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Chapter 1

Start of a New Journey

"Oh, please, Kratos… please stay."

"I… can't…"

"Why not? People won't know you're an angel from Cruxis!"

"The people I care about know, and that's enough for me."

"But… But… I bet they won't mind if you stay… Please, Kratos, we need you… I need you."

"I… I'll think about it…" Kratos turned around.

"Okay. Here, take this," Lloyd handed over his Exsphere to his Dad, Kratos, "go to Dirk's when you've made your decision. Whether you're staying or not. Anyway, you have to return the Exsphere to me," he said; he had never felt that way, he really loved his father, although he had discovered the truth only a few weeks ago.


Lloyd Irving walked emotionlessly toward Dirk's house, where had been raised since he was 3 years old.

It was getting dark and the stars were starting to appear…

Lloyd sighed, "I really hope he stays…"

"Who?" asked a cheerful voice close to him.

"Colette! What are you doing here?" asked Lloyd as soon as he recognized his friend's voice.

"Well… I thought you needed some company. Are you all right?" she said as cheerful as ever.

"Y-Yeah, I'm all right…" said the brown-haired youngster looking at the floor.

"You don't seem right, were you talking about Kratos?" she asked.

"Yeah… I really hope he stays… Anyway, are you going to stay here for the night?" he asked.

"Hmm… well, only if you want me to," she said with a sweet smile.

"Yeah, it's okay… I wonder where Noishe is, I haven't seen him since yesterday. Aw, man, he's run off again!" Lloyd sighed again and entered his house. He could barely greet Dirk, his foster father.

"Lloyd, are you okay?" he asked with his rough voice.

"Yeah! I'm only sleepy," he said, simulating happiness.

Somehow, Dirk knew his son was lying. When Lloyd was feeling miserable, he always told him he was sleepy and only wanted to be alone.

"Colette, do you know why Lloyd is acting so gloomy?" asked the dwarf to the golden-haired girl.

"He's sad about Kratos," she said looking at Lloyd who was climbing the stairs on the way to his room.

"Oh, I see… "

Lloyd went to his room, but didn't feel like sleeping, he moved toward the door that led to the 'balcony'. He opened it. It was completely dark outside. The stars were shining.

Somehow, he always felt much better looking at the stars.

Just then, he remembered something: his Dad.

"Dad… what are you thinking right now?" asked Lloyd gazing at the starry sky.


Far from there, where Lloyd had left him, Kratos stood. He, too, was looking at the stars.

"Anna… What should I do?" the angel was holding the Exsphere in his hand. "If I stay, the half-elves will suffer… If I don't, our son will suffer… I don't know what to do!"

Kratos was trying to decide what was best, but he couldn't.

Kratos, this is our son – he remembered Anna telling him, carrying Lloyd – He's our Lloyd! The man could remember he was crying. That moment had been the happiest in his entire life…

Anna, what are we going to do now? – He had asked, he didn't mean what were they going to do with Cruxis following them, he meant what was going to happen with their lives now that they had a son – Well, we shall do what we think is best – Anna had replied with a smile

"… What we think is best… " He said out loud. "If what Lloyd says is true, and nobody knows about my existence, then… Then, I could be able to stay here, with my Son."


"Lloyd? Lloyd!" cried a voice from behind him.

"Whoa!" Lloyd turned around, Colette was standing behind him and a weird expression crossed her face "Colette… Um… You can sleep in my room."

"What about you?" she asked.

"I… I wanna sleep here, outside," he said smiling.

"I'm sorry," she apologized.

"You dork, you don't have to apologize. I really want to sleep here."

"But, it's freezing out here, you'll get a cold!" she said.

"Nah! I'm as strong as the Giant Kharlan Tree!" said the youngster.

"Lloyd, if Kratos stays, what are you going to do?" she asked, she seemed sad.

"Well, I don't know… Maybe… I wanted to build a boat and travel around the new world, but that Aifread guy gave me that boat at Luin. Well, he told me once, that he would travel in my boat with me."

"I see… What about your journey to collect all the Exspheres?" she asked.

"Well, we could get all the Exspheres as we travel around the world," he replied.

"But… You told me that I could go with you!" she shouted.

"Colette! You seem as if you didn't want me to go… Hmmm… Is that true?" he asked.

"Y-Yeah… Lloyd, I-I… I lov… I don't want you to go. I want to stay with you," she said, tearful.

"Colette, I… " Lloyd didn't know what to say. He could only watch her… No, he could do more.

Lloyd approached Colette and held her in his arms.

"I want to stay with you, too. I know! If Kratos stays, then we shall go to collect all the Exspheres together, but, if he doesn't, then, we'll go just the two of us, okay?" he said still holding her.

"O-Okay!" she said as happy as ever.

Both stood there, holding each other for a long time, both wished they could stay like that forever, but both of them knew they couldn't.

"Um… We need to sleep. Good night, Lloyd," the girl went inside.

"Good night, Colette… " Lloyd went to his spontaneous bed, which was on top of Noishe's shelter.

He lay down and just a few minutes later he was totally asleep.


"Lloyd! Lloyd, wake up! Lloyd, Kratos is here!" the dwarf was shouting with all his might.

"WHAT! Kratos is here?" the youngster woke up as soon as he heard the word 'Kratos'.

"He's downstairs, waiting for you," said Dirk.

Lloyd started running downstairs; he wanted to know what his father's decision was.

"Anna, I hope this is the best… " Kratos was kneeling in front of Anna's grave.

"Da- Kratos?" Lloyd was standing besides him.

"Lloyd," Kratos stood up and put his hands on Lloyd's shoulders "I've decided to stay."

"Wha-? You're staying?" Lloyd suddenly felt like he was floating: his Dad was staying, he was staying!


Lloyd could have hugged Kratos, but he decided not to: Kratos probably wouldn't like it.

"D-Dad, I've been wondering this…" Lloyd said, looking at the floor.

"What is it, Son?" asked Kratos, he seemed happier too.

"Could you please…? Um… Train me?" Lloyd awaited the reply, closing his eyes.

"Train you? How?" Kratos looked at his son with a perplexed look.

"Yeah, I want to grow strong, I want to be a great swordsman and the only way for me to achieve that is… well… training with you. And, when you trained with me at Palmacosta and before we entered the Tower of Salvation, I… really enjoyed it…"

"Humph… "

"Then, will you train with me?"

Kratos smiled for the first time in years "Of course."