Chapter 21 – The Meeting

Claude Speed, Arbo, Metropolis City, 2030

"What do you mean?" Claude asked

"There are f-cking hundreds of Russians heading towards Metropolis City" Lee rephrased

"Wait a minute, how do you know this?" Claude asked

"Every gang in this city has been trying to contact you" Lee replied

Claude then spied the cell phone on the table which he had forgotten to take with him.

"All the gangs in Metropolis have organised a meeting, we have to get down to the docks!" Lee said

"All of the gangs! What, even the Rednecks, it will be a war zone, I'm not going down there!" Claude replied

"Claude, they have to settle their difference or the entire Zaibatsu government, never mind all the gangs will be taken over by the Russian Mafia" Lee replied "and anyway, it's only the leaders that are going to be at the meeting, although there will be hundreds of gang members outside"

"Why haven't Zaibatsu taken a notice of this?" Claude asked

"Because only one of the gangs noticed and they refused to tell the Zaibatsu government" Lee answered

"Where are the docks?" Claude asked

"In the Industrial Sector" Lee replied "I'll drive you there"

Metropolis Docks, Industrial Sector, Metropolis City, 2030

The red futuristic car pulled up in the docks. The docks were a wide bleak emptiness where here and there wooden ships were randomly spread about the dock. Hundreds of gang members were standing about waiting for all the gang leaders' decision.

"I can't see any Russians" Claude noticed

"They're a few miles away, someone noticed them vaguely with their sniper rifle aim, they could see the flag of the Russian Mafia" Lee replied "they've decided to meet in an old warehouse, there it is there" Lee pointed to the warehouse.

They strolled into the warehouse where the leaders of the gangs of Metropolis City were sitting on old rickety wooden chairs. To their left sat Johnny Zoo the leader of the Yakuza, he was dressed in a black tracksuit, he had brought along his Samurai sword, probably for fear of another incident like the one that had happened at the failed treaty signing. To the right of him clockwise sat the Triad leader Wu Zi Mu dressed completely in white with long white hair and a white beard as Claude remembered him. Next to him, clockwise sat the leader of the Scientists, Dr. LaBrat in his white scientist garb, smoking a cigar, similar to what he was doing when he met him the first time. Next to him sat Elmo, the leader of the Loonies who he had just done work for. When he had met him he was completely out of it but somehow he had completely cleared up just like that, now the only thing unusual about him was the horrible lime green suit. To his right sat a young Indian man in a black suit whom Claude had never met before, he assumed this was the leader of the Krishna's Sunbeam's representative. Finally to his right sat Billy Bob Bean, the racist leader of the Rednecks, chewing gum between his broken teeth.

Claude wasted no time and stood in the middle of the room between all of the gang leaders as if some type of city leader.

"Hello, unfortunately we'll have to make this a quick meeting because there are hundreds of Russians heading for our shores armed to the teeth with AK's." Claude began

"Claude, I can't believe this has happened, I just arrived back from Neo-Tokyo to find my gang may be no more, because of these troublesome Russians" Johnny Zoo pointed out

"Yes Johnny Zoo, but to get through this all of you need to put away your petty differences, you may all know I have worked for each one of you recently, but I will tell you now, I have absolutely no loyalty to any gang, I have even did missions against other gangs here, but I will help any of you if you stick together, and halt another event like the incident at the treaty, Mr. Bob Bean" Claude continued

"Whatcha talkin' 'bout, I never done nothin' at that meeting" Billy Bob Bean replied "I need some help from ya anyway, bud, I need you to find out who burned my family to ashes and gone stole ma diamon's"

"I take this following event as a test" Claude continued ignoring him "this is a test to see how strong we can be against the Zaibatsu government, if we can defeat the Russians we can defeat the government"

"Hang on" Elmo suddenly stood up "that is a pretty tall order, fighting the Russians is bad enough but how are we going to defeat an entire government"

"Sit down, Elmo" Wu Zi demanded "let Claude say what he has to say"

"You can't even see, you blind bastard!" Elmo shouted

"Elmo, if you do not sit down, Lee will shoot you" Claude demanded

Elmo sat back down in frustration.

