It's a Teenage life

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Moving on to about the story; I just been getting a few questions about the couples; They will change, I love my couples but screwing around with couples overweighs that love for my couples so a couples update:

Robin likes: Starfire – DATING Starfire
Starfire likes: Robin – DATING Robin

Cyborg likes?

Raven likes: Crow -crush

Beastboy likes: Terra

Terra likes: Hints towards Beastboy

Charm likes: Beastboy (( Beastboy's a stud ;) ))

Iris likes? Possibly some guy in gotham
Sean likes: Squirrel?
Speedy likes: Many many many many many many many many many girls, he bigger stud muffin then Beastboy! Just ask Jenifer Alison XD (( Story me and Charm made on her Fallingdarkangel account; check it out P "FWEA Magical Academy" is what tis called… I wanted Squirrel Academy in the name of Sean XD ))

Bumblebee likes?

Jinx likes?
Gizmo likes: Mechanical objects


Aqualad: SURPRISE! He likes someone; he is actually dating a girl that doesn't go to their school yet; Although I have yet to make her up; it's Aqualad, he's like Teen Hero styles so someone would like him… SO yes! Yet to name her but some giggly little girl…or maybe I snob…Hmm; Decide soon


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SOOOO here's a little tidbit to what inspired this thing I call it:
Behind the Scenes:
"I think she misses her old glasses" Sean replied.
Raven stared. "She had glasses?" Raven asked.
"I dunno, your guess is as good as mine" Sean replied.
"Didn't you just say she missed her old glasses" Raven said a little annoyed now.
"You said she had glasses" Sean replied.
"I was asking you if she did, so she does have glasses." Raven asked.
"See, you said she does have glasses" Sean replied.
"That is not what I meant" Raven said grinding her teeth.
"Yes it is, Raven…admit it" Sean replied.
Anyone remember that part? Okay it was inspired by something. Anyone who picked it out or thought it then BRAVO! - It actually was inspired by the Simpson; when Bart was beaten up and Homer thought he missed his old glasses and so on; No I do not work for them nor promote the Simpsons… Well ANYHOO…
ON THE BRIGHTSIDE; Today is a cool day ) It has been hot days frequently in the past; it is summer here in Australia and summer is a killer I hate it! I HATE IIIIIT! … Too much sugar for Irie… but hey! Sugar gets me to write most times D I'm sorry I've been slacking off guys but thirtieth chapter I have to do some special things and I've thought of only a behind the scenes thing and a double chapter thrown into one –scratches head- I could draw a picture of them all –already have- then post it up somewhere but I'm not sure if giving links to somewhere else complies with guidelines… they haven't said anything so I'm not sure…

And since I kinda have the plan for next chapter; So Cyborg will give you a run down on next episode:
"Boo-yah!; Next is a double in the fun as Miss Frinkit seems to psychologically scar our new friend; Kole. She's a cutey too but that girl has got some serious strength; she can nearly beat Robin in an arm wrestle; but the mention of Miss Frinkit sends Kole into a panic attack; her name sending shivers down her spine; but I guess that teacher has the same effect on us all... Anyways; later its time to go to that Skye Cafe thingo; Raven and Charm are going crazy about it..." Cyborg said with a laugh.
"Yeah...crazy.." Raven said rolling her eyes.
"But when we have a run in with the H.I.V.E; the private school leaking of total snobs; we begin to wonder if we are even gonna make it as they try to delay us..." Cyborg continued.
"Wait friends! Is that Jinx running off...?" Starfire asked.
"She's going to Skye Cafe too for her poem..." Raven assumed.
"So don't miss it!" Cyborg yelled smiling as he waved; Starfire and Raven also near him waved. (( Raven waved unenthusiastically anyways )).

Chapter 30: LATE!

"Maybe we could go to Gotham?" Raven asked.

Charm shook her head. "Thanks you guys…" Charm said looking at the two.

"Group…HUG!" Starfire squealed pouncing onto the two hugging them both.


Raven was now being crushed with Charm wedged in between Starfire who was peforming her 'group hug'.

The lush grass was now slowly trying to stain Raven's skin as Starfire slowly got up from her hug; she had a nice cheesy grin on her face which made it all seem worth it.
Starfire helped Charm up and then put her hand out for Raven.

