Title: Punishment for Love

Author: Jedi-Bant

Summery: Qui-Gon is dismissed from the Jedi Order for having a relationship with his Padawan and is imprisoned for seducing a minor. Obi-wan is pregnant with Qui-Gon's child and has been sent to live with his parents until the child is born.

Authors Note: This fic will go along a lot with the Jedi Apprentice series but it has one small change Tahl isn't dead she survived after JA #15 The Death of Hope and she has Bant as her Padawan although she is still blind.

Authors Note 2: Italics signify telepathic dialogue.


It had been months since Obi-wan had been at the temple for any length of time. Usually, due to Qui-Gon's legendary skills in negotiation, Obi-wan and his Master would finish one mission and move straight onto the next, but Obi-wan had been feeling under the weather lately and Qui-Gon had decided they had been working too hard so they were to spend a few weeks at the temple recuperating.

"Besides it will give you a chance to catch up with your studies; don't think I don't know how many exams you've missed this year because we've been on missions." Qui-Gon had told his Padawan; all the same he had allowed Obi-wan a chance to catch up with his friends.

As rare as it was for Obi-wan to be at the temple, it was rarer still for Obi-wan's friends to be at the temple at the same time as he; though they had seen each other a few times since they were taken as Padawans, never had they all four of them been at the temple at the same time since they were all Initiates. They were going to make the most of it.

Bant squealed as Garen sent another splash of water her way. "Would you stop that, I'm trying to have a conversation, something I'm sure you aren't familiar with, let me enlighten you. It's when two or more people converse without getting bombarded with water." She punctured final words by sending a force wave in Garen's direction which picked up increasing amounts of water as it rushed towards the teenager before dumping him beneath the surface, taking his partner in crime Reeft with it, not that he didn't deserve it, he'd done his fair share of splashing that day.

She smirked as they both came up spluttering and glared at the Mon Calamari, Reeft looked particularly humorous as he had to reach up and pull his fur out of his eyes in order to glare.

"Careful boys, glaring leads to the darkside," she teased.

"So you won't mind if I do this," Obi-wan said, her only warning before he scooped her up and jumped into the lake submerging them both.

Bant came up spluttering this time, glaring at Obi-wan.

"Careful Bant, glaring leads to the darkside," he parroted her before taking off as fast as he could, even though he knew he had no chance against the aquatic Padawan.

"You are so going down Kenobi," Bant shouted before taking off after him. Between the four of them they had already disturbed any resemblance of peace there had been by the lake so why stop now.

Yoda stood on the bank of the lake watching the quartet as they attempted to get more water outside the lake then was in it. He would have smiled at their antics if he wasn't about to disrupt the good natured play with such serious accusations. He allowed them a few more minutes of frivolousness until a wave of water came close to drenching him and he used the Force to stop the water in its tracks, all four Padawans froze on the spot.

"Throw me in you might as well, drier I would be." The diminutive Master said banishing the water back into the lake.

"I'm so sorry Master Yoda, we didn't see you," Bant said aghast at almost saturating the order's oldest and most distinguished Master.

All four Padawans quickly left the water and in a row, sank to their knees in front of the aged Master. It was not a requirement to kneel in front of the Yoda but every single Jedi in the temple had known him their entire lives and it was considered polite amongst the Jedi community to put oneself at the same height as the Master when he was speaking to them; that they had almost soaked him only made it feel all the more appropriate.

Yoda studied the Padawans for a few minutes, and he admitted only to himself that he did enjoy that they were all resisting the urge to squirm under his gaze. Though he shouldn't, Yoda did take some delight that he could study any Jedi in the order and they would get restless eventually, even the other council members, it helped that he had witnessed and remembered many of their embarrassing childhood moments. Being almost 900 years old had its perks.

After a few minutes his gaze stopped on Obi-wan, the reason he had needed to interrupt their afternoon. He frowned at the Padawans drenched uniform, "Lost your bathing suit have you?" he asked.

Bant, Garen and Reeft all had to hold in sniggers, the other three were all in their bathers; Garen and Reeft because they had planned to go swimming, Bant because she always wore hers, but Obi-wan hadn't planned to go swimming due to his recent ill health, he had meant to simple watch the others but had made the split second decision to defend his fellow Padawans against Bant, pausing only for the few seconds it took to remove his boots, utility belt and lightsabre before diving in with Bant. He told Yoda as much.