"We may have to put some of your gangs on different assignments against the Zaibatsu government" Claude continued "but it will all go towards the same cause"

"Mr. Speed is it" the Indian man spoke out "let me introduce myself, my name is Moonbeam, I am Sunbeam's son, I came here for discussion on how to deal with the Russians, why are we suddenly on discussion on how to deal with the government"

"Because we will deal with it exactly the same" Claude replied

"This is far too risky!" Elmo shouted disagreeing with Claude

"So you'd prefer to live the exact same as we live now" Johnny Zoo replied "you'd prefer to live prisoner to the Zaibatsu party, you'd prefer we lived the way they tell us, you know what Elmo, I am glad someone in this city has plucked up the courage to rebel against this, so you may say this is a risk, but if we do not take this risk now, we never will"

"I agree, Mr. Zoo" Wu Zi agreed "and I will tell you, if this alliance between all the gangs doesn't work, there certainly is an alliance between the Yakuza and the Triads"

"I think we should start somewhere" Johnny Zoo continued "we should start by taking off these ridiculous badges"

One by one they all took their badges off, until the only one left with a badge on was Elmo. Elmo stood up and began to make a point.

"I can't believe you guys, you're heads of the gangs of Metropolis and you're listening to this seventeen year old prick, who doesn't know one f-cking thing about how this city works!" Elmo shouted

Suddenly Johnny Zoo jumped up from his seat, grabbed Elmo by the cuff of his lime green suit, held him up and threw his down onto the seat. The seat broke on impact into tiny splintered pieces. Elmo stayed down in shock. Johnny Zoo took a seat.

"Now, how are we going to deal with this Russian attack?" Claude began "do you have a communication link to all of you gangs"

Dr. LaBrat suddenly gave out a snigger then took another puff from his cigar.

"What are you laughing at?" Johnny Zoo asked him sarcastically

"I knew this day would happen" Dr. LaBrat replied "you have heard of irony Mr. Zoo, I have known for twenty-five years that this was going to happen, and now we're worrying about what damage they'll do at the last minute, and this is all because of Red Valdez, all because he lost interest in pharmaceuticals, all because he forgot about one measly payment" he laughed again "if I'm slaughtered mercilessly I'll die happy"

A brief silence filled the room until the silence was interrupted.

"Can I put myself up front, bud" Billy Bob Bean said "I wanna shoot myself a few of them coons!"

"Yeah, sure" Claude replied

"I think it is time we check the ships location" Johnny Zoo remembered

They all walked outside the warehouse one by one. The ship full of Russians was only seconds away from the docks. All of the gang leaders ran over to their gang members to instruct them of what to do. After around a minute they had decided tactics. The Rednecks had decided to place themselves fairly close to the ship armed with double-barrelled shotguns. The Triads would use Uzi's behind them. The Yakuza would be behind them and some would slice any the Triads had missed with samurai swords and some would fire at them with Colt 45's. The Krishna's would be behind them providing support to the Yakuza with Uzi's and reluctantly the Loonies were behind them armed with Desert Eagles. The Scientist's had climbed up on the roof and would snipe any of the Russians with sniper rifle's.

"Lee, I have a better idea" Claude informed him

The ship docked into the docks. A hundred Russians could be seen on the top deck, some of them jumped from afar down onto the ground of the dock from the deck. They were all wearing black suits and they were all armed with AK47's. Billy Bob Bean and around twenty rednecks ran towards them armed with shotguns and pumped the oncoming Russians with lead as they ran. The surviving oncoming Russians reacted and sprayed them with a round of bullets from their AK47's. Seven rednecks were picked off. The Triads shot a couple of Russians from behind them. Suddenly the door of the Russian ship opened and a hundred Russian gangsters came out one by one, all armed. Right at the end was the leader of the Russians, Jerkov.