Raven slowly got up by herself. "You are people of evil" She said with a glare.

She liked it but where would her cold reputation go if people knew she liked hugs.

Raven turned and walked to the door sliding it open.

"Ready…?" She asked.

Charm nodded; Starfire linked arms with her and ran with Charm.

Charm glanced at the link and then looked up at Starfire's smiling face.

She would have blown her top but it was Starfire; how could you get angry at that face.

"Quite easily…" Charm muttered.

"Pardon, Friend?" Starfire asked.

"Nothing" Charm said quickly.

Starfire skipped in happily pulling Charm along.

Raven walked further then them and quickly walked through the kitchen then stared at her seat who was also Charm's, Cyborg had moved to where Beastboy once sat and Beastboy was laid across the lounge, he was tugging on Terra's arm, trying to get her to lay along with him but she clearly didn't want to.

"Come on" He whined.

"Nooooo" Terra whined back.

"WOOOOOH!" Robin and Speedy cheered.

Terra frowned. "…I don't want to know what happened" Terra commented as Cyborg let out a huge groan.

Raven walked up to her seat where Beastboy was sitting.

She sat on his head as a kicking Beastboy let out squeals.

"Move" She said simply.

Beastboy pulled out from below her; she was light after all.

"AIR IS NEEDED REMEMBER!" Beastboy yelled at her.

She was already reading a book and clearly didn't care.

Charm walked over to sit next to Raven while Starfire sat next to Robin.

"Terra" Beastboy said tapping the seat next to him; ironically where Charm was going to sit.

Terra stood up and was about to sit while Charm stood besides her.

Terra looked at the seat and grinned. "You take it" She said and then sat down on the ground.

Charm watched Terra sit back down on the ground ready for more excitement.

The Game went for over time; the winner ending as the Jump City Warriors; Great disappointment for Beastboy, Terra, Cyborg and Starfire… well mostly Beastboy, Terra and Cyborg. Starfire was happy with the game itself and praised the Jump City Warriors.
Cyborg sat down on the lounge his stomach full. He was frowning.

"Damn … them" Cyborg groaned as Speedy and Robin were singing.

"SPEEDY GO!" Cyborg yelled.

Robin laughed in another room.

Cyborg groaned.

"Can you stop groaning" Raven said glaring from the side of her book.

Charm was between the two but Raven kept her glare.

Charm looked at Raven. "You have a pen and paper?" Charm asked.

Raven gave a pen over.

"Paper?" Charm asked.

"Ask groan boy over there" Raven replied.

Charm smiled and looked at Cyborg.

"In the computer room your friend DESTROYED" Cyborg yelled.

Charm got up and walked out to find the computer room.

"Speaking of Sean, where did he go?' Cyborg asked looking at Raven.

"…No clue" Raven replied quite irritated.

"No need to chuck a huge hissy Rae-Rae" Cyborg said laughing.

"Call me that I will rip your head off you shoulders" Raven hissed.

"Rae-Rae!" Cyborg said laughing.

Raven threw her book at Cyborg hitting his forehead then falling flat on his lap.

He pushed the book off letting out a groan of pain.

"What's my name again?" Raven asked simply.

"Rae-Rae" Cyborg said laughing as Charm walked into the room; she picked up the book and threw it to Raven.

Raven caught it and threw it at Cyborg again.

Charm just looked at Raven and sat down with a few pieces of paper; most for support so she can write properly.

"What are you writing?" Raven asked looking Charm.

"A poem…for tomorrow night, you know…" Charm replied thoughtfully.

"Skye Café … yeah, I know" Raven replied smiling at Charm.

"You got anything?" Charm asked Raven stopping and looking at Raven.

Raven shook her head. "I served Mandy, Blackfire and Kitten's humiliation in poem form already; I'm out of ideas" Raven said with a smirk.

"I'm sure you'll get something" Charm replied with a smile.

Raven looked at Charm thinking of her life at home with her father.

"I think… I will get something" Raven said smiling at Charm.

"Yap Yap Yap" Cyborg whined.

"Get out if you don't like it" Charm snapped.

"IT'S MY HOUSE!" Cyborg yelled.