"Dry you should. Sick again you do not want to get."

"Of course Master Yoda, I shall return to my rooms immediately," Obi-wan said rising to leave.

"No time is there," Yoda replied, then turned to Garen, "Same size you are, dry cloths have you?"

Garen nodded, indicating to his bag and towel, which had thankfully been far enough from the edge of the pool to avoid getting wet.

"Borrow Padawan Muln's clothes you will. Summon you the council has, only a short time we have and talk to you first I would."

"Yes Master Yoda," Obi-wan rushed off to do as he was bid, allowing only a moment to exchange a glance with his friends, letting them know that he didn't know why he'd been summoned. He grabbed Garen's bag and left quickly for the nearby change rooms.

Five minutes later he re-emerged and returned Garen's bag to him, he had wrapped his wet cloths in a towel, which he passed off to his friends. "I'll stop by later to pick them up," he told them before hurrying off after Yoda who was already on his way out of the gardens that housed the recreational lake.

They walked most of the way to the council chambers in silence but Yoda turned off into his private meditation room, which was on the same level as the council chambers.

He motioned for Obi-wan to enter and close the door before he spoke. "Honest you will be." He said, sending Obi-wan's anxiety through the roof instantly.

"Of course Master Yoda," Obi-wan said returning to his kneeling position in front of the smaller being.

"A sexual relationship, have you with your Master?"

Obi-wan had frozen by the second word of his sentence, his reaction effectively answering the question for him. He dropped his gaze to the floor without answering.

If he had been looking he would have seen the Masters expressive ears droop. "Hope, I did, that wrong the accusations were."

Obi-wan looked back up, "accusations?" Obi-wan asked, wondering who had found out when they had been so careful not to get caught.

"A message the council has received, from Head Councillor Aasoon of Aaeton it was, concerns he has for your welfare." Yoda explained.

Obi-wan flinched internally, Aaeton was the planet where he and Qui-Gon had had their last mission, the mission itself had ended well but if Obi-wan thought back he could recall the Head Councillor and several other members of the planets government giving them both strange looks in their last few days there.

"Also expressed concerns the Head Councillor has, for the welfare of children his planet has placed in the care of the Jedi Order."

Obi-wan now allowed his alarm to show on his face; it was one thing to question his safety but to question the entire order was something completely different.

"Assurance the Councillor requires that this is not a regular occurrence or return the children we must."

Obi-wan didn't respond, there was nothing really he could say, he knew that it was against the Jedi code to have relationship such as the one he had with his Master, especially because the Master-Padawan relationship was suppose to be one not only of a teacher and student, but also something resembling parent and child.

"Meeting the council is to decide what is to be done to rectify this situation, strict laws on the age of consent Aaeton has, harsh consequences there must be if continue to train at the temple the children are." Yoda watched the Padawan for a moment longer before speaking again, "Have anything to say do you?"

Obi-wan had returned his gaze to the floor at some point but now looked back up at the aged Master, "I cannot really defend my actions or those of my Master, we both knew we were going against the code, but we love each other, more then a Master-Padawan team should. Even though that is not an excuse it is the reason for what we did."

Yoda hmmed but didn't deny his words, "the council is meeting, join them we must." He moved around the kneeling Padawan and headed for the door, "come, in the hands of the council your fate now is."

"While you insist that your union was one of mutual consent, we cannot overlook the fact that Padawan Kenobi is underage and therefore not legally able to consent to such a relationship." Jedi Master Mace Windu stated on behalf of the entire council.

Obi-wan was very tempted to point out that he was only two months away from being at the age of consent but Qui-Gon sent a warning through their bond but wrapped a comforting arm around his lovers' shoulders to soften the chide, it was beside the point, they both knew that Windu was correct. Instead they both waited silently for judgement to be passed down.

"Qui-Gon Jinn as punishment for your actions, you will be sent to the prison moon of Kaldor for a 4 year period. You are henceforth striped of your title of Jedi Master and as of this moment cast out of the Jedi order."

Obi-wan moved to protest but Mace Windu continued cutting him of before he could begin.