"They want to fight with me, they will get a fight!" Jerkov shouted to his gangsters in Russian "Kill them!"

The twenty Russians who were in front suddenly sprayed all of the Rednecks in a hail of bullets, some even hitting the Triads behind them. There was only one Redneck left which was Billy Bob Bean, who was extremely injured. He had been shot in the legs and arms.

"Please spare ma soul, bud" Billy began through a wail of tears "I've always liked them Russians maself, c'mon bud, don't…"

A Russian gangster suddenly brought out his Desert Eagle, aimed for the redneck's head and blasted a bullet blowing his head clean off, crimson blood splatterimg everywhere, including all over the Russian's suit. The Triads fired at them. The Triads had a lot more gangsters. They had around fifty gangsters with an Uzi in each hand. Around ten Yakuza rushed through and jumped into the crowd of Russians slicing them. It wasn't long before bloody headless corpses of Russians were falling to the ground and limbs were sprawled in the midst of battle. From the roof of the warehouse the twenty Scientists were sniping off as many Russians as were possible to aim.

Suddenly the battle was halted when they heard the noise of a motorbike heading for the midst of battle. All of the gangsters began jumping aside to avoid getting hit. The yellow Sanchez braked just in front of the gang of Russians, braking on a head that had been sliced off by a Yakuza samurai. The head splattered into a crimson mush. The man on the bike was Claude. Claude stepped off the bike, pulled out a Colt 45 and walked through the crowd of Russians. The Russians gasped in wonder as he stepped in front of Jerkov. Jerkov had short black hair and was also wearing a large black suit. His face was covered in scars which showed he had been in a few battles before.

"Hello Jerkov" Claude remarked

"Shall I shoot him?" a Russian gangster asked Jerkov in Russian

"Nyet" Jerkov responded

There was an icy silence as Jerkov's battle snarl turned into a psychopathic sneer. Jerkov suddenly raised his fist and whacked Claude square in the face. Claude fell backwards to the ground. Jerkov brought out a Desert Eagle and aimed it to his head and gave him two firm kicks to his left leg.

"Where is he!" Jerkov shouted in English, still kicking him "tell me where he is or I'll blow your head off!"

"Who?" Claude asked in confusion

Jerkov suddenly picked him up by the cuff of his shirt, snarled at him and threw him back down with him stocky arms.

"Don't try to fool me!" Jerkov shouted kicking him in the arm "I know who you are, you are fighting for Red Valdez, I know he's the president now, don't try to fool me!"

"He's dead!" Claude shouted at him

"You're lying" Jerkov shouted in anger "You're f-cking lying!" Jerkov kicked him again

"I'm not, he died five years ago, don't you read a paper!" Claude replied

Jerkov suddenly lost his anger and gave a chuckle.

"You make joke, huh" Jerkov responded laughing again "so you say he dead, you still represent him, so you pay, you pay, is that a deal!"

"We don't represent him, we came here because we didn't want to be invaded by you" Claude replied standing up

"You think we come here to invade?" Jerkov asked

"Why else would you bring a hundred Russians armed to the teeth with AK's?" Claude asked

"In case there was a blood bath as we came into dock" Jerkov replied "we are always careful"

"Will you help us Jerkov?" Claude asked "will you help us overthrow this government, then you will get your revenge, plus… more money than you came for"

"What is your name?" Jerkov asked

"Claude Speed" Claude answered

"Okay Mr. Speed" Jerkov shook his hand "we call this a deal, huh"

"Deal" Claude responded

Jerkov ordered all of the Russians back onto the ship and Claude signalled to all the gangs that the battle was over. Lee came running over to Claude.

"Claude" Lee began out of breath "did you do it!"

"Yep" Claude replied

"Hey, what did you say about Sanchez earlier?" Lee asked in forgetfulness

"Oh that" Claude responded since he had forgot about that.