Charm laughed confidently. "Yeah…Get out" Charm said jokingly.

Beastboy ran in. "Stuck in the mud! Come on! Out the back!" Beastboy yelled.

"Your leg seems better" Cyborg said under his breath then jumping up. "I'll play!"

Charm stood up. "I will" Charm said with a smirk then looking at Raven.

Raven sighed. "Sure" She said giving in.

"Team style! We go in pairs; I bags Terra!" Beastboy said grabbing Terra.

"Rae, you and me?" Charm said looking at Raven.

Raven nodded.

"Come on! Cy, you can go with …Speedy and umm Robin will want to go to Starfire… wait; that leaves out Sean" Beastboy said counting.

"I'll sit out" Raven said quickly.

Charm smiled at Raven. "Okay, I'll go with Sean"

Beastboy pulled Terra along arranging 'Stuck in the mud' game.

"Meet out the baack" Beastboy yelled out.

"I'll referee" Raven said simply.

Cyborg smiled. "I loved that game" He commented as he walked out.

Charm and Raven followed talking; Charm leaving her half written poem with pen on the lounge.

Beastboy finally ran out with Terra by his side.

"Ok… Wait! Rae you can be in!" Beastboy said with a grin.

"In that case… Sean you're in" Raven replied as Sean cheered with many squirrels on her shoulders.

Sean pulled out his mallet and laughed maniacally.

"GOOOO!" Beastboy yelled as the whole group split up; staying away from their partner. If they are close together they are more likely to be tagged.

"Last remaining person or pair gets the garlic bread!" Cyborg yelled.

Raven stood not moving.

Sean ran over to her and raised his mallet; he slammed it down when Charm had just swept up Raven and ran her away from him.

"Run Raven" She said putting her down and running like crazy.

Raven looked at Charm and decided to run, unenthusiastically but it was better then nothing.

Sean ran to Beastboy; he jumped into the air and smashed Beastboy over the head.

Beastboy fell onto his knees.

"DUDE! TOO HARD!" Beastboy yelled.

Sean threw away his mallet to play fair, while Beastboy's legs shook due to the pain happening in his head he just wanted to sit now.

He ran after Speedy; Speedy looked at Sean and outran him.

"Squirrel POWER!" Sean yelled as he jumped towards Speedy who gave Sean a weird look after his statement. Speedy was tapped and stopped with his legs spread standing up as you do in this game.

Sean watched as Cyborg ran to save Speedy from being 'stuck in the mud'. Sean was also running towards Speedy to tap Cyborg, Cyborg ran and got on his knees and felt a small tap on his shoulder, Cyborg looked over his shoulder to see a grinning Sean. "Damn!" Cyborg yelled.

"Out!" Beastboy called out as Terra crawled between his legs.

"Wrong way, Beastboy" Cyborg yelled at Beastboy as he and Speedy walked onto the concreted area.

Beastboy tilted his head confused as Terra finally got up, she grabbed his shirt and pulled him away from Sean heading this way.

Terra pushed Beastboy away from her. "Go that way!" She yelled to him as he fell flat on his face.

The game stopped as they looked at him blankly.

Terra slowly bent down to help him up but then stepped back and shook her head.

Sean looked at Beastboy then kicked him softly. "Tap" Sean said simply.

Terra looked at Sean who was right next to her. "Eh?" Terra said tilting her head looking at him as he slowly put his finger towards her.

Terra turned around the bolted.

Sean ran after Starfire now. "Glorious! This game is so invigorating! The excitement and the--" Starfire began ecstatic till she her back was tapped. "…Aw..." She said softly. "Now the mud has constricted my legs!" Starfire said cheerfully.

Robin laughed lightly as he ran past Starfire, Sean behind him. "Sorry Star" He whispered as he ran.

Starfire cheered as she waved her hands in the air. "Go Robin! Do not get constricted by this mud!" She cheered.

Sean ran straight towards the violet haired girl, she turned and looked at Sean and looked at the ground closing her eyes as she felt a small prod.

She did as the game said to and waited for her partner to rescue her.

It was now Terra VS Robin VS Charm, all their partners, tagged and waiting for their rescue though those who weren't in were not going to go through their partners legs, with only three options for Sean, he would take you out.