"Padawan Kenobi on the other hand is a different matter; your post-mission medical has revealed some disturbing results. It appears that you have somehow managed to get pregnant."

Obi-wan couldn't control the alarmed expression that appeared across his face. He automatically looked up to see his lover's reaction, who looked equally confused. They both then looked for confirmation from Yoda, who nodded. "Unexpected this was."

Windu gave them only a moment to process the information before continuing, "since discovering this information the council has managed to get in contact the senator from your home planet and apparently male pregnancy is fairly common occurence there, in fact the reason we were not informed upon you entering the order as an infant was that most people on that planet are of the belief that all males in the galaxy can get pregnant," Windu looked slightly uncomfortable with the idea but continued, "Senator Travis claims he only found out otherwise when he became senator four years ago."

It didn't really surprise Obi-wan that his home planet of Maephn would think such a thing, he knew very little about his homeworld but what he did know was that while part of the Republic they mostly kept to themselves preferring to develop at their own speed, rather then gaining technology from other planets which they felt they had not earned yet. Not that they locked out the rest of the galaxy but their attitude toward technologies other then their own meant that few individuals from the rest of the galaxy could actually be bothered to go there, too enamoured with easy life their own technology gave them.

"Since Kenobi is the minor in this situation, we will not be expelling him from the order."

Obi-wan felt Qui-Gon breathe a sigh of relief though he wasn't sure how he felt, it wouldn't be the same without Qui-Gon as his Master.

"However since the temple has never supervised a male pregnancy it has been decided by the council that he will be suspended until the child is born. You will return to your home planet to stay with your family, the medical facilities on Maephn will be much more suited to your condition. After the child is born we will revisit the situation."

"Maephn is primitive compared to the rest of the Republic surely Obi-wan would be better off here." Qui-Gon protested.

"Primitive they may seem to outsiders, but leading experts in male pregnancy they are," Yoda pointed out.

"The decision has been made," Windu said, making it clear that nothing either of them said would change the council's collective mind.

"Leave immediately you will." Yoda said to Obi-wan, "Each week only one transport is there to Maephn, leave tonight it does, go and pack you will, two hours you have."

"And you will remain on Maephn until we tell you otherwise." Windu added. "You are in a very precarious position Padawan Kenobi, should we discover that you have left the planet, the Council will be forced to rethink your position with the Jedi,"

'In other words, do as we say or we will expel you.' Obi-wan thought

Obi-wan felt Qui-Gon's soothing presence brush against his mind, letting him know it would be alright. "What about Qui-Gon?"

Yoda's ears drooped, "Escorted to CorSec headquarters he will be, transport there is to Kaldor tomorrow."

"No," Obi-wan protested.

"Obi-wan," Qui-Gon scolded gently.

Obi-wan shook his head, "No, It isn't fair," he knew he sounded like a child but he didn't care, "you haven't done anything to warrant going to prison." He didn't check the volume of his voice as he got increasingly worked up.

"Regardless of what you think, according to the republic he has committed statutory rape and the Council must abide by Republican law." Ki Adi Mundi said.

"He did not rape me," Obi-wan snapped, it was becoming very difficult to keep his temper which he had spent four years working with Qui-Gon to control. "I will be 18 standard years in two months, I am not a child."

"The law says that you are."

"So I can go on dangerous missions and potentially get killed but I can't have sex with the man I love." He knew that he was getting close to a panic, his heart felt like it had doubled and he was close to hyperventilating, but personally he didn't think he could be blamed his whole life was crashing down around him, Qui-Gon was going to prison, he was being sent to a planet still in the dark ages and to top it all off he was apparently every sexual health class he'd ever been forced to sit through was for nothing because the Jedi didn't realise he was a girl!

"You are not a girl, now calm down before you pass out," Qui-Gon's voice broke through his panic surrounding him in a blanket of calm.

"May we have a moment it private please?" Qui-Gon asked.

"Use the Council mediation room you may." He said pointing to a small door off to the side of the main entrance. Windu looked like he was going to protest but Yoda overrode him, "Happen nothing will in a few moments together."

"Thank you Master," Qui-Gon gave his old Master a small bow before leading Obi-wan from the room with a hand on his lower back.

