Day Of Reckoning


I do not own Roswell or anything affiliated to it. This is a fan fiction story meant only for the enjoyment of myself and other Roswell fans.

Title: Day Of Reckoning

Genre: Science Fiction, Romance, Fantasy

Setting: This story is set directly after my Roswell fan fiction titled "Heritage" (also posted on this site).

Rating: PG,

Written By: Jennifer S. a.k.a. AssissinElektra

Chapter 1

I still miss her. In fact, there are days where I expect for her to run up to me and tell me that none of it really happened at all, that she was just Emily, my sister who I loved. But, nothing ever happens as you think it should. I learned that even before I discovered who my parents were.

Knowing about them changed everything in my life. I no longer looked up at the sky with a longing to know if ours was the only planet inhabited. I knew that it was not, and that it was not even my planet at all. I now gazed at the stars for hours, wondering which one belonged to my home world where my father lived. Knowing changes everything.

Knowing that I loved Sarah more than I had ever loved anyone or anything before made my life better. We were happy for a long time together, forgetting almost about the woman who I was promised to on my home world.

Sarah and I were in complete bliss while together, and nothing seemed as if it could possibly go wrong. But, like I said, nothing ever happens as you think it should. And our past caught up with us both.

There are two ways to tell if Zan is lying. Number one, his eyes twitch while he speaks the lie to you. Number two, he gets really nervous and bunches his hands into fists. Now, I love him to death, but I hate it when he lies to me. So when I asked him where he had been and he said the grocery store, I knew something was up.

"Where were you really, Zan? I'm a mind-reading alien named Aviria, remember?" I teased. Zan knew that I hated my alien name, that I wanted nothing more than to live the rest of my days on earth with him.

"Sarah or Aviria, I don't care what your name is!" Zan told me, as he got down on one knee. "I am so in love with you." He continued, and I knew what was coming. I had seen it in a vision before. "Will you please be my wife?"

I smiled through my happy tears—the first happy tears I had shed since arriving on earth years before—and kneeled down in front of him. I kissed Zan then, and the moment seemed perfect. "Yes." I told him. "Just in case you couldn't tell." I added, sarcastically.

"You just made me the happiest man alive!" He said, smiling at me. He looked so much like his father then that I feared for a moment I was staring at my king. But then I saw Zan shine through.

"But you're not a man, Zan. You're so much more!" I told him. I wanted him to understand more than ever how important and majestic he was. He had been the only son of a king, and he was going to inherit his father's thrown someday. And yet, Zan knew none of that.

"I'm beginning to understand that, Sarah." He said, looking into my eyes. "Because no man could be as happy as I am now." He pulled a little box out of his pocket. "I wasn't at the grocery store, Sarah." He said, smiling as he slipped a beautiful ring onto my finger. "I was getting this for you." Zan looked at the ring, then looked up at me, and he glowed with happiness.

"How do you do it, Zan?" I asked, and he gave me a questioningly look. "How do you make me feel like everything's going to end okay. That we'll really be together forever?"

He kissed me, the leaned his forehead against mine and whispered, "Magic."

"Ding! Zan scores ten points on the cheesy lines scale!" Both Zan and I snapped our heads to look at the woman who had spoken. I felt a wave of anger rush over me when I recognized her. "Hi honey." She said, smiling at Zan. "I'm home."

The new stranger was a beauty with long, brown hair and vividly green eyes. She wore a short black dress and black heals. The simple look complimented her features.

"Who are you?" Zan asked, standing up quickly with Sarah's hand in his.

"Why don't you ask your fiancée there?" The woman said, glaring at Sarah. "She knows all about me."

"Sarah, what's going on?" Zan asked, noticing that Sarah's eyes were wide with fear.

"She's your…" Sarah was struggling to speak, tears coming to her eyes, "She's the one you were promised to, the one you're supposed to marry."

"What?" Zan looked at the stranger, then back at Sarah. "You're joking, right?" Sarah looked up at him doubtfully, "You know you're the only girl for me!" He reminded her.

"Technically she's not." The newcomer said, breaking in. "Oh, and I'm Liniaz by the way. Most people just call me Lin though." She told him. "So, how soon can you pack up and be ready to leave earth, Zan? I wouldn't want to miss our own wedding after all."

"Look, Liniaz…"

"Lin." She corrected him.

"Lin." Zan said with hatred. "I'm not going to marry you. I am in love with Sarah…"


"Will you stop doing that!" Zan snapped, and Lin held her hands in the air in mocking remorse.

"Sorry, sorry. You kings are all the same." She mumbled. "You were saying?"

Zan continued, "I'm going to marry Sarah, because I love her more than even she can know."

"See here's the problem with that little scenario, Zan." Lin said, walking towards them. "She's not of royal decent." Lin pointed to Sarah. "I am." She said, pointing to herself in pride. "That means that you must marry me if you wish to take the thrown."

"That's it?" Zan asked, scoffing. "Then I decline the thrown. It's a world I've never known anyway." He said, glaring at Lin. "And Liz Parker wasn't of royal decent, so how was my father able to marry her?" He asked.

"Long story." Lin said. "Involved a lot of paperwork and hours of convincing the other leaders, and then the kingdom had to take a vote, blah, blah, blah." She waved her hand around absentmindedly while she spoke.

"The people love Liz." Sarah said, and Link gave her an annoyed look.

"Because she's human." Lin said. "You're not, Aviria." She used Sarah's alien name with amusement, knowing that it bothered Sarah to hear it.

"Why don't you just leave us alone?" Zan suggested. "You can go home and tell my father that I've declined the thrown and that I'm staying her with Sarah."

"Your father is dying, Zan." Lin said, her tone changing from spiteful to sad. Sarah's mouth dropped open in surprise, but Zan did not know how to react. "He wants you to return to rule our world, because he knows that you are capable of it."

"What about Michael?" Sarah asked. "He's his second in command."

"Michael was killed three earth months ago while on a scouting trip on earth. We are still investigating to find his killer." Lin said. She looked at Zan. "Zan, your father is back on earth right now, searching for Michael's killer."

"He's here?" Zan could hardly believe it.

"Yes." Lin said. "And he grows ever weaker by the hour. You should visit him before he dies." Her look was so solemn that Zan half expected her to break down right there and cry.

"Well, where's he at?" Zan asked her.

"Follow me." Lin said, leaving Zan's apartment.