Sean ran after Charm. "Come here, I'm kinda getting bored!" He yelled at her.

"You know I can whoop your butt any day" She yelled back.

"You know I'll do it! I'll do it!" Sean yelled.

A glint came to Charm's eyes. "Do it" She said simply.

"Whoopie Chan !" Sean yelled doing a pose after turning quickly in the blink of an eye 180o to hit Robin in the stomach that was running past flipping him.

Sean slowly turned to Charm. "Touché!" He yelled.

There were five more minutes of running. Terra finally was tired out, Cyborg, Speedy, Charm and Robin were the athletic people of the group but now it was Terra VS Charm. Terra had slight athletic abilities but compared to Charm she was nothing.

Sean ran after Charm and was right in front of her, he pushed his hand forward which she quickly ducked, and she rolled to the left; got to her feet quickly and bolted.

Sean ran for Terra who jumped to crawl through Beastboy's legs… again to feel a tap, she fell onto her belly.

"Aww" She said softly.

Beastboy groaned.

"Glorious! Yay for Raven and Charm! Glorious!" She cheered clapping.

"Garlic bread! Wooh!" Charm cheered.

Raven laughed, Charm walked over to Raven and put her arm around her.

"Let's eat our garlic bread" Charm said smiling as the two walked in victorious.

Raven nodded as they did. "Bet it will be the best garlic bread ever cooked on the history of this Earth, so great that it will never be so good ever again" Raven said trying to taunt Beastboy, Cyborg and Robin mainly.
Charm nodded. "I'd bet so too" She said glancing to Beastboy and Cyborg who were reacting most as well as Speedy.

"Should have put poison on it" Beastboy mumbled.

"That's not very sportsmanship like of you, friend" Starfire said looking at Beastboy as she skipped into the house.

The day went by; Beastboy got no garlic bread; Squirrel did! So did Sean, Raven and Charm were eating with pride; they eventually broke off and headed home.
"Perfect…" Charm said looking at her poem she wrote for tomorrow.

She jumped onto her computer. "DIE WRAITH! DIE! I HEAL YOU TO DEATH, Oh I'm gloriously ebil" She said with a grin.

"Terra…" Kara called out.

Terra turned around.
"It's tomorrow… the case" Kara said softly.

Terra nodded. "I will do a statement tomorrow…" Terra said softly as she walked upstairs.

Kara nodded; her husband by her side.

"And in Terra's moment of need! Beastboy shall fulfil her needs and love her! As she loves him!" Kara said dramatically.

"No money till it is confirmed" He replied.

"I'm just saying; it's obvious if they are going to get together; either I have to make them; or they will tonight" Kara said with a grin.

He just shook his head. "You're a psychopath… also delusional…"

Raven wrote some quickly; a poem for tomorrow night as Skye Café.

Raven nodded slowly looking at it.

"See this will happen…" Kara said as she had puppets that looked somewhat like Terra and Beastboy.

Her husband just stared at her fingers and shook his head.

"Hey Terra, We finally got you your own bed" Beastboy said with a grin as an upset Terra walked in his room.

She jumped onto her new yellow, pink, purple and black bed and faced the wall as she tried to go to sleep listening to Beastboy wanting to know what was "with her".

The day ended; Charm awake to the early hours of the morning, she got into bed a buzzer immediately going.

"Whoopsie doo- Off to school.." Charm said her eyes twitching and staying close.

She felt around on her bedside table for an item; she brought it to her mouth.
"Sugar Fix.." She said softly as her eyes opened.

She walked through her kitchen; her bag being thrown at her by her sister; it bounced of Charm's face.

"Um…" Alysika; her sister stared at Charm. "This… could be fun" She commented with an evil grin.

Charm walked up the concrete path sleepily.

"Charm!" Beastboy called out waving as he ran to her.

She gave him a glance then looked back to where she was going very unenergetically.

"Wooh… Dude, you're tired" Beastboy commented looking at Charm.

"You also have….Toast squished on your face…" He commented.

Charm peeled it off her face. "GO PLEASE YOUR GUINEA PIG CLIENTS!" She screamed.

"What?" Beastboy asked.

