Day Of Reckoning


I do not own Roswell or anything affiliated to it. This is a fan fiction story meant only for the enjoyment of myself and other Roswell fans.

Title: Day Of Reckoning

Genre: Science Fiction, Romance, Fantasy

Setting: This story is set directly after my Roswell fan fiction titled "Heritage" (also posted on this site).

Rating: PG

Written By: Jennifer S. a.k.a. AssissinElektra

Author's Note: I'm sorry it's taken so long for me to write another chapter! I've known what was going to happen in it for a while, but I have to be in a certain mood to do great writing and I didn't want to force it. Hope you enjoy, and reviews and suggestions are appreciated greatly!

Chapter 4

"It's your own fault you fell in love with him. You knew the consequences."

Sarah tried to stop crying, but what Liz had said troubled her. Maybe it was because Liz had said it, or maybe it was because she was actually starting to believe it. "I can't believe you, Liz." Sarah said, her voice full of disappointment.

"Then don't." Liz said sharply, but the expression on her face did not match the angry tone she was taking with Sarah. Sarah looked at her in confusion, then noticed that Liz was holding a piece of paper with something written on it. Looking carefully, Sarah saw what was written: "Lin is listening."

"Maybe you're right." Sarah said, playing along. But she gave Liz another questioning look, and with the touch of her finger Liz switched the ink around to say something else.

"She was told to kill you if you didn't give Zan up." Sarah read silently.

"But who would do this to me anyway?" Sarah asked, her question having a double meaning. "I've never messed with anyone who didn't deserve it."

Liz changed the ink around again and it said, "Lin's father gave the order. He's acting as Max's second-in-command until Zan takes the throne."

"Anyway, I guess you should get some sleep." Sarah said aloud, watching the ink switch around again.

"We'll talk later." Liz had it saying, and Sarah nodded as she left the room.

"You know I've done some research about this pathetic planet, Michael." Xandre told him. "Did you know that the Nazis used to test the human body to see how much pain it could take before it died?" Michael said nothing as he glared at Xandre. "Seconds before they died the victims would bleed a few drops of blood from their pours, and that was how the Nazis knew that their body could take no more." He explained. "Now, I know you're not completely human, but that hybrid aspect of your second existence has had to of given you weaknesses that our people just haven't discovered yet."

"What are you trying to prove, Xandre?" Michael asked, scoffing at him. "Are you trying to show how tough you are by roughing me up a little? You're accomplishing nothing."

"I am accomplishing your pain!" Xandre said, quickly shoving a stick up one of Michael's finger nails. He screamed out in pain. "And that is the sweetest revenge I could ever have for what you did to me."

Michael gasped and tried to ignore the intense pain. He felt his finger throbbing as blood rushed to the wound. "I had to make sure your sister did what she was sent to do, Xandre. It was nothing personal against you."

"No, I suppose capturing me and torturing me wasn't personal at all." Xandre said sarcastically. "How silly of me. Why don't I just untie you and let you go?"

"I didn't know that Linken was going behind my back!" Michael screamed in frustration. "Whatever he did to you is not on me at all!"

"You left Liniaz's brutal father alone with me for two hours, Michael, and you expected me to walk away giggling? He is a monster!"

"I know, and for that I'm sorry!" Michael screamed. "But I never would have harmed you, Xandre. You were just there to make sure that Aviria completed her task."

"That was not fair." Xandre said coldly.

"Lots of things aren't." Michael said. "This universe is overflowing with unfairness."

"He was just a kid." I commented, as I watched my father negotiate at a summit meeting in New York City years ago. Alex, or whatever had taken his form, was showing me memories, things that had happened in the past that would help me with the future.

"We all were." Alex told me. "Had to grow up fast, ya know?" He looked at me and smiled. "Guess you would know."

"Why would anyone expect a teenager to rule an entire planet?" I asked.

"Because, Zan, it was in his blood, just as it is in yours." Alex explained. "Besides, it's the whole teenage-super hero thing."

I looked back over at my father and found that he was in a different setting now. He was in some kind of mall, and Liz was there with him. When they spoke their voices echoed, like they were stuck in a dream. They looked a few years older then they had in the last memory.

"This was right before they left earth." Alex explained.

"I…I would never see earth again, would I?" Liz asked, and Max shook his head cautiously, as if he was afraid she would get up and run away. Liz thought for a moment, then said, "If this is what you really want to do, Max, I'll go with you. Living a life without you isn't worth it."

Max's face lit up and he hugged Liz. "You're going to be Antar's most beautiful queen." He told her, tears of happiness coming to his eyes.

The memory switched to another one, and I was seeing Max and Liz lying in a bed. Liz was trying to comfort Max by holding him close, but something was troubling him.

"I just want to know that he's okay." Max told her, his far-off look showing that his mind was elsewhere. "I can't bear the thought of never seeing my son again." I felt a lump in my throat as I realized that he was talking about me, that in this memory he was missing me.

"He's living a normal life, Max. He deserves it." Liz said, her voice sounding soothing but still not calming Max.

"What if someone finds him and pokes and prods and throws him in a white room…" Max's voice trailed off as he thought of the horrible things he was suggesting.

"He's strong, just like his father. He'd get away." Liz assured him.

"I didn't even think about him missing me." I said, and Alex looked at me.

"He missed you every day, kid-o." He told me. "And when he learned that he was dying he had to see you first."

"Is there anything tha can save him?" I asked, surprised at how choked up I was getting at the thought of my father—whom I had only just met—dying.

"Look, Zan," Alex said, looking me straight in the eyes, "He thought you were completely human, but you aren't. Seeing you like this is troubling to him in his last days. You need to show Max that you're capable of taking care of yourself without him. Only then can he die peacefully."

"What are you saying?" I asked.

"I'm saying that you need to wake up and kick some F.B.I. butt." Alex told me.

"F.B.I.?" I asked.

"Who did you think had captured you?" Alex asked, as if I were stupid for having not known.

"I worry about her." I looked up at Lin, wondering what she was talking about. "Liz has been so worried about Max lately that she hasn't bothered to take care of her own need for rest." She explained, and I nodded.

"She's a great queen." I said. "But she was a wife first."

"Sarah, when I marry Zan I don't want there to be any hard feelings between us." Lin said, and I wanted to strangle her. But instead, I calmed myself.

"Whatever." I said, trying my best to not be rude. "You're only ruining my reason for living after all." I commented. "But won't it bother you to wake up every morning to a man who doesn't, and never will, love you?" Lin raised an eyebrow, getting my hint of irritation.

"Look, I was trying to be the bigger person here and forgive you for your jealousy and all, but you're making it really difficult." She told me.

"Good." I said, smiling at her glare. "Everything in your life has just been handed to you, so having a difficulty will do your soul some good. I'll see what else I can come up with to help you out in that area." I stormed off, not wanting to lash out at Lin physically, because I knew that if we fought one of us would not survive.

Once in the kitchen I braced myself against the counter, suddenly too weak to hold my own weight. I grabbed a chair and sat down quickly as the tears began to fall from my eyes. I glanced at the engagement ring that Zan had given me through blurry vision and wondered if I would be giving it back soon.