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Chapter 9

Buried Treasure

Izoold. The Fishing Port of Sylvarant was as clam as always. People came and went by without noticing two swordsmen entering the village.

Lloyd sighed at the sight of the Inn and ran for it. Kratos just shrugged and followed him.

Anyway, they had been sleeping outside for too long, they needed some decent rest.


"Ah, I'm gonna take a bath!" Lloyd cried happily and left his swords on top of his bed.

"Right." Was the simple reply he obtained from his father, who was lying on the bed with his arms under his head. A few minutes passed and Kratos fell asleep out of mental exhaustion than physical.

Kratos wandered in his dreams until, far away, he heard the shower stop, then a door opening and someone shouting, "Where is my bag!"

The angel woke up as suddenly as if something hard had hit his face, just to find a completely naked Lloyd standing in front of him. Kratos quickly looked away.

"Lloyd, why are you naked?" he asked shielding his eyes.

"Oh, my clothes are all dirty and ugly." He answered cheerfully. "I had to wash them and now they are wet."

"I understand that, son, but… It is not right to enter a room naked where there is someone else." He explained, looking away.

"But why is it wrong? You're my dad and all…" Lloyd said frowning.

"I know but… it's not… appropriate." Kratos explained as calmly as he could.

"Aw, all right." The youngster nodded his head and grabbed his bag. He took out some boxers and put them on. "There, happy?"

"Yes, thank you."

Lloyd sat and lay down on his bed.

There was a pause.

"I'm hungry." Lloyd said out of the blue.

"I'll get something. You can't go out like that." The angel said nonchalantly.

"Thanks, Dad."


Kratos returned to the inn after buying plenty of rice balls for Lloyd and him. When he entered the room, he found his son almost in the exact same position when he left.

Kratos smiled, "Sometimes you remind me of your mother too much."

"Really? Why?" he sat upright.

Kratos acquired a slight pink shade, "For something that happened once…"

"What happened?" Lloyd asked innocently.

"Um… I don't know if I should tell you…"

"Aw, c'mon, Dad! Tell me!" whimpered Lloyd and eyed the rice balls eagerly.

"It is something you shouldn't know…" Kratos explained, blushing.

Lloyd frowned and put the best puppy eyes he could muster.

Kratos was defeated.


It had been raining for four days, nonstop. And Anna was bored.

"Kratos, I'm bored." She said. Anna had been lying on her belly on top of her bed for the past two hours doing nothing.

"Then do something." Kratos murmured without taking his eyes from the book he was reading.

"I hate you." She said simply. "Dork, I want you to do something with me."

"Like what?" Kratos asked sending her the shortest of glances.

"I dunno…" she got up, stretched and looked out the window. "Let's go play in the rain!"

Kratos looked at her nonchalantly.

"I'm sorry, Anna, but I do not wish to get wet and then catch a cold." He explained serenely.

"Ah, you're so boring…" Anna frowned, but she wasn't going to give up, not without fighting. "C'mon, Kratos. Please?"

Anna offered him her sweetest and loveliest puppy eyes: those were unbeatable.

Kratos sighed and closed his book; he couldn't fight her. Anna had such a strong weapon, except she was playing dirty.

Anna smiled and gave Kratos a peck on the cheek, causing him to blush. Anna grinned and took Kratos's hands in hers and dragged him outside, where they felt the cold raindrops falling hard on their skin.

She let go of Kratos's hands and ran along the deserted street –obviously, everyone was inside their houses drinking hot chocolate, instead of playing in the rain like small children—but Anna didn't seem to care as she squealed in delight and tried to catch the falling raindrops with her mouth.

"Anna, that's not hygienic…" Kratos started but the mere look on Anna's face made him stop; he loved the way Anna laughed and played. After all, she had to enjoy life, for her Exsphere was slowly sipping her life away… and Kratos wasn't going to be the one that took her happiness away.

"C'mon, Kratos!" Anna cried, "Dance with me!"

Kratos raised an eyebrow but took her in his arms and both began dancing, letting the rain fall, soaking them to the very bone.

Suddenly, Kratos stopped twirling around and held Anna close to him. She smiled and hugged him tightly as Kratos kissed her passionately.

When they broke apart, Anna decided that the moment was way too corny and stepped away, only to push Kratos teasingly.

Kratos looked at her, shocked, but discovered that Anna was just playing. So, if she wants to play, I'll play.

He took a step forward and pushed her. She stumbled backwards and smirked.

"So, you like playing with grown-ups, huh?" Anna asked.

"But of course, Anna. Though I didn't know you were a grown-up." He answered, waiting for Anna's reply.


""You heard me."

Abruptly, Anna ran forward and pushed Kratos firmly. He almost fell but took his chance and attacked, seeing as Anna had covered her face from the mud that didn't come.

Kratos, being the strong man we all know and love, did not consider that perhaps Anna would fall if he pushed her like she had done before to him.

She fell down and splashed herself into the mud. Kratos immediately panicked: he knew he had gone too far.

Anna rose to her feet and tried to take the mud off of her dress but the water had soaked it and was completely covered in mud.

Kratos took a step forward but Anna stopped him with her hand. Kratos gulped.


Anna opened her eyes and looked at the angel with furious eyes. Kratos's heart began to beat faster.