Charm nodded slowly. "Damn Wraith! It'll get its!" She said shaking her fist.

Beastboy scratched his head. "You're…very confused" He commented once again.

"I have the right to be! I've had four minutes sleep and going strong!" Charm yelled.

"Do you do this normally?" Beastboy asked remembering his nights at her house; she would stay up very late; he would go to bed and wake up she would be playing.

Charm nodded. "I'm used to it" She said with a grin.

Beastboy nodded. "She's a girl, she's tired… and she has slapped that Alicia girl before… Don't mess with her…" He thought. "Speaking of which… what happened to Alicia… I mean Iris' bro and her were together…" his thoughts continued.

"Why are you so quiet?" Charm asked glancing at him.

Beastboy's eyes widened. "I was thinking" He replied with a grin.

"Wow… I must be blessed, such a rare occurance" Charm said with a smirk.

Beastboy glared. "Dude, you're not funny, so stop trying" Beastboy said with a smirk.

"But you try to be funny and fail, I don't try yet have more success of humour then you" Charm said with a smirk and walked faster leaving Beastboy behind her.

"Dude! NOT FUNNY!" Beastboy yelled out.

Roll Call had started and right on time and Terra was on time which was an uncommon occasion.

Raven glanced at Terra who had her head on the table somewhat sleeping.

Cyborg was next to Raven followed by Terra then Robin then Starfire's empty seat.

Behind them was Sean, Charm with empty seat either side of them.

Starfire tapped the door softly; only a few seconds late.

"Come in…" Miss Farag said rolling her eyes.

Starfire opened the door. "Please excuse my lateness, Miss" She said politely.

The teacher looked over Starfire."I'm sorry" She apologized insincerely. "You must serve a detention, any time late you must; it is the head teacher of science rule" She explained.

"Yes Miss…" Starfire said softly as she walked slowly to her desk near Robin.

Starfire looked at Robin. "I think… I shall sit with Charm today" She said walking further to the row behind them.

Starfire sat next to Charm and smiled.

"…Hi" Charm said a little confused.

"I thought it would be fun… If we spent some time together" Starfire said smiling, "and what better time then at school" She finished.

"I…see" Charm said with a nod.

Sean was holding a piece of chalk. "I had this dream… and I ate chalk but… It was all like compacted sugar stuff... So I wonder…" Sean said looking at it with confusion.

"It doesn't" Charm said quickly.

"Friend, Charm. Have you tasted the compacted sugar?" Starfire asked.

"It's not compacted sugar" Charm said gritting her teeth.

Sean was now chewing. "Nooope, definitely not compacted sugar" he commented. "Unless it changes its flavour when compacted…" He continued.

Charm just looked at him. "You're….sick" She commented as he grinned and chewed.

"What just happened there?" Robin whispered to Terra.

Terra still had her face on the desk. "It seems she is letting you down softly for you to be dum--" Terra began.

"HE-HEY! ROBIN!" Cyborg yelled picking Terra up and putting her in his old chair and sitting next to Robin in Terra's seat.

Terra frowned. "Thanks! Just move me like FURNITURE!" She yelled at him.

"QUIET!" Miss Farag yelled.

Terra gasped quietly. "The rudeness" She said with a smirk.

Raven tried to read her book. "Must you?" She asked bluntly and quietly.

"No but I just --" Terra began.

"Then don't" Raven said quickly.

Terra frowned. She stood up then walked behind her to the next row and sat next to Sean.

"You will listen to my talking; you will like it, you will pretend to care; and you will to it sincerely" Terra said glaring at him.

Sean glared. "TALK TO THE MALLET!" He yelled.

"QUIET!" Miss Farag yelled.

Sean nodded. "Okay, shoot" He said smiling.

"Okay…well… now that I have someone is intending on listening to me… I don't know what to say…" Terra said tapping her finger.

"That's good" Sean said positively while smiling as if he wasn't even listening.

Terra stared. "You suck" She said tapping her finger.

"Someone is a little bit violent, Now I think… you need to calm down" Sean said with a fatherly like care.

Terra nodded. "Okay… fine, you are listening…"

"I am…but your hope in me was quite hurtful young grasshopper" Sean said softly wiping a tear away.

