Raimundo rolled over and opened his eyes. He sat up and looked over. Kimiko was sat in the chair at the end of his bed. He smiled gently. Omi was still sleeping in his bed opposite. Raimundo shivered, remembering the screaming.

He climbed out of bed and tip-toed past Kimiko to the cupboard on the opposite side of the room. He opened it and pulled out a spare blanket. He walked back across the room and placed on top of Kimiko. She muttered something, but remained asleep. Raimundo smiled and kissed her on the forehead before climbing back into bed and going back to sleep.

Kimiko woke and blinked sleepily before staring down at her wrist. The stylish silver watch was shining in the morning sun and the delicate hands were pointing to the twelve and ten.

"Ten o'clock, crap! I'm late!" she stood up and the blanket fell away.

Kimiko bent down and picked it up. She looked over at Omi. He was still sleeping peacefully, but when she looked at Raimundo's bed it was empty. She quickly walked over to the door and opened it, trying not to make a sound. She walked along the corridor hurriedly and turned into the kitchen. Clay was standing at the sink, washing up the dishes.

"Kimiko?" he asked, "What's up?"

"Where's Raimundo?" she asked quickly.

"Haven't seen him, why?" asked Clay.

Kimiko turned and ran from the kitchen. She ran along the passage ways of the temple, hoping that Raimundo was still around. He couldn't have run off, he just…he wouldn't!

Kimiko ran around a corner and slammed into someone. She fell to the ground and rubbed her head.

"Kimiko?" asked the person she had run into.

Kimiko looked up, it was Master Fung.

"I'm sorry, I was looking for Raimundo…" began Kimiko.

"I believe he was last seen in the courtyard," said Master Fung, helping Kimiko to her feet, "He may still be there."

"Thank you Master Fung!" said Kimiko, running away quickly.

She ran around the temple until she reached the courtyard. She looked out across the courtyard. It was empty. Damn it, where is he?

"Raimundo…" said Kimiko gently, staring at the open gates.


Kimiko looked around. Raimundo was standing at the other end of the courtyard. Kimiko sighed with relief and ran at him. She wrapped her arms around him, tightly.

"Whoa," gasped Raimundo, "It's great to see you to, but still injured over here!"

Kimiko quickly let go, apologising.

"No need to say sorry," smiled Raimundo, "what's wrong?"

"I was worried about you," said Kimiko.

"You thought I had left the temple." Laughed Raimundo, "Made that mistake once, not likely to do it again."

Kimiko smiled and bit her lip, embarrassed. She found that she had tears in her eyes as she stared down at the ground. Raimundo put his finger under her chin and lifted her head.

"No need to cry, I'm not going anywhere…" he said gently, hugging her, "…so long as you're still here."

"I feel so stupid," laughed Kimiko.

"Why?" asked Raimundo.

"For thinking that you'd just leave like that," she whispered.

"So long as you want me to stay, I will," said Raimundo, "I never want to leave your side."

"Good, because I'm never going to leave yours." She whispered.

Omi limped along the corridor, clutching the wound at his side. He stood next to Master Fung, staring down the corridor at Raimundo and Kimiko holding each other.

"So is Raimundo going to be staying here?" asked Omi.

"I think he will," said Master Fung.

"Good," said Omi, "We could use some help and I hope it works out for them."

"It will," said Master Fung, "True love always does."

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