"…Well fight it seems!" Cyborg yelled looking at Raven.

Raven raised an eyebrow. "I saved her didn't I…" Raven said annoyed.

Cyborg rolled his eyes.

"…What are you my brother?" Raven asked.

Cyborg laughed. "Maybe I am…" He laughed.

Raven sighed. "Okay, your strange" Raven commented.

"and why are you still here?" Raven said harshly looking at Starfire.

"….But friends, we are friends!" Starfire said cheerfully.

"Let her stay Rae" Cyborg commented.

Robin nodded dreamily.

"…Don't call me Rae…" Raven said irritated.

She slowly turned to the boy.

"And who are you and why are you here?" Raven yelled.

The boy shook his head. "Dude! I ain't being niggled! I am staying around with you guys!" He yelled.

"…and you are?" Cyborg asked.

"…My name?" He asked.

Cyborg, Robin and Raven nodded.

"…Uhh Beastboy" Beastboy replied.

Cyborg snorted.

"…No really" Robin stated.

Beastboy sighed. "That's my nickname, my real Name is Garfield Logan but just call me Beastboy!" Beastboy explained.

They nodded.

Starfire ran over to Beastboy and hugged him. "Hello Glorious New Friend!" She squealed.

"…Air!" He choked.

He got free from her grip.

"…So what's you dudes names?" He asked.

"Victor just call me Cyborg" Cyborg said raising his arm.

"…Richard, …Yeah and call me Robin" Robin explained.

"My name is Starfire!" Starfire squealed.

"Raven…" Raven said softly.

"Dudes!" Beastboy yelled happily.

"So what do you guys do…?" Beastboy asked.

"…We aren't sure, it's our first day, but I think we'll hang out here… Right guys?" Robin asked.

Cyborg, Raven and Starfire nodded.

"Okay then, we stay near the fence!" Beastboy yelled.

"…Must you be so loud?" Raven asked.

She through her dark purple and black bag with red scribbles all over it.

She zipped it open and got an extremely thick novel out.

She sat on the dull green grass and began to read.

"…Dude, your reading a novel" Beastboy commented.

"…I know" Raven said irritated.

"…Gee, don't get your panties in a twist" Beastboy said backing off.

Raven twitched. "…Don't ever mention anything to do with that!" Raven yelled.

Beastboy raised an eyebrow.

He slowly stepped and ran into Cyborg.

He looked up at the guy and whimpered.

"Hey, Wanna play football?" Cyborg yelled enthusiastically.

"Sure!" Beastboy yelled.

He looked at Cyborg's size. "Touch?" He said somewhat scared.

Cyborg laughed. "Wouldn't want to kill you" Cyborg laughed.

"…Wouldn't you?" Raven asked.

Cyborg laughed.

Cyborg threw his bag next to Raven's which was a grey and light blue bag, he got out a football and looked at Beastboy.

Beastboy nodded and smiled.

They ran out onto the field which was now cleared of all the crowd and began to throw it around.

A few other guys ran onto the field and began to join in.

A teacher approached the group where Robin and Starfire stood bored while Raven read.

"Miss Raven…" She said harshly.

Raven looked up.

"…You were the cause of the fight early in lunch, yes?" She asked not changing her harsh tone.

"...Yeah…" Raven said rolling her eyes.

Starfire stood up.

"Miss… Uh… Miss! Mandy was hurting and teasing me forcing my Friend, Raven to get involved! It was unintentional and was only to get me out of there until she was rude to Raven pushing her to slap her!" Starfire said in a sad tone.

The teacher raised an eyebrow.

"It was only a warning…. Fight again, then it will be an after school detention…, You got of easy but next time your getting double the punishment" The teacher stated.

Raven sighed. "Yeah, okay…"

"Was that attitude?" The teacher yelled.

"…No Miss…" Raven replied.

The teacher turned and walked away and began to speak with Mandy. Mandy began to yell back until she was led to a classroom.

"I think Mandy did not get just a warning…" Starfire said softly.

"Guess not…" Raven said harshly and returned reading her book.
"You know, there is a good book called Spot goes on his magical adventures and…You wish for me to… stop interrupting?" Starfire asked watching Raven's eyes twitch and her hands grip tightly onto the book.

"…How could you tell…" Raven said sarcastically.

Starfire looked down and turned to Robin.

"Shall we go do some entertaining things?" Starfire asked.

Robin took a breath in and was interrupted by the bell.

"I guess not" Robin joked.

He dropped his red and black bag and searched for his timetable.

"…See ya…" He said walking off uncomfortable due to his new found crush on Starfire.

Raven walked off straight away.

Starfire looked through her purple bag.

"I have English!" She squealed.

Cyborg and Beastboy ran over.

"What you have?" They both asked.

"English!" Starfire said cheerfully.

"Oh yeah, me too!" Beastboy said remembering.

"…I have…" Cyborg said searching through his bag.
"Science!" Cyborg yelled.

"Okay Friends, I shall see you tomorrow or in a class possibly!" Starfire said cheerfully walking off with Beastboy.

"What teacher, Star, Star, Star, Star, Star?" Beastboy asked impatiently.

"…UMM…. Christain!" She squealed.

Beastboy nodded. "Me too, let's go!" Beastboy yelled happily.

What will happen in class, well there will be more characters next chapter… here is a short summary on a few of the chars.


Terra is a cheerful girl and somewhat unintelligent, she says the funniest things but makes herself seem stupid, she can have her moments of intelligence and bust out saying something more intelligent then all the titans combined but usually stays mostly to her stupidity.


Sean is extremely cheerful guy and loves nature. He's not a hippy but just loves the world and animals, he loves just running around for the fun of it and is also like Terra saying not exactly the smartest things in the world like getting confused when someone mentioned buffalo wings.


Charm is a down to earth girl and is somewhat like Raven, she can say harsh things to her friends but is just joking around, her and Sean are best friends along with Iris.

She is nearly the exact opposite of Sean except her moods change, Sean seems to be eternally happy while Charm will change moods from sad, happy but not in extreme mood changes like Sean.


Iris is normal teenager, she loves boys, she loves flirting, and she is one of the nicest people at Jump City High. She is always extremely nice to everyone and is usually calm. But when her friends are involved it's time to get mean, she tries to be nice and always uses curtesy, such as thank you and sorry and please.
She will even say sorry when she has to yell at someone for being rude to her friends.

I made all except Terra. I made Terra change abit cause she isn't being controlled by evil so she would be more herself.

Anyways I hope you liked this chapter, this is like my second fanfic but I never finished it until now lol, I started it after my first fanfic and continued after like my seventh, Anyways keep an eye out for the next chapter.