"I-I'm sorry…"

"You're soooo dead." She said in a dangerous voice. Somehow, Kratos knew he was safe… well, almost.

The mercenary gulped again.

"Just wait until I get this mud off and you're dead." She began walking towards the Inn and Kratos dared to mock her.

"I'm not scared of you, Anna."

Big mistake.

Almost instantly, Anna turned around and tackled him with all her might. Kratos fell to the ground along with Anna. Both of them dived into the mud as if it were a pool.

Anna smirked treacherously and pat Kratos's head gently.

"You should be afraid, angel. You don't wanna mess with me, okay?"

Kratos nodded, speechless. He knew Anna was strong-willed and very powerful but this was just too much.

Anna rose to her feet yet again and walked to the Inn, as determined as Kratos had never seen her. As if the Inn had tackled her, too.

Kratos incorporated himself and chuckled: that was why he loved Anna so much.


When Kratos entered the room and found Anna trying to take the mud off of her hair, but failing miserably.

"Hi, Kratos." She said glancing at him, "Try not to stain the floor with mud."

"As you wish…" he answered and took his boots off. Incredible! Even his socks were full of mud.

"I'm going to take a bath, Anna, if you don't mind…" he said softly.

"No, go on."

"Thank you." He walked to her and kissed her on top of her head. She smiled and said nothing.

Kratos opened the bathroom's door and entered, but did not lock it. Again, big mistake.

He started to take all of his clothes off, when suddenly, the bathroom's door opened and Anna came barging in. Kratos blushed and tried to turn around so Anna would not see him.

She must have forgotten something here, he thought, but Anna had other things in mind. She started taking her clothes off and entered the shower, ready to take a bath.

Kratos stared at her.

"Anna, what are you doing?" he asked slyly.

"Isn't it obvious?" she answered, "I'm taking a bath. Duh!"

"But… I… Anna… you said… argh… never mind…" sometimes that woman was impossible to understand. Kratos sighed exasperatedly and waited for Anna to come out of the shower, forgetting that he was completely naked.

A few minutes later, Anna opened the door; Kratos looked away, blushing.

Crap, he thought, I forgot I'm naked! Quick! Find something – Aha!

Kratos took the nearest thing he found: a towel. He quickly used it to hide away from his lover.

Anna shook her head and took a towel. She wrapped it around herself.

Kratos looked away, blushing madly.

"Oh, Kratos. You've seen me naked before." She said rolling her eyes.

"Yes, but… That was a mistake. I didn't know you were naked…" he stated uncomfortably.

"Whatever. It's not like you don't know how I look like without clothes, anyway." She said, drying herself with the blue-ish towel.

"If I recall correctly – and I'm sure I am – you were mad beyond limits because I had seen you, well, naked." He said slyly.

Anna said nothing, but resumed drying herself. When she had finished, she put on a beautiful pink nightdress and glided toward the door, still holding her wet towel.

But before she stepped outside the bathroom, she turned swiftly and tossed the towel to Kratos, "Think fast!"

Indeed he thought quickly, but not cleverly: he caught Anna's towel in midair but dropped the one he was using to hide… well, himself from her.

For just a fraction of time, he was completely naked before Anna… who stared incredulously at him.

Then everything went back to normal.

"Nice…" she said smirking with lustful eyes. After that, she left, without any other comment.

Kratos's eyes widened and he blushed like never before and probably he wouldn't blush like that ever after.


Kratos looked at the floor, praying that his bangs of hair were hiding his blush. He dared to glance once at Lloyd, who had been listening intently.

The youngster cocked his head to the side and looked at his father in a funny way. "Mom was weird."

"…Indeed." Kratos answered, fiddling with his purple gauntlets. He didn't know if telling Lloyd that certain anecdote had been a good idea.

Lloyd just chuckled, but restraint himself form saying anymore. His father was way too embarrassed and he didn't want to push him… Goddess, he was such a good son!

He smiled again and decided that it was time to sleep, so he did just that.


Kratos watched as his only son fell asleep; it was one of his favorite hobbies: watching someone he cared for fall asleep.

He had watched Mithos fall asleep back in the Kharlan War. He had watched Noishe fall asleep, too. He had watched Anna sleep and now he was watching Lloyd.

He sighed at the thought: he loved that hobby of his, considering that he needn't sleep, being an angel and all… After all, he thought, they can achieve whatever they want in their dreams. They can be with whoever they want to be. And that place is entirely theirs.

When Lloyd began to snore, Kratos went out and headed towards the small beach, where some unfinished boats rested. He sat on the sand, the waves barely touching his feet. He stood like that for a few minutes, trying to reach something that was nibbling his mind… some memory, perhaps, though he could not quite remember what it was about. He closed his eyes and let the sound of the ocean fill his ears and the salty wind caressing his face gently.

Somehow, that place seemed familiar… and it had nothing to do with the fact that he had been there on countless occasions… there was something more… Anna…

He opened his eyes abruptly. He had remembered why it felt so familiar, and it seemed almost funny that he hadn't remembered earlier, for it was so precious to him that he had vowed not to forget.

He stood up and walked to the other side of town, where the tiny port was. He approached a sandy patch, grinning and praying to Martel or whoever was up there that it stilllaid there

He began digging until he reached something hard.

Bingo, he told himself and pulled out the object. It was a rather small chest, sealed with a silver lock, which had engraved two letters: K and A.

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