Title: Esoteric

Summary: Life goes on no matter how much it changes.

Disclaimer: I don't own Alias or any of the characters from the show.

Rating: PG-13

When Sydney arrived back in LA Vaughn had already handed Kendall the tape and although he wasn't pleased that they'd gone against his orders he allowed them to stay within the CIA without being punished.

Jack took over the Black Hole Defence organisation and their lives returned to some degree of normality, but it wasn't how it was before Rambaldi, because Lauren wasn't there and Vaughn had a family.

Sitting in her apartment at her computer Sydney felt safe at last. Rambaldi would never be freed and she would never harm Sydney or anyone she cared about again.

She logged on to her computer and accessed her Instant Messaging account. She and Lauren had used it to talk all those years ago when they'd first been exploring their feelings so that Vaughn wouldn't find out.

Now Lauren's screen name was red and still remained the same as it had twelve years ago before Rambaldi had surfaced. For Sydney it was another painful reminder that she had lost the woman she loved and her child all because of the 'destiny' Rambaldi had created for her.

Four Years later

As Vaughn entered the abandoned warehouse they had killed Rambaldi in half a decade ago he could still see the look of relief on Sydney's face. She had finally been freed from Rambaldi and she no longer needed to be strong.

He checked his watch for the time. Almost noon, he was supposed to be meeting a man who claimed he had information that was vital to the CIA. When a woman emerged from the shadows he tried to make out her features but it wasn't until she stepped in to the light that he realised who it was.

Her hair was shorter and coloured to hide the grey, which had started to taint it, and she had aged just as Vaughn had but her identity was still unmistakable. His mouth hung open in astonishment and the colour drained from his face.

She smiled and walked closer.

"You look like you've seen a ghost Michael."


A/N: I decided to leave the ending like this so as to continue it in a sequel, which although it leads on from 'Esoteric' has a different plot. The sequel 'Revelation' will be posted shortly.