To my fallen foe,

You were the reason I hated; you, with your shining metal skin that seemed to scream for attention. I looked for you in battle, to fight you if I were able, if I were taller. Then, like fate taunting me, we captured you. With your hands bound behind you and your head pushed down to stop you from looking at the faces of your oppressors, your proud nature still radiated. I kicked you as you passed. You didn't even flinch. I'm sorry, but you made me loathe your kind.

We questioned you until Optimus thought you had cracked. I suppose even he's been wrong before. You just smiled and spat oil at our feet. There wasn't even a trace of fear as we threatened your life, not a hint of despair as you languished for days in our cramped holding cell. Your warriors came for you, the loyal ones at least, just like you said they would. You were so smug as you flew away and I, watching with a gapping wound in my midsection.

Years later, as you clashed with Prime, in your final confrontation, I was awed. You gave everything you had, even your honor, to a cause that you fully believed in. Did you ever have any doubts? On lonely nights, looking out in to the cold, dark ocean for the answers you knew were on Cybertron? I know I have. Being an Autobot is like being on a train that you know is going to crash; you wonder how you're ever going to survive when that locomotion plunges headlong into that wall. Faith is not always enough to see you through the darkest hour of skepticism.

Now, we fight your doppelganger; a person who may look similar to you, may have stolen your body, but will never live up to your legacy. So here I am, on the edge of a world, giving my respects to an enemy I hated, but miss so much. You were a constant threat in world that so few of us could actually understand. A predictable force in a volatile struggle. May you essence rest in peace for all eternity. Good-bye, Megatron.