A kind of fantasy answer to "Music of the Night", from Christine's perspective. Inspired (loosely) by the ending of the 2004 "Phantom" film, which promised Christine a new maturity and Erik a new morality. Here, Christine does a little hypnotising of her own.

Hours (Timespell)

Shut the door. Let's pretend,
Let's imagine awhile,
You and I,
Two and one,
Two in one
There, you see? It's begun;
You and I,
We are watching the fire,
As it leaps at its cage
Of the fireplace grate
Like a beast,
An entire menagerie here:
You and I and the fire,
Two alone by the fire,
And the time ticking by:
I and you, you and I,
Tick tock you
Tick tock I
Passing thus the entire

Firelight and wine
Stolen touch,
Hidden smile,
Rich red wine but no roses,
No music,
Just voices this time
Yours and mine
You and I
hear your voice
Now hear mine, softly.
And no singing,
No masks,
Not with me,
Not tonight,
Not with firelight and wine
Not with you here tonight
Speak to me here tonight
Bare your voice
Spill the wine
All the pain flowing red
But not blood
Not tonight
Bare the skin of your face
All the pain flowing red
Bear the sin of your soul
All the pain flowing red
Let it flow,
Watch my eyes
Look at me.
Let it go.
So lightly...
Salt and water,
Forgotten the wine
I and you, you and I
Have forgotten the time
Tick tock you
Tick tock I
Dream with me for a while.
I will come for you then,
out of dark
out of time
There'll be firelight and wine,
out of dark
there is time;
Leave the dark if you can,
And you can
And I can,
Pay in blood for the pain
Find your light
Child-ghost-man, three to one,
Then you'll find me again,
And be free.
Open your eyes,
See the world as it is, and it will be

30 March, 2005