"…Grass…hopper?" Terra asked glancing at his sincere face.

"Can't believe on my last day you would say such cruel things to me… Me of all people" Sean said sensitively with a wipe of his tear again then flicking it away.

"Last…day?" Terra asked stunned.

Sean nodded. "I won't see you all for a long time" He said dramatically.

Terra stared at him dazed.

"I can explain that" Charm bumped in.

"You see my family is close to Sean's" Charm started. "And we come from Australia… so we decided to go together; both my mum, dad, sister and my sister's boyfriend are going with Sean, his mum, his brother and his brother's girlfriend" Charm explained.

"Sean…has a brother" Raven asked her head now over her shoulder; she overheard, and Charm leaving was a bad thing in her books.

Sean nodded. "Yep!" He cheered.

"Is he as scary as you are" Terra asked.

Sean laughed; ready to reply but Charm was too quick. "He actually is normal… well he doesn't talk much and sometimes talks in high pitch around his friends…" Charm said with a smirk as Sean looked angry she took his spotlight.

"And you had a crush on him" Sean said glaring.

Charm glared. "And?"

"Let us play the Gamestation or I will kiss yoooou" Sean said mimicking Charm then laughing.

Charm hit him over the head. "A month with him..." She groaned then shuddering.

Raven sat forward then stared into space. "Great…With Charm gone…" She thought to herself then beginning to tap her foot.

"Please Friend, Charm. Why such a sudden announcement?" Starfire asked.

"Didn't want it to be a huge deal and my parents have always wanted to go back; Plus we can visit Lisa while we are there who is in Australia at the moment…" Charm explained.

"Lisa's the coolest!" Sean called out happily.

"Please; this Lisa is some sort of female?" Starfire asked.

"My other sister" Charm explained. "My oldest one"

"I see…" Starfire said softly saddened.

"Don't worry Star" Sean said with a huge grin. "It's only a month and we will bring you all nice Australian gifts like…We'll go to Luna park and get souvenirs for you there" Sean said smiling.

"This park confuses me but I will accept youroffering; "I will also the buy these souvenirs of the America for you" Starfire said excited.

"Uh…Star" Charm began.

"Let her go; my friend let her go…" Sean said in a very thoughtful tone.

The bell rung suddenly.

"Drama!" Sean squealed happily.

"Yeah; I like drama. I had it before I think in Primary school; it was way fun" Terra said excited.

"Come on, guys" Robin said holding his bag over his shoulder.

Terra walked to the door of their rollcall room waiting for them also while the rest of the roll squished out the door.

There were small groans as everyone tried to get out the door.

"Ooooww! My Squeegilyspooch!" Sean called out.

"I was thinking the same thing" Charm said as the two were thrown out of the swirling cyclone of pain and torture as the students tried further to squish out.

"Where are the others?" Terra said dramatically.

"There still in there..." Charm said wiping a tear from her eye.

"We're okay!" Cyborg called out with a laugh as they all surfaced.

"You're alive!" Sean called with fake tears rolling down his cheeks.

Robin, Starfire, Cyborg and Raven who just surfaced looked at the three who were acting dramatically.

"Sorry… just one of those; you know movie moments when everyone is like oh my gosh! Nooooo" Terra said with a laugh. "Y'know!" She said with a grin.

"Sure..." Robin said suspiciously.

"Come on! Drama!" Cyborg cheered putting his arm around Raven.

Raven just glared at the arm, Cyborg noticed her glare and looked away pretending not to notice as he tried to annoy her.

"BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!" Sean screamed.

"You do that" Charm said looking at him.

"Let's just go" Robin said trying to hold in a laughter seeing the two acting like they have the 'ca-razies'.

The group all began to walk; Raven shaking off Cyborg's arm as he laughed.

"Hooooooold uuuuuuuuuupppp" Beastboy called out running up to them.

The group turned around.
"Friend Beastboy, there you are!" Starfire exclaimed.

Terra smiled. "I thought you would have met us there".

"Too bad!" He replied as he caught up with them.

"Come on then" Robin said shaking his head as Beastboy walked up joining the group; walking next to Cyborg.

