GTA: Twin Tales 2


This is a Grand Theft Auto fanfic. I don't own any of the characters apart from the ones that are not in any GTA game. The story is split into two tales.

The first tale is set mainly in 2030, but the very beginning takes place in 2019. I don't want to spoil too much of the story.

The second tale is set over the years 1999-2025 in Liberty City and the secret fourth city; again I don't want to spoil too much.

Here are the cities in the story:

Liberty City, Liberty – The city where the beginning of both stories take place.

Shirago, Ritchigan – A take on Chicago, very briefly heard of at the beginning.

Capitol City – A take on Washington DC, heard of in some parts of the story.

A fourth city – You'll have to read on to find out but this is where a bulk of the story takes place.

Note: Claude Speed is NOT the main character in GTA 3 or the character that appears in GTA: San Andreas. If you've read GTA: Twin Tales you'll find out that he doesn't have a name and his nickname is Fido but when he was younger his friends called him Claude. So that explains why Catalina shouts out the name Claude, he must've told Catalina that was him name, knowing he didn't have a name. He actually meets Claude Speed's dad Vince Speed in Shirago and Vince is inspired by Fido's nickname naming his son after that.