After closing the door to the room, Qui-Gon herded Obi-wan to one of the mediation mats that circled the room and made him sit, before wrapping him in a warm hug though it did little to remove that cold dread that had settled in the pit of the younger man's stomach.

"What are we going to do," Obi-wan asked when he had calmed his breathing enough to speak. Obi-wan suddenly sat straighter in Qui-Gon's arms then got up and looked around the room, trying to get an overall map of the room which he had never entered before now, there had to be a way out. They could run, go to the outer rim where no one would find them and the locals wouldn't care what they did as long as it didn't involve them.

"Obi-wan," Qui-Gon took hold of Obi-wan's arm and pulled him away from his search and plans, "there is no way out of here except the way we came in."
Obi-wan unconsciously glanced at the large window, which looked out into the ever busy, planet wide city.

"Unless of course you want to fall 300 storeys to the planets surface of course, but I doubt that would do much for your health or mine." He gave his pad…ex-padawan a small smile trying to lighten the mood but Obi-wan would have none of it.

"How can you joke about this they are going to send you to Kaldor? Just about every thief, slaver and murder on that moon is going to have a grudge against the Jedi, they'll eat you alive."

"I seriously doubt that they will, but you are right there will be those with a grudge against the Jedi."

Obi-wan gave his lover a wide eyed look; he had expected a more reassuring answer.

"But," Qui-Gon continued, "I have faced many thieves, slavers and murders in my years and it will be no different this time. I will be fine Obi-wan you need only worry about your own well being," he paused, "and apparently that of our child."

They both looked down at Obi-wan's toned abdomen as if expecting it to have changed in the last half hour since they had found out they were going to have a child.

"If it didn't exist then they never would have found out," Obi-wan mused, feeling angry with the developing life form even though he knew it was not the embryos fault.

"The Head Councillor Aasoon still would have reported us to the Council regardless of what your test results discovered; we should have been more careful but we cannot change that now, what's done is done, we can only look forward." Qui-Gon reminded him gently, he pressed a gentle hand over the growing child, "this is a gift from the Force; it should be treasured not reviled."

Obi-wan nodded feeling appropriately chastised, "You're right, I'm sorry Master." He leaned in against the taller man's chest and breathed in the sent that was uniquely his Master. Qui-Gon wrapped his arms back around the teen.

"What do we do?" Obi-wan asked after a moment.

"We do as the Council says."

Obi-wan made a surprised noise but Qui-Gon cut off any protest.

"You will go the Maephn, you'll stay with your parents and look after our child, then you will return to the temple to continue your training."

"But what about you?" Obi-wan insisted.

"I will take comfort in you being safe with your parents or here at the temple. Besides four years is not such a long time," he paused thoughtfully, "actually for what they are charging me with four years is a very short time."

"Shortest period I could convince the Council to give you it is."

Both Jedi were surprised, though neither showed it; they hadn't heard Yoda enter the chamber.

"Agree with the Councils ruling I do not," Yoda admitted, "wrong your relationship is, but assign Obi-wan to a new Master I would. Asset to the Jedi you are Qui-Gon and I foresee great things in Obi-wan's future. Come of this no good will."

"Can you do anything?" Obi-wan asked.

Yoda shook his head, "Nothing more can I do. Appeal I can in a few months but not before."

"I thank you for trying my Master," Qui-Gon said giving the smaller being another bow.

"Time to leave it is, waiting the CorSec officers are," Yoda said sadly.

Qui-Gon nodded and turned back to Obi-wan who immediately planted on him the deepest kiss he could manage as if trying to express all his love into that one gesture, which Qui-Gon returned eagerly.

"We will see each other again my love," Qui-Gon assured him through their bond which over the last year had become more then just the normal training bond between a master and apprentice.

"I love you," Obi-wan sent back, unable to think of anything else to express the emotions running through him.

"I love you too, always remember that," Qui-Gon then broke their kiss and hugged his lover one last time before pulling away.

"Stay here," Qui-Gon said aloud, "You don't need to see this."

Though he wanted to protest Obi-wan instead chose to obey his Masters last order and as soon as Qui-Gon and Yoda had left he allowed the tears he had been holding back to escape.

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