Beastboy looked at Terra, just yesterday she was all quiet now all happy; weird… was the word that came to his head.

Raven slowed down to be with Charm.

"You work up a poem?" Raven asked.

"Yeah, not sure I will read it though…" Charm replied. "Embarrassing" She said with a laugh.

"If you want, I'll read it?" Raven offered.

Charm shook her head. "It's okay" Charm said grinning madly as she tried to stop being so shy about the poem.

Raven nodded. "Okay" She replied simply.

"What about you?" Charm asked looking at her.

"Your so fresh!" Sean called out bursting into laughter.

"I'm going up; it's… actually helpful…" Raven replied.

"Yeah… it is" Charm replied with a smile. "I'll definitely read it out" She said with a grin.

The conversation stopped as Charm watched Robin walk up to Starfire.

They saw him say something then Starfire looked at him.

"What it is that Friend, Terra? You wish to converse with me?" Starfire yelled out as Terra looked up in daze. "What?" She asked.

"I am coming, Friend!" Starfire said walking quickly to Terra.

"What?" Terra asked still confused.

"Trouble in paradise" Charm commented as Raven nodded.

"Star is acting…quite…" Raven said trailing off.

Charm extended her hand; her wrist limp as Raven kept her eyes on it.

Charm moved her hand like a cat scratching. "Mreoooow!"

"To put it bluntly…yeah" Raven replied in monotone.

Terra began to talk with Starfire.

"Oh; look what I got of Tai" Terra said with a laugh as she pulled a pair of goggles out of her bag.

She put it on her head.

"This Tai… is some sort of food restaurant?" Starfire asked.

"No; you're thinking Thai, Tai is a senior in year eleven" She explained. "My brother is friends with him; best friends' in fact…" She explained.

"Your brother?" Starfire asked.

Terra nodded. "I have to formally introduce you to him; he's name is Bryon… dirty blonde hair; was with Kitten for awhile but that seemed to brake off recently... confusing how Kitten broke it off so quickly; relieved though".

Starfire nodded.

The yelling of a loud, boisterous teacher was heard.

"I hear…Frankit" Terra said shocked as her arms turned to jelly.

Starfire nodded. "I also fear for our lives" She said worried.

"So whats with you and Robbie?" Terra asked.

"Whatever do you mean" Starfire said shocked.

"The whole cold shoulder thing" Terra replied.

Starfire's face flat panned.

Starfire pulled up her singlet shirt somewhat. "My shoulder is at an average human temperature" She replied with a smile.

"No I mean like the whole not talking to Robin thing" Terra explained.

"Friend Cyborg! I wish to communicate with you!" Starfire said running quickly from the conversation.

Cyborg looked over. "HOLD IIIIIIIT!" He yelled.

Starfire stopping in mid step.

"That's our class" Cyborg pointed at the door.

Beastboy laughed. "We must have stopped counting or something" He said laughing.

"Must of" Robin replied as he walked in.

"LATE!" The teacher screamed.

The whole group flat panned and screamed.

She walked up to them. "Is what I would be saying if you were two more minutes later… SIT DOWN!" She screamed as she pointed to the floor.

The group quickly a sweat drop coming to their heads as they sat immediately.

The teacher checked the roll and noticed a lack of students; Speedy, Aqualad, Mas, Menos, Iris and Bee were not present; among other students they did not know.

One of them were wanting to tell the teacher that Iris no longer came to the school but…to put it simply; they were scared poopieless.

A knock was heard.

Miss Frankit's face scrunched up.

"Open it up!" She yelled angrily.

The door showed Aqualad, Bumblebee, Speedy, Mas, and a few others which they were to meet were at the door.

Miss Frankit; took a deep breath through her nose.

She stood up and stomped over to the group; her red curly hair shaking as she did.

Her face slowly went a red colour in anger.

"YOU ARE LATE!" She screamed; spit hitting a few in the group's face.

"Settle down girl that was some nasty…..Excuse us Miss…" Bumblebee said rolling her eyes then slowly realising this teacher wasn't taking a thing; she wiped the spit of her then the group smiled with a happy; loving smile.

Frankit took a deep breath and the group already inside took a deep breath; Starfire hiding behind Cyborg. "I cannot watch" She